New Leadership for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly

Massachusetts Republican Assembly (The Assembly) Announces Officers for 2015-2016 Election Session

Surge in Conservative Massachusetts Candidates Leads to Growth in Republican Assembly;  Mary Lou Daxland Elected President at Spirited Convention


WORCESTER, Mass. (January 2015) – The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (The Assembly), the ‘Republican wing of the Republican Party’, today announced the results for its biennial elections held at their state-wide convention on January 10, 2015.

Mary Lou Daxland was elected as president of the growing conservative political organization which recently played a key grass-roots role in the initiative petition process to repeal the automatic gas tax increase law, helping to collect tens of thousands of signatures.   In addition to being one of the original 10 signatories on the recall petition, Ms. Daxland has been involved in the recent surge of support for conservative Republican candidates in a variety of elections statewide, and was instrumental in helping to bring the conservative point of view to the Massachusetts State Committee (MA-GOP) which runs the Republican Party in Mass. (The Assembly is a separate, nationally chartered organization).

“I’m truly honored to be able to work with so many dedicated, common-sense activists, from Tea Party members to 2nd Amendment activists to so many other conservative groups in this state, many of whom were represented at our biennial election convention,” the newly elected president said.

“The Assembly cuts a wide swath throughout the state, bringing together conservatives to hold the Republican party accountable, and to ensure that Massachusetts taxpayers and families have a voice, a strong, unwavering voice, that will never, never back down to the aggressive government-fueled extremists,” Ms. Daxland added.

The new president will be aided by an elected board consisting of long-serving outgoing president David Kopacz, Vice President Mark Bergeron, Secretary Rob Aufiero, Treasurer Keith Davis, National Committee Woman Marie Bergeron, National Committee Man Brian Kennedy, and Directors at Large Lee Ann Kay, Lonnie Brennan, Bill McCarthy, Ron Beatty and Alex Veras. The president and vice president of each of nine congressional districts also serve on the guiding board.


The Assembly has always been and shall remain an ardent voice for conservative Republican Principles and Candidates. The late President, Ronald Reagan called the Republican Assemblies, “The conscience of the Republican Party.” Let there be no doubt, the Assembly shall always be faithful to this high calling.

The late President Reagan was often called the “Happy Warrior.” Standing firm on conservative principles, he remained the epitome of respect, civility, and decorum. Civility and respect for all men are indeed also truly conservative ideals. Likewise, the title Happy Warrior should be the moniker of all true conservatives. Conservatives profess a genuinely positive message. We stand for Life, Family, Liberty, Property, Personal Responsibility and Upward Mobility for everyone who wishes to take advantage of many opportunities our Free Market system offers. We believe in limited government and local governance in accord with the Constitution. We champion the first principles espoused in the Nation’s founding documents.

We shall continue to our mission to reform both the MA-GOP Platform so that reflects core conservative values. Likewise, we will be tireless in our efforts to bring about transparency and integrity in the way the Massachusetts’ Republican Party conducts business.

That said; when an opportunity to work with less conservative Republicans arises, we will gladly do so. A perfect example is the recent effort to repeal the indexing of the gas tax. MARA members played a huge role in getting the measure on the ballot and assuring passage this past November. Yet moderate Republicans, Independents and common sense Democrats also made significant contributions in this citizen-activist led initiative. Not only does this sort cooperation make good political sense, but also it lends opportunity for people of diverging opinions, to work together and dialogue respectfully. Fighting together in the trenches, we can build relationships and bridges. In the process, it affords the possibility of changing minds.

We will never waiver from our Mission of promoting Conservatism and reform. We will not shrink back from holding our fellow Republicans accountable for abandoning our core Republican principles. Our primary objective remains opposing the Progressive Agenda and refuting the false premises promulgated by “the Left,” with the assistance of their fawning-liberal mainstream media. We fight respectfully in the arena of ideas, where we shall win because our ideas and ideals are rooted in respect for human dignity and the God given freedoms bestowed upon us.

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