MassGOP/Maggin get their clock cleaned…

Well, the news is getting out there….seems MassGOP Chair Bob Maginn put out a slate of candidates (mailed it, and e-mailed it widly) which was full of ULTRA-LIBERAL Matt Sisk type ENTRENCHED OLD GUARD members and recent ‘friends’ (gifts for voting certain ways?) voting for Maginn’s slate, as Delegates for Romney.

Who lost? We’re told some included:
Kerry Healey, the new MassGOP National Committeewoman (who the MassGOP ENTRENCHED OLD GUARD PUT UP at the last minute to BLOCK a conservative from winning the MassGOP Nat’l Committeewoman slot…)
Brad Jones, House Minority Leader
Charlie Baker, former candidate for Mass Governor

(But, there are ways for them to get in as non-elected super-delegates…)

Only problem: Mr. Maginn didn’t realize that by having such an off-balanced, ultra liberal listing, he TURNED OFF almost all conservative members of the MassGOP who simply stayed home, didn’t attend the Caucus, said “screw it.” And that left the doors wide open for Ron Paul supporters to sweep up 17 of 27 electable positions.

Mr. Maginn has proven he can get votes when he buys them; wonder why he didn’t simply throw Booze Party # 10? That always seems to work for him…




Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 12:19 PM
Subject: Official Romney for President Caucus Slate

Join us in sending the message that Massachusetts supports the next President of the United States – Mitt Romney. Please vote for the following candidates for GOP National Convention delegates at your District Caucus on Saturday, April 28, 2012:
1ST CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Janet Garon – DELEGATE 2. Rich Berrena – DELEGATE 3. Kevin Jourdain – DELEGATE 4. Mike Valanzola – ALTERNATE 5. Mike Case – ALTERNATE 6. Linda Vacon – ALTERNATE
2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Lew Evangelidis – DELEGATE 2. Paul Frost – DELEGATE 3. Kim Roy – DELEGATE 4. Mindy McKenzie-Hebert – ALTERNATE 5. Matt Beaton – ALTERNATE 6. Kim Ferguson – ALTERNATE
3RD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Sheila Harrington – DELEGATE 2. Beth Lindstrom – DELEGATE 3. Alan Rubin – DELEGATE 4. Deirdre Slavin-Mitchell – ALTERNATE 5. Bob Hargraves – ALTERNATE 6. Rich Bastien – ALTERNATE
4TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Betty Poirier – DELEGATE 2. Jay Barrows – DELEGATE 3. Vincent DeVito – DELEGATE 4. Angela Davis – ALTERNATE 5. Greg Casey – ALTERNATE 6. Linda Jewell – ALTERNATE
5TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Dan Haley – DELEGATE 2. Nicolas Sanchez – DELEGATE 3. Ed McGrath – DELEGATE 4. Scott Conway – ALTERNATE 5. Janet Leombruno – ALTERNATE 6. Bryana Tucci – ALTERNATE

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Kerry Healey – DELEGATE 4. Charlie Baker – ALTERNATE 5. Frank Cousins – ALTERNATE 6. Luke Noble – ALTERNATE
7TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Vonnie Boyle – DELEGATE 2. Jim Chadwick – DELEGATE 3. Caroline Shinkle – DELEGATE 4. Jim Mullen – ALTERNATE 5. Martha Chadwick – ALTERNATE 6. Bryan Barth – ALTERNATE
8TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Bob Hedlund – DELEGATE 2. Matthew Sisk – DELEGATE 3. Patricia Jennings – DELEGATE 4. Jeanie Falcone – ALTERNATE 5. Geoff Diehl – ALTERNATE 6. Janet Fogarty – ALTERNATE
9TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1. Jim Cummings – DELEGATE 2. Tim Cruz – DELEGATE 3. Tom Hodgson – DELEGATE 4. Jeff Perry – ALTERNATE 5. Judy Crocker – ALTERNATE 6. Jennifer Wilson – ALTERNATE

