Parent (Brutally) escorted out of meeting on “Common Core” and arrested

editor’s note: Big Cop Grabs Parent By Arm, ‘Escorts’ Him from Public Parents Meeting because the guy talked or more than 60 seconds!

Just another sign of LIBERALS GONE CRAZY.  You give liberals power, you give an ass a badge, this is what you get. The school board should be bounced out…

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Watch this scary video of a brave parent being escorted out of a local School Board meeting in Maryland and arrested for asking questions about “Common Core” they didn’t like, apparently.
If you’re like me, my initial reaction to this video was to take my blood pressure medication.

I  mean…when did we become a police state like The Soviet Union?

Granted I haven’t been living in a vacuum, as you can tell, if you have ever followed me on the Jazz Patriot blog or facebook. But this is a hard dose of reality.

These school board officials are elected representatives not the politburo.

If you listen closely you’ll see this is a concerned parent, not at all acting obnoxiously or in an insulting manner, asking intelligent questions while education standards are being lowered and students are not being challenged the way they should be at that age.

In fact the question that brought down the house was:

Why are our education standards being lowered so that our kids can enter a community college?

In the photo above are pamplets from the Common Core Curriculum in Colorado, which as you can see, stress; subjects like music, drama and the arts, dance, physical education, reading, and visual arts, (sounds like fun, right? (Well, atleast they’ll learn how to read…maybe. )

There has been  very little coverage of this incident nationally accept in an article written by Liz Bowie in the Baltimore Sun entitled: “Parent faces prison time after being removed from a common core forum Video.

According to the article the parent’s name is Robert Small,

As you can see in the video, he tries to explain as civilly as possible while a badge is being shoved in his face and handcuffs dangling in front of him, that he himself had  to overcome an education in poor schools to graduate from the University of Maryland, following a mediocre community college education..

While being dragged out, Small can be heard shouting to the other parents at the meeting: “Don’t Stand For This. You are sitting here like cattle. Then he said, Is this America?”

Good question, Mr Small. And by the way, there is nothing small about the act of courage you demonstrated at that meeting. We need more courageous citizens like you all across the country.This is tyranny folks and we need to stand up to it.

According to Bowie, “Small was taken to Towson precinct and detained. Small was charged with second degree assault  of a police officer, which carries a fine of $2,500 and up to to 10 years in prison, and disturbing a school operation, which carries a fine of $2,500 and up to six months.”

The act of “disturbing a school operation” occurred apparently when Small had enough and interrupted  Superintendant Dallas Dance whose top objective is the adoption of Common Core Standards, according to a gushing article about the 30 year old Superintendent in Baltimore Magazine earlier this year.

For more on the  Common Core Curriculum in Education that is being implemented secretly in schools across the country with little notice until it is actually in play Go To:

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  1. Sam Adams

    Liberals haven’t gone crazy. They’re doing what Cass Sunstein and Saul Alinsky trained them to do. Nudge, Shove, Shoot.

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