Message to MASSGOP Sometimes Chair Kirsten Hughes: two out of 100 times, your plan works great!

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Another “GOP Moderate” Success Story in Massachusetts!   NOT!!!!!

Posted on 06/25/2013

gabriel gomez

A sneak preview from my Wednesday Boston Herald column:

If it’s true that insanity is doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result, the Massachusetts GOP should be spike the lemonade with Thorazine at their 4th of July BBQ.

According to the data available at, there have been 102 federal and state elections in Massachusetts this century. After yesterday, the Republicans’ record?

Two wins, Out of 102 chances,

That’s right: Gabriel Gomez is the 100th Republican loser* since 2000.  And it couldn’t happen to a better candidate.

You can read the rest in the Herald, but my point is not to bash Gabriel Gomez for this loss. He is who he is, namely a “Republican” who supported Barack Obama in 2008, lied about it, and sent a letter to a Democratic governor asking to be sent to Washington and pledging to support Obama’s gun control and amnesty.

Watching the nominee of my party running for office entirely on a platform of “I can say ‘Navy SEAL’ in Spanish” was embarrassing. But so is losing.

My question for the conservatives who sold out to Gomez’s campaign, and to Republicans who backed him even as he bashed our party as bigoted and suspect, is this: Was it worth it?

It”s one thing to play the “low-information voter” game and win. But to run a candidate who doesn’t share your values…and LOSE?

My question for Republicans in general is this: How many times are you going to do this? How many “I don’t like them Republicans, either” candidates are you going to run–and lose–before you figure out that’s a lousy strategy?

That’s going to be the unintentional comedy of the coming week–listening to pundits and GOP party officials try and explain why Gomez was TOO conservative to win.  They’ll denounce the Tea Party for losing this race, and claim “We’ve just got to get more moderate candidates.”

Yeah, and two out of 100 times, your plan works great!

UPDATE–For a reminder of why Gomez should never have been the nominee, click here and here.

** My editor notes that not all of those races had GOP candidates, so you can debate whether they were loses or “no-shows.” I don’t so much difference, but her point is taken.

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