Dear Friends,
The Massachusetts Republican Party is pleased to inform you that the 2012 Caucuses to select Delegates and Alternate Delegates for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2012.
Doors open and registration begins at 9 AM. The Caucus begins at 10 AM. To be eligible to participate, you must have been a registered Republican in the congressional district that you reside in by Feb 15, 2012.
The following locations have been selected to host the Caucuses:

First Congressional District – North Middle School Cafeteria, 350 Southampton Rd., Westfield, MA 01085
Second Congressional District – Sutton Early Learning Center, 409 Boston Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
Third Congressional District – Littleton Middle School, 55 Russell St., Littleton, MA 01460
Fourth Congressional District – North Attleboro Middle School, 564 Landry Ave., North Attleboro, MA 02760
Fifth Congressional District – Nevins Hall Memorial Building, 150 Concord St., Framingham, MA 01702
Sixth Congressional District – Lynnfield High School, 275 Essex St., Lynnfield, MA 01940
Seventh Congressional District – Randolph Community Middle School, 225 High St., Randolph, MA 02368
Eighth Congressional District – Braintree Town Hall, 1 J.F.K. Memorial Dr., Braintree, MA 02184
Ninth Congressional District – Old Rochester Regional High School, 135 Marion Rd., Mattapoisett, MA 02739

In accordance with the results of the Massachusetts Republican Presidential Primary, all Delegates and Alternate Delegates are legally pledged to support Governor Mitt Romney for President at the 2012 Republican National Convention.
If you have any questions concerning which congressional district you reside in, please contact your local City/Town Clerk.
Yours in Victory,
Bob Maginn Chairman, Massachusetts Republican Party

This message was sent to from:Massachusetts Republican Party | 85 Merrimac Street Suite 400 | Boston, MA 02114 Email Marketing by iContact - Try It Free!
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27 thoughts on “MassGOP/Maggin get their clock cleaned…

  1. Phillip Dann

    Stunning victory for the Ron Paul group. What a great job these guys have done!

  2. haole

    2nd congressional district delegates and alternates donations to republicans in any state election campaign.carol claros 0 $,saving pennies for plane ticket to tampa.brad wyatt 50 $ to deval patrick for governor,he must be confused about what convention he be going to.dave kopacz see explanition for carol claros,except he is not a nurse.evan reynolds see dave kopacz.melina taylor big spender 25 $ contribution in her entire political life.mike rossettie shrewsbury how did he get mixed up with this bunch of cheap skates.a class act and only true republican in this district caucus !

    1. WOW….haole, your political and financial philosophy seems to mesh very well with that of the GOP leadership….you both think that a strong Republican Party is something that should be bought.

      I just happen to dedicate my money, time and resources to things that matter. In fact, the last two conservative projects I was involved in were enormously successful. My primary contribution was time and understanding, not financial.

      You simply don’t understand the political landscape. Run-of-the-mill Republicans, let alone conservatives, from across the state recoiled when the GOP started forcing the “Romney Slate” on them and essentially telling them they don’t count. The RNC is more than a coronation for the chosen-one, it also includes other duties that area Republicans would have a direct interest in.

      So I guess we just have two different philosophies when it comes to who we contribute to and how. Where you’ll be more likely to donate lots of money to the GOP who will give it to people like Tisei and Childs, I’ll be quite content donating my free time to building local alliances and committees. After all, it’s these relationships that will yield the committed foot soldiers we’ll need to replace the other half of the State Committee and send a conservative delegation to the State Convention.

      So while you’re judging the character of people based on their monetary contributions to the ones that earned our 11% status, I’ll be building a base that will facilitate the complete eviction of all RINO’s from the Party and replacing them with conservatives.

      Good luck with that!

      In Liberty,

      1. haole

        saying your a conservative and supporting any conservative with a contribution of any kind is proving it.i guess some people let other people contribute money while others just say, let the other guy make the sacrifice,let him spend his hard earned money on a conservative candidate,i will sit back and bask in the lime light.

        my research is based on contributions.i highlited mike rossettie,because he makes a big contribution in labor and finance,someone who is putting his money where his mouth is.contributing to deval patrick ?

        1. Contributions are made in many ways. Not everyone has the financial means to contribute money.
          But I know scores of people who hundreds of hours per year volunteering to candidates all over the Commonwealth.

