MIKE HUCKABEE HOPES TO SAVE JUSTINA PELLETIER – MassResistance Takes Leadership Role, MFI still (mostly) MIA

After once again doing a segment on his nationally broadcast show SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 12, 2014…

MIKE HUCKABEE showed an exclusive, smuggled video of Justina Pelletier in which the girl says “I WANT TO GO HOME, NOW.”

If you watch it, and you have a

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soul, you WILL cry.

Mr. HUCKABEE “I promise I’m going to stay on this story, until it meets a happy conclusion.”

mikehuckabee   Mike Huckabee has more compassion, more caring, more concern, and has done more to expose the obscene action of Olga Roche (should be in jail), Deval Patrick (should be in jail) Robert DeLeo (should be in jail) than anyone else except MassResistance, the ACTIVE FAMILY group which is nationally know for stepping up and fighting for the underdog, and refusing to back down. UPDATE to My posting below: It appears I only received 3 out of 7 e-mails MFI has sent which have mentioned Justina Pelletier case since February of this year. I, like others, await to be able to find some mention of the Pelletier situation and any actions

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on their website, in any fashion. Once again, a search turned up nada, but there COULD be something buried or hidden there someplace. They’re great folks, so they’re probably busy with other family matters and the upcoming Easter Tea. (Wouldn’t it be nice if they extended an invitation and helped secure a get-out-kidnapping pass for Justina so she could attend it with her mom? Just a thought.)

Someone has to say it, so I will, and, please, for disclosure, I like and respect (or had) the folks at Mass Family Institute, BUT, WHERE IN HELL ARE THEY?????? (cue the crickets folks…).

Has MFI tanked after the recent retirement of their long-term executive, the courageous Chris Mineau? You would THINK they would be at the forefront of this issue. You would THINK they would be extremely active….many have asked,’ are they just too afraid to offend the politically powerful?’ We await their entry into this issue. Thus far, they have issued three e-mails of which we are aware: 1 to announce a press conference; 1 to announce the cancellation of that press conference, and 1 to announce their concern….and NOTHING ON THEIR WEBSITE!  

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5 thoughts on “MIKE HUCKABEE HOPES TO SAVE JUSTINA PELLETIER – MassResistance Takes Leadership Role, MFI still (mostly) MIA

  1. Sam Adams

    Where have these fake groups been, ever? They’re in the tank with the rest of the sickening RINOs, and they can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Muriel Setters

    Thank you Mike Huckabee. We have been following this story for over a year now and have been completely at a loss as to how this has happened and continues to happen to this young girl and her family. I thought this was the United States of America not Nazi Germany. I thought we were a free people. How are all of these people who are doing this not being held accountable for this? I do hope you can help because it seems nobody has been able to stop these horrible people so far. I just don’t get it.

  3. call me roy

    And all of you Americans think you live in a free country? Think again!
    It’s about time someone has done something about this Gestapo bullshet! How does this horrible Dr. Eli Newberger, have such enormous and unchecked power? Heil Hitler? This Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnson is even worse, he should be thrown off the bench. This poor girl and her family’s rights have been totally destroyed for the last year. Something involving illegal medical testing is going on at that hospital. How this could ever happen in America is a travesty. I hope they sue Massachusetts, this Pravda doctor and the Peoples Republic of Boston for 100 million dollars.
    Let them all lose their jobs and their reputations for this unbelievable disdain for justice. This is the most ridiculous news story ever in America.
    Justice is coming Justina.

  4. Don’t be so quick to assume Justina’s home situation is okay. I know someone who teaches in West Hartford Ct which is the home town of the family. This person knows the family and could not say much because of her professional possession but there is a lot more to this story. This person told me “The only thing I can say is that it is that thank God the authorities stepped in.”

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