MassGOP Kirsten Hughes & Robert Cunningham Stonewalling Forces Issue to Court

House Minority Non-Leader Rep. Brad Jones, the highest elected Republican Rep. in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, together with lesser-known and lesser-influential Sen. Bruce Tarr, have quite the mess on their hands from the convention they oversaw with party chair Kirsten Hughes and party exec. director (of stonewalling?) Robert Cunningham.

Given the continued fallout from the third-world voting methods overseen by the party elite (and with many rumors of being handled differently in different parts of the hall, and with more theories and problems than the Maylasian airliner), thwarted candidate Mark Fisher will file bring his case to Court on Monday, March 31, 2014.

Please note the March 28th Globe article, in case you missed it. Even Steve Zykofsky, who is 100% behind Baker, stated that as chair of the rules committee that developed the regulations for the GOP convention, Fisher got taken…

IMG_7062(Ron Kaufman, Brad Jones, Kirsten Hughes – listen ‘attentively’ to Mark Fisher’s speech)

IMG_7116(Bruce Tarr, Ronn Kaufman, Brad Jones, and Kirsten Hughes rise to applaud Charlie Baker’s speech) No bias here folks.



, from which we quote in part:
“That’s because for more than an hour after the Agganis arena emptied, lawyers for the candidates and party officials were fighting behind a black curtain at the rear of the stage over whether to count blank votes from delegates who chose neither candidate and whether some people who voted were ineligible to cast votes because they were not properly registered Republicans.

During that session the Fisher camp reportedly objected to blanks being counted in two of the 40 districts, won those challenges, and saw those blank votes discarded. At that point they asked that blanks of the 38 remaining districts be reviewed and party officials refused, saying that would be a recount and the rules don’t provide for a recount.


Dispute over convention vote roils state GOP
Alleged violation of rules may have denied Baker opponent a primary challenge
By Stephanie Ebbert | GLOBE STAFF MARCH 28, 2014

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Steve Zykofsky, a longtime state committee member and chairman of the rules committee that developed the regulations for the GOP convention, said blank ballots should not have been counted in the final tally of votes that delegates cast to decide which candidates can run for governor.

If those blank votes had been excluded, he said, Tea Party challenger Mark R. Fisher apparently would have qualified for the ballot, triggering a primary with Baker.

“I support Charlie Baker for governor 100 percent — 110 percent perhaps,” said Zykofsky. “But the fact of the matter is, as rules committee chairman and a member of the state committee, I have to be fair.”

The party’s executive director, Rob Cunningham, disagreed with Zykofsky’s interpretation, saying the rule he invoked “does not speak to the issue at hand.”

Zykofsky’s statement was the latest challenge to the vote that ostensibly solidified Baker as the party’s lone candidate for governor and standard-bearer for the November elections.”




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  1. haole

    quoting the boston globe ?
    is there any question who the boston globe will be endorsing for governor ?

  2. The MassGOP insiders – RepubliCRATS acting like ObamaCRATS! Fixing the elections – Chicago-style, – or Crimea-style.

    As Stalin famously said: “It doesn’t matter who votes. It matters who COUNTS the votes!”

  3. Joshua Norman

    Platform Before Politicians

    Principles Before Party

    Reform & Regime Change Before Personal Relations

    Honesty & Integrity Before Unity

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