          This “contribution” argument is the typical argument presented by the entrenched old guard. They measure money given to MA-GOP which for years has been used only to fund the Gubernatorial candidate who has usually been less than conservative. In the mean time candidates running for other offices are ignored.

          Thank God, Chairman Maginn seems to be changing this somewhat. He’s already made some contributions to the freshman State Reps.

          But old habits die hard. The entrenched old guard doesn’t want to give conservative foot soldiers a seat at the table. They want to ignore the message that was sent on March 6th. They want the MA-GOP to remain the party of Country Club Republicans who spend their time at cocktail parties and fund raiser rubbing elbows with famous and powerful. But most of them wouldn’t get caught dead holding sign in the rain on election day. They won’t even give the time of day to volunteer that walks in the neighborhood knocking on doors and dropping of literature for candidates.

          Yes contributions matter and they do tell a story. And how many of these big contributors would give a dime to a Republican willing to run for dog-catcher? How many of these big contributors would even bother to go vote for a Republican running for School Committee or City Council on a off year election?

          The MA-GOP desperately needs to be rebuilt. We need a farm team of Republican talent that will run for municipal and county offices as well as the more glamorous high profile positions. We can no longer just focus on the Governor, the Senator and the President. We are down to 11% for a reason. And that’s because we remain the party of Rockefeller in Massachusetts instead of the party of Reagan.

      2. Dave, The problem isn’t so much a pro-Romney slate. That makes sense, the man won the primary and under the rules he is entitled to ALL the delegates.

        The issue is that people that were chosen were for the most part were Republicans that are left of center on most issues other than the fiscal ones.

        And they chose people who, pardon my saying so, losers!
        Hello Charlie Baker lost a race that was his to win because he ran around state proudly proclaiming he was more liberal than Obama on the social issues. Jennifer Nassour spent 2.5 years marginalizing and insulting the conservative base. Not to mention her autocratic style; to the point of calling State Committee meeting to order with the words Achtung, Achtung! (Yes I’m serious). Nassour was Ms. Divisiveness her entire reign. And then they put Caroline Shinkle on the slate. Here is a young woman, not even 20 who got pummeled by Joyce Kelly for State Committee, and that’s after Nassour made robo-calls for her. (That should tell you how well received Nassour is by rank and file Republicans!!!

        My point is, why wasn’t Joyce Kelly asked to be on the slate. They won’t a young person, how about Mike Cowett or Horace Mello. Not a single new conservative state committee member was asked to be delegate or alternate.
        Steve Aylward, got 36 votes for Vice Chair; 3 more and he would have been elected. Chanel Prunier, didn’t win a State Committee seat, but got 35 votes for RNC National Committee Woman. Do you think they might have extended and invitation to either one, seeing that half the State Committee supports them?? Hell no
        Every name I mentioned would have been very loyal Romney delegates. But the entrenched old guard who desperately is trying to keep control of their little 11% Kingdom, showed the hubris of Rehoboam instead of wisdom of his father Solomon.— And if this keeps up they will split the MA-GOP just as Rehoboam split Israel.

    2. I wouldn’t be bringing up contributions to Democrats to loudly Haole. We just don’t want to go there again. I don’t think the State Party Leadership wants this subject matter coming up again!

      1. haole

        why ?this is public information.look at the ocpf,fec,follow the is a valid least the romney slate was put out for public view,i did my research and decided ti sit out the caucus.the 2 nd c.d was the first delegate slat to be presented,i researched those elected as delegates and was shocked that one delegate donated to deval patrick,2 other delegates donated squat,1 delegate to ron paul and 1 delegate donated a total of 25 $,about half a tank of gas.only 1 delegate in my opinion deserved a delegate badge to the convention mike rossettie.he walks the walk and talk’s the talk.

        1. Haole, I’m well aware of the public record and how to use to ocpf website.
          My point is if you’re going to complain about $50 contribution to Patrick , you need to remember the MA-GOP Chair gave $500 to Patrick and $2,400 to Chuck Schumer.
          This is old news, but it’s can worms once you open it.

