Obama IS Watching Your Keystrokes and Listening To Your Phone Calls


TOM_WHOLLEY(By Tom Wholley — Senior Chief Petty Officer, US Navy Retired from New Bedford, MA;a 1966 graduate from New Bedford High School; a 1970 graduate from Berklee College of Music (Bachelor of Music (Composition); a 2007 graduate of UMass Dartmouth (BS Business Administration (MIS); a veteran of 26 years in US Navy Bands worldwide as a jazz pianist, arranger, conductor, and unit leader (hence the name-Jazz Patriot); presently self employed as a free lance writer and musician.)


So the Washington Post and the U.K. Guardian have a top secret document that says US and British intelligence are collecting data on private citizens from nine US different internet companies through a special program entitled “Prism”?

And they’re not even focusing on people suspected of terrorist affiliations anymore, the way such tactics were used during the Bush years following 9/11?

In fact there is some evidence that they have even stopped paying attention to tips regarding terrorist suspects, as in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombings when they had Russia pleading with them to watch the Boston bomber, and the FBI ignored the tip.

So obviously this line about all these phenominal information age resources being used only for the purpose of combatting foreign terrorists and keeping Americans safe is not true anymore. The game has changed.

It’s Americans who dare to criticize the Obama administration, who apparently have become the target of all this space age surveillance technology, with the help from businesses located in Mountain View, CA, Silicon, Valley, and Redmond, Washington..

So now that we know they are going after civilians for political purposes, as we learned in the IRS scandal, what are we suppose to do? Destroy our computers? Laptops? and all our beloved gadgets?

Are we suppose to stop talking about politics now?

They’re watching me on Facebook you say? Google? Yahoo?

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and here on the Jazzpatriot blog?

So I’m suppose to say…Uh…I just would like to say…Uh…I love President

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OBama….Uh….and I always hated George Bush…?

You’ve got to be kidding me. We’re Americans.

We’re not going to put up with this BS.

Our forefathers climbed those cliffs at Normandy and refused to give up, until Adolph Hitler was no more.

Seriously I don’t think Rush Limbaugh is exaggerating when he says the government is pulling off a coup d’etat.




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