*News Flash * RINO Weld Endorses Obama supporting Gomez

Former Massachusetts Governor and quintessential RINO William (Bill) Weld has endorsed Gabriel Gomez for US Senate. Of course the endorsement makes perfect sense. Bill Weld also endorsed Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, just as Gomez

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“supported” Obama in 08. In response a half dozen new twitter hash-tags have appeared.

Bill Welld







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3 thoughts on “*News Flash * RINO Weld Endorses Obama supporting Gomez

  1. Mike M

    Is it just me or does anyone else notice that this moronic radio saturation ad for Gomez starts out mentioning only ONE other candidate and one that sure AIN’T in the republican primary – Comrade Ed Markey.

    And it only says Markey has been in office a long time! (Oh the smear! What a horrifying revelation!)

    Total ruse, Gomez is a complete paid poser planted to destroy any chance for Mike Sullivan.

    1. Whoever you are, you just hit the nail on the head. Gomez is a spoiler only. And you’ll note who was at his grand kickoff party? Muffy Yacht Club Healey and the regular stooges.

  2. John DiMascio

    Well the problem with part of that theory is that Gomez announced his intentions long before Sullivan. Some grassroots activists had approached Sullivan about running, but that was not known publicly till the Draft Mike Sullivan movement went public. But again that was weeks after Gomez announced.

    Now the fact that Gomez is a plant may be true. But the intention couldn’t have started out to be bumping off Sullivan. It may be now. More then likely it was a shot at Winslow, who crossed the establishment by supporting Rick Green for party Chair, instead of Scott Brown’s pick Kirsten Hughes. The rumors that Winslow was going to run, were out pretty early after Brown announced he wasn’t running.

    One thing for sure, Gomez is a gimmick candidate. He’s got establishment backing while trying to place the outsider. They are playing the Navy card to death. And it’s outright obnoxious they way they are playing the Latino card. They’ve actually tried to compare him to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio!

    The bottom line, is the typical MA-GOP retread consultants will make a lot of money working for the guy. That’s about it.

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