          1. haole

            excuses,excuses,excuses.this is what happens when “republican’s” are duped into voting for the alternative before they,know the fact’s.i am not complaining just stating fact.and glad i did not vote for this phoney.

        2. Editors Note:

          TRUTH-CHECK: OCPF reflects that Brad Wyatt donated more than $2K to Republicans including Ms. Polito, Mr. Fatman, Mr. Frost, the Republican State Committee..etc., the list goes on and on.

          Check your OCPF. Does more than most!! The 2006 fluke of $50 to a Dem. has a history behind it….let’s put some balance in the posts please.”

  3. haole

    8 th congressional district delegates and alternates donations to any republican in any state election.matt sisk has given generously to republican’s.bob hedlund big giver of opm.patricia jennings big contributer to democrats,especially 2010 election cycle.jeff diehl modest supporter of republicans.jeane falcone generous giver to republicans.janet fogerty generous giver to republicans.the big question mark in this delegation is jennings,the democrats must be thrilled that they now have one of there own going to the rnc.pathetic !

    1. haole

      just got information on the 3 liberty slate delegates.the good news is that they are not contributers to the democrats.the not so good news is that all 3 are viod of contributing to republicans at the state and local level.doug bennett at least has give the republican party 375 $ in the last 4 years.he has the best record of generosity to republicans.heathe melem is a big donator to the federal campaigns but is a big zero to the state republicans.nicholas tanzillo is just a poor man who has given the republican party and republicans running for office o %.

      1. haole

        retraction on heather mellem she is a democrat shill.this came as a surprize but the donation to the democrat was disguised.250 $ to tim kiefer wisconsin assembly 2008.lucky for republicans the democrat candidate she backed lost,same as patricia jennings.birds of a same feather flock together.pathetic !

      2. Let me remind you of two things:
        1. Your posts might be read by more foks if you use some punctuation. You have lots to say, but a few carriage returns might help for clarity.

        2. Doug Bennett donated YEARS OF HIS LIFE, HIS TIME, HIS BLOOD, RUNNING AS A CANDIDATE FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE. He received little if NO support from the MassGOP, but he persevered. The guy is indefatigable. True Energizer Bunny. He contributions to the party, running for State Rep., and running for City Council were well noted by many. Imagine if he received any support?

        I really don’t think you need to do your evaluation solely on OCPF. That has delivered just 11%. Nine out of 10 Mass. Voters Actively choose NOT to join Team Republican. There are deep reasons for this….

        1. haole

          as a soldier i am not very good with punctuation,but will work on that defiency.

          nothing bad to say about bennett,running for office is a worthy cause.when you loose you don’t go bunker.working with a coalition wins votes.
          11 % is someone’s problem,but not mine.political contributions clarify who is trustworthy and who is not!

          1. You already have…

            But, back to measuring folks based on $$:

            The MessGOP has pissed away countless thousands on losing candidates, parties, and overhead/rent/etc. They’ve proven they can’t win and they can’t get folks to enroll. Here’s hoping the current chair Maginn doesn’t believe all the spin and B.S. that comes out of Peter ‘tits on the boat’ Blute’s various orifice…

            Here are a few other ways to measure someone’s contributions to an election:

            Personal Contact:
            Filled out dear friend cards
            Made phone calls
            Endorsed the candidate to everyone they know
            Worte e-mails on behalf of the candidate
            Wroter letters to the ditors

            Attended a fundraiser
            Donated money

            Signed nomination paper
            Got nomaination signatures
            Displayed lawn sign
            Ran pizza party or meet/greet event

            Other Support;
            Did a literature drop
            Walked the streets with a candidate
            Got lawn sign locations
            Held a sign at a standout
            Held a sign on election day
            Volunteered at a campaign office

            The list goes on and one. We have a handout…I’ll get the link posted…..

          2. haole. That’s the measurement the old guard uses– the party of Rockefeller.

