We’ll be posting a lot of photos, but here’s a sample of a few (below). You’ll note that the place had some filled areas (mostly in front of the cameras, down by the stage), but behind the cameras, the place was vacant. Attendance was lackluster compared to past showings, and nice guy Charlie Baker, well, he just doesn’t fill the seats.


IMG_6948(more than 1,000 delegates reportedly failed to show up….empty seats were available EVERYWHERE except on the convention floor, in front of the cameras)

Top that off with a convention that ran over several hours, and was followed by nightime maneuvers by the ‘Tally Committee’ and more rumors about folks voting for Baker who were in Lowell, Newburyport, Boston, and Maine (but NOT in the convention hall), and well, we heard more theories on this voting than on the missing Malaysian jetliner…..
(by way of reference, the numbers spoken out loud at the convention totalled:
2095 Baker
370 Fisher
9 Blank….and the Baker Supporting website RedMassGroup pushed out unofficial totals after tweeting support for Baker, which

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put it at 371 votes for Fisher….but those numbers magically changed many times during the time they spent with the Tally Committee….magic. Cool stuff….

IMG_7250(the place rapidly began emptying out after the convention ran almost 3 hours over-time (delegates were asked to be there at 8 a.m., and by 5:00 p.m. they were quite anxious, as the place was loud, and the food was deplorable….), as attendees got sick of constant breaks, loud music, and yelling speeches….only a fraction stayed as the number tallies were read off from the aisles…….after the tallies had already been hand-collected by party bosses, brought to a ‘tally table’ area, and discussed behind the big curtains which had cut the Arena in half).

If you haven’t heard by now, Charlie gave a nice, pleasant, sweet, warm speech. He’s a good guy, a hard-working candidate. About as exciting as soggy toast. He would make a Great Governor, but to get elected, he needs to appeal to more than just the elite entrenched ‘further left than Obama’ liberals in the MassGOP. He needs to let some gun owners and conservatives into his “big tent”.


The MessGOP apparently went out of their way to run a convention that didn’t focus on grass roots, didn’t focus on anything except the elite insiders (and we watched the newly elected State Committeewoman Chanel Prunier, give her obligatory ‘unity speech’, which turned into an early morning cheerleader speech for Charles Baker’s campaign, and, once done, we watched her shuffled off to the kiddie table, discarded for the remainder of the event, and finally self-imposed refuge to the convention cheap-seat floor); it was pathetic. She owed them a speech for other reasons and compromise, but she made the mistake of going way over the top. She can move on past it and many can understand she did what she did for the Party, for the Conservative cause, for unity of all. But can the conservatives forgive what they termed such a sell-out display??


So, Fisher gets knocked out, and we’re still not sure when (apparently several hours after the final votes, wherever they came from, were cast…and when the hall was empty, with 99% of the delegates gone home, or out to dinner). So, Fisher lost by and apparent 0.001% of the vote. Cute. And did we mention, Addvinola got stiffed by former Gov. Weld (an arrogant ass move I personally witnessed off the convention floor) and he also got stiffed during the convention on a technicality (he failed to file a letter of intent…apparently stepped on a crack on the sidewalk, because, despite having his banner flying up behind the stage during the entire convention, the convention could not entertain any vote to nominate him for U.S. Senate, because the party elite couldn’t recognize him as a candidate….great move, very heartwarming, very inclusionary…..not!)


So, Charlie, you got what you asked for: a clear open field to run against the Democrats. And you got what the MessGOP deserved (a 1/3rd empty hall, with open-growning by delegates held hostage through bubblegum and crappy speeches, with only a few outstanding exceptions).

No primary. Nothing to distract you. Except of course, you’ve also managed to dissuade many Conservative Activists from showing up, and many more from helping your campaign and perhaps a good number from even bothering to vote for you (do you remember Scott Brown?). So, the ‘prime directive’ of uniting the part was not achieved. Instead, you and yours have managed to put a nice big wedge down the middle, and then create a lot of splinters and branches.


I suggest given the lack of transparency in voting, the horrible running and running over by several hours of the convention and the clown-like stature of Matt ‘see, I can sit over here next to Ron’ Sisk, the MessGOP has one more act to perform now:

Start practicing the phrase “Governor Coakley”.



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7 thoughts on “MassGOP Convention 2014: CONGRATULATIONS GOVERNOR COAKLEY

  1. haole

    frank addivinola is running for the senate.
    he was not able to compete for the endorsement from the convention because of his failure to file a letter of intent. he should probably get a smarter campaign manager.

    he is still running for senate as a republican without the endorsement of the convention that he doe’s not need.
    there is a primary addivionola will have ballot position.
    I followed herr’s campaign for congress.he lost to a terrible candidate lamb who is otherwise a good guy.

    addivionola is much better campaigner and can win the primary.

    1. TomJ

      Was the failure a failure to file papers or a failure to cut them a fat check? My guess is the later. I’ve heard Addivinola speak and he would make a GREAT senator.

  2. A carefully scripted event that left Chocolate Pants and Martha Coakley smiling!

    In 2010 Baker ran with Tisei [openly gay] against Deval Patrick [then considered the stupidest of 50 governors] and Tiny Tim Murray [openly corrupt] – and LOST! In doing so he make Patrick look like the Comeback Kid – and a 2016 or 2020 presidential contender!

    So now he’s running against a FAILED AG – Cherry-Picking Coakley – who can SEE NO EVIL, – and yet Baker is afraid to sit down for an in-depth interview, and deathly afraid of a primary campaign against a real conservative.

    WHEN are Mass Republicans going to WAKE UP – and stop trying to elect tall, rich RiNOs?

    As of last night – the governorship is Coakley’s to lose!

  3. Brian O'Malley

    What you fail to mention is that the letter of intent needed to be accompanied by a $20, 000 check. Frank thought rightfully so that the money could be best spent elsewhere.

    1. haole

      yes brian a check for 20,000 $ should be in addition to the letter of intent.
      the rules are the rules.
      I think the investment was worth the risk.frank is a good campaigner and winning the primary comes with some federal money and federal campaign workers,which would of offset the 20,000 $ check.
      I still think this primary is winnable by addivinola.

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