“Moonbat Serenade”… Did Elizabeth Childs have an event with yet another Moonbat?

Lisa Barstow the Communication Director for the Childs Campaign, has informed us that the Jeffrey Sacks who participated in the event is a dentist and a life-long Republican. I firmly believe that Lisa would not deliberately and knowingly pass on information she personally knows to false. So based on her word, I want to make the facts as we currently understand them available for our readers. It was never our to mislead or imply. And we did not. We put out our suspicions and asked the campaign to confirm them. I regret any possible misunderstanding that readers might have come away with, in spite of our disclaimers that we were not making a definitive claim. I’m leaving this post up so readers can see for themselves that we’ve not made any definitive claims, but simply asked the question. And because at Vote Core Values we don’t re-write history. ___________________________________________________________________________________

We cannot confirm this definitively yet.

But there appears to be evidence that this may be the case.

Perhaps Dr. Childs would care to confirm or deny.

Elizabeth’s Childs’ June calendar lists the following between for June 3rd from 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM — Jeffrey Sacks event with supporters…. Hmmm. Well the obvious place to start is by looking at the Massachusetts

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Office of Campaign Finance Website. And sure enough there is a Jeffrey Sacks who lives in the district. This Mr. Sacks is an attorney for a firm called Nixon Peabody LLP. Looking at the firms website it may as well be called “Moonbats R Us.” They feature a program called Legally Green. The firm describes this initiative as “a unique program focusing on environmental sustainability.” And you’ll find buzzwords like “sustainability” plastered through out their site. For those of you who don’t know, the “sustainability” initiatives are part of the Radical Agenda 21, which erodes property rights and American sovereignty. But that’s another article in and of itself. So let’s get to more important details. Mr. Sacks’ contributions sound like a Looney Tunes Anthology the might aptly be called “Moonbat Serenade.” Among the sour chords in this semi-Socialist symphony are contributions to the following hyper-Liberals: Maestro if you please!

  • Jarrett T. Barrios
  • Therese Murray
  • Shannon O’Brien
  • Deval Patrick
  • Martha Coakley
  • Steven Grossman

And the feature hit in this cacophonous canon of strident sonatas!


These donations can all be verified at: http://www.efs.cpf.state.ma.us/SearchItemResults.aspx You’ll also notice that many of them were multiple donations for hundreds of dollars. As I said from the outset, we don’t have definitive proof. But we do know that Elizabeth Childs has a history of hanging with Moonbats. We also know that this Attorney, Jeffrey Sacks lives in the 4th Congressional District and regularly gives money to Moonbats. So here is the question that we’d like Dr. Childs to answer. Is this the same Jeffrey Sacks who partook and was featured at this “event for supporters on June 3rd?”

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6 thoughts on ““Moonbat Serenade”… Did Elizabeth Childs have an event with yet another Moonbat?

  1. haole

    touche john.another good article on how the democratic money machine is working to undermine the republican primary.

  2. haole

    wow,i just learned something new!
    i went to the ocpf websight and realized that if you load a company’s name,the donations made by that company are listed.
    nixon peabody llc are a democratic money machine.

  3. John DiMascio

    @haole, You are indeed right about Nixon Peabody LLP. They are not just a law firm. They are an advocacy group. And while they might not be legally defined as a Lobby, for practical purposes they may as well be.

    So if in fact this is the same Jeffrey Sacks that held this event for Childs, it more than fair to say that Childs is connected to and perhaps indebted to a radical left-wing advocacy firm.

  4. Liberty

    Tired of these greenie environmental Dem-Rep. Wackos. All these so called green jobs, green sustainable initiatives only are profitable for the corruptocrats on the back of the taxpayer!

  5. Lisa Barstow

    This is the wrong Jeffery Sacks. The Jeffrey Sacks who is supporting Dr. Childs is a dentist and a lifelong Republican.

  6. John DiMascio

    Thank you for the clarification Lisa.

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