            I’m from the Watertown RTC. We aren’t a wealth town. Many of our members are retired on limited fixed income, or they don’t make a lot. But when a candidate for Congress comes to town, they find a ready-to-go campaign. Our people our out there in force, knocking on doors, collecting signatures, distributing literature, identifying voters, holding signs, making up the wooden frames for signs, getting locations for lawn signs and putting them up. They stuff envelopes and since Voter vault hasn’t been updated sine 2004, they look up phone numbers of the registered voters. Some of our folks are experts at working the data from extracts and voting record. They literally give hundreds of hours to candidates.
            And when they can afford to give some money they do that too. We’ve got people living on $700 per month disability making $25 and $50 contributions. Now how do you measure that. That’s a pretty good chunk of a monthly check when that check is only $700. On a percentage basis I bet it’s more than the guy who guts check for $500.

  4. haole

    9th congressional district delegates and alternates donations to any republican in any state election.this delegation seems to be all good republicans as far as generouisity go’s.the only questions hear is why did’t crocker run as delegate and where is karen barry?if karen want’s to go to the convetion she better get 1 of the at large delegate badges.same go’s for mary z.delegation seems to be weighted to males,hopefully the state committee will change this problem.while they are at it put rapoza in as a delegate at large for good measure !

    1. JCM

      Judy Crocker did not need to run as a delegate. She was selected as part of the Romney slate, for all her hard work for him. She is on his campaign finance team. She also voted against Chanel Prunier for nat. comm., so she was rewarded.

      She also works hard against Liberty candidates.

      1. haole

        i was only trying to shed some light on the lack of women as delegates.most if not all of the delegates are men,liberty delegates as well.even alternate delegates are weighted towards males.

  5. “If you go to Naples, watch out because they’ll steal your underwear while you wearing it and you won’t realize it.”

    And the folksy proverb perfectly describes what happened at the MA – GOP caucuses this past weekend!

    Let this be a lesson to the party elite. When you lock out the activists who just won big in nothing less than grass roots revolution, they tend not to want come out and vote for the “suggested” slate of delegates and alternates. The end results is that activist interested in changing the out come of a convention showed up in huge numbers. Now the party leadership team is walking around “Commando” (sin undergarments), wondering why they chafe.
    This was so easy to avoid. All the party leadership needed to do was give a seat at the table to the new people who won on March 6th. These people even today, wait willing to serve the Massachusetts Republican party enthusiastically. But why should they lift a finger to get people to a caucus, when not one of them was asked to be so much as an alternate to the convention.

    The good news is that this fiasco exposes the lack of wisdom and indeed the lack of political skill that permeates the party leadership. They lost badly on March 6th. Then instead of seeking unity in humility, they allowed hubris ruled the day. So they lost again on April 28th. Better that they should chart a new course, embracing the friendship and energy of the conservative activists and who don’t want to lose come November 6th. We are not the enemy, stop treating us as such. We did not seek change to tear-down and destroy. Rather we sought change in order to build up and create.

    The party leadership lost big on March 6th. It lost bigger on April 28th. They best drop the hubris, lest America and Massachusetts Republicans lose on November 6th.

  6. What’s hard to miss after watching for a few years is how tenaciously the left-wing of the RiNO infested MassGOP clings to certain ‘values’ they hold dear.

    These include:

    – abortion

    – marijuana

    – the pro-Gay agenda [some are gay]

    – state/city/town control of guns

    – winking at illegals [their maids and gardeners are illegal]

    As an example in particular, one of the elected legislators put up by Maginn – even after two years in office – cannot speak to the connection between the 1st and 2nd Amendments. AND, she doesn’t want to hear about it – because she’d gun-phobic. Not much of a Republican. She lost – twice!

  7. haole

    research results of delegates to the republican national convention.
    3rd congressional district.the good news is that the delegates that were elected did not give any money to democrats.
    5th congressional district if i was on the state committee,and i thank god i am not,i would leave this congressional district alone.all the delegates and alternates are true to ron paul and deserve a delegate badge to the convention.they have all contributed big money to his campaign,especially susan mojica.michael morales is the only o % out of the 6.

    6th congressional district delegates are not generous at all,except stephanie hamilton,she is by far the only republican in this district,and should be taking the plan ride.
    7th congressional district is just like the 6th district,except for 2.mark danko and renato d’amico are big ron paul supporters and should be on the plan.the rest are 0 %.

    i have come to the conclusion that this can be done without hurting those that deserve to take the plan ride.there are some real question marks for delegate badges especially in the 3rd congressional district.

    1. haole

      1st congressional district except for rich berrena,the other 2 delegates are 0 rich paying there way to the convention. : ) the alternates are the same,except dan allie,who has given modest support to republicans.

      the 7th c.d. has a mole in there delegate’s.i will not name names, and will keep silent,and let those that interested figure it out.go to the federal election commission,office of campaign and political finance,follow the person is very coy how they disguise there political contributions.

  8. Janet Garon

    “They want the MA-GOP to remain the party of Country Club Republicans who spend their time at cocktail parties and fund raiser rubbing elbows with famous and powerful. But most of them wouldn’t get caught dead holding sign in the rain on election day. They won’t even give the time of day to volunteer that walks in the neighborhood knocking on doors and dropping of literature for candidates.”

    FYI-I do not belong to a country club. I am not a “cocktail” drinker – I prefer water. Rarely do I attend the “cocktail” parties unless they are featuring someone that I respect and would like to meet (like a concert or a play) OR if it is a fundraiser earmarked for something I support – i.e. the fundraiser earmarked for the freashman candidates. I do give selectively to candidates from the local level to the national level. I began my political career in 1990 working for then Charlton Selectman David Peters as he ran for State Representative 6th Worcester District. I did numerous phone calls, mailings, fundraisers, and standouts so I know what it is like to work from the ground up. Once he was elected, I continued those activities and assisted with his fundraising activities with special guest such as Bill Weld, Paul Cellucci, Jane Swift, Mitt Romney, up until he left his postition as House Minority Leader in 1999. In 1999 , I assisted a candidate, Jerzy Jachimczyk in his bid for Rep. Peters open seat. He lost that race. In 2000 & 2002, he ran again for the seat. I was his campaign manager and treasurer. That is when I met Chanel Prunier. He never did win the represenative seat and decided to run for State Senate against Senator Moore. While I respected his work ethic, drive, and ambition, we did have some minor disagreements on the 2002 campaign. I continued on as treasurer and Mike Potaski came on as his chairman in 2004. In addition to being the treasurer for Jerzy, I also became the treasurer for then Representative Reed Hillman (R-Sturbridge, 1st Hampden District) in 2000. I remained his treasurer, coordinating all of his finance activities and fundraisers until he ran for Lt. Governor in 2006. I was also very active with the 5th Worcester District race of school committee member Steve Comtois in his bid to defeat Ann Gobi (D_Spencer), I believe in 2006 & 2008. I am now his treasurer as his account is still active. In 2008, I was elected as s statecommittee woman. There are 29 towns in my district. With my former MASS GOP counterpart, we were able to establish a district with 50% active town committees in a district that had only five town committees active. We attended town committee meetings, gave advice to town committees, informed them of activities at Mass GOP, and always made ourselves available to them at anytime. Some committees elected on their own to work amongst themselves. As one always says, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink. I am always 100% there for the towns in my district. I average 15 hours a week to my Mass GOP responsibilities. So, to categorize me as a 0% , RINO,iiberl is extremely insulting. I have worked for conservative values since 1990! Where have most of you been? Let me emphasize that I was onboard and PERSONALLY KNEW all of the candidates I have worked for from 1990 to today . . . 22 years later! I had my kids working for candidates since they were 10. They are now 31 & 26. They still are volunteers when I need them. The name calling and “grouping” people together disgust me. I know who I am and the Lord knows who I am. I am Janet. A strong woman that has been blessed with a great mind and the ability to respect others. I am Janet . . . an individual with her own thoughts and ideas. Please, get to know the people you are talking about before you judge. Get to know your state committee people. Being a conservative, you should understand that in the end, only one person will judge you. That is the person I plan to answer to.

  9. Hi Janet,
    Apologies if you get lumped into the MessGOP. I don’t see where anyone has called you a RINO nor a 0% something or other, but let me know if there is something…

    Yes, to be truthful, there were perhaps a big handful of nominees for delegates who contrast themselves from the ultra-liberals who have decimated the ranks. Apologies for not highlighting them.

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