MassGOP Claims ‘Huge’ Victory: pick up gov’s seat, +2 senate seats, + 6 house seats

Mass. Republicans took the Governor’s seat, as hatred towards questionable extremist Martha Coakley gave Charlie Baker the win: he brought it home with 40,400 more votes than the despised one.

All state-wide seats were lost to the Democrats (Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, as well as all Governor’s Council Seats, representatives in congress, and senators).

Indeed, despite a small army of house and senate candidates, the Mass. Republicans saw 89% of their candidates FAIL in their attempt to win seats in the Senate, and 79% of their candidates FAIL in their attempt to win seats in the House.

Despite the drumming, the Republicans not only held onto all seats, but kicked three Democrats out of office (Ryan Fattman sent Sen. Moore packing, Suzannah Whipps Lee tossed Denise Andrews to the curb, and Dave Descost garnered 59 more votes than Rhonda Nyman, retiring the extremist Democrat). The Republicans also filled 6 open seats.

So, the Republicans call it a big win:
– SENATE: they went from
36 dems to 4 republicans to
34 dems to 6 republicans

– HOUSE: they went from
131 dems to 29 repubs. to
125 dems to 25 repubs
So, the Dems. still rule Beacon Hill, but some progress was made, and if you check out Facebook, you’ll see the Republicans celebrating in the street, breaking their arms congratulating themselves (see MassGOP Exec. Dir. Rob Cunningham’s post, about what a great job he and his team did).



Chart below pretty much summarizes the state of the state as best known on the 4th….subject to minor changes….2014_11_Page_Page_07


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8 thoughts on “MassGOP Claims ‘Huge’ Victory: pick up gov’s seat, +2 senate seats, + 6 house seats

  1. hoale

    lea cole state rep from Peabody was re-elected.52 % to 48 %.
    this election signaled a change in the perception
    of republicans in a democratic city.

    Peabody is not a left leaning city but
    a blue collar democratic city.a republican winning
    re-election is a promising development.

    mid size cities like Attleboro Braintree lemonister Chicopee should be targeted by republicans for future opportunities.

  2. Thanks to the efforts of the Kaufman-run MassGOP, EVERY patriotic Conservative I know in this state is looking to move out, – as are a number of businesses.

    MOST of the 80-member State Committee should hang their heads in shame – since we are now represented in Congress by Senator Squaw [for another 4 years] and the Ice Cream Man [for another 6 years].

    Imagine, – in a year of a KNOWN nationwide GOP sweep, MassHoles and their enablers – the MassGOP – couldn’t send even 1 Republican out of 11 to Congress.

    I wonder how much the Dems pay Kaufman…?

  3. Ron Beaty

    …do not despair folks, as the true conservatives of the Republican Party here in Massachusetts, we will do what is necessary to literally make things right. For starters, we need to begin preparations for a Conservative takeover of the Mass GOP State Committee in 2016.

  4. mms

    Lonnie, you continue to make me laugh – you must be really good clown. Had you expected Republicans to win every race in Massachusetts? Did you REALLY expected them to get a majority or even come close??? If your beloved ultras like Mark Fischer, would have their way – Republicans would LOSE seats, not gain them

    1. Lonnie

      Of course I never expected the Rs. to win. Most have no clue how to run a campaign, and the MassGOP has now idea how to wage a proper war on multiple fronts.

      They did good, though: went from 1 win in 2012 to at least 8 net gains in 2014, plus edged out the Coakley machine. That’s a good thing.

      Most excellent was the drumming Suzannah Whipps Lee gave to Denise Andrews. Andrews is notorious for REFUSING to read bills and REFUSING and admitting to refusing to read budgets, because she believes the LEADERSHIP can just tell her how to vote. A true seat-warmer at best that extremist. Similarly, it was nice to see Rhonda Nyman finally kicked to the curb.

      p.s. Unlike you, I’m not afraid to use my real name…

      1. mms

        Who said i am afraid? It’s my custom and personal preference to use initials instead. My name will not say anything to you. But if you wish, please : Sergey Moltchanov

  5. John DiMascio

    While we were hoping for a better result in the legislative races, the fact is that we moved the ball down field.

    Some of the races we lost were closer than expected. And some of the races we won were truly present surprise. For example Kate Campanela’s victory was unexpected and impressive. And many of us feared for Leah Cole’s seat because she barely won the special election in 3 way contest. But she won a solid victory.
    The margin of victory for Ryan Fattman was also very impressive.

    Now that doesn’t mean we should be beating our chests proclaiming a great victory. Fact is…Charlie Baker, whom I like very much as person and I think he has great management skills, ran a pretty bad campaign. He ultimately won because Martha Coakley was his best friend !!! And when you look at the numbers… it’s pretty clear Question 1 had some coat-tails that may have helped drag Charlie across the finish line.

    Now Charlie will have the opportunity to do what he does best. That is… manage things. If he can manage to that effectively (which I suspect he will)… and also manage to win back some of the base he alienated, then he will go on to not just be good governor, but win re-election handily.

    Charlie also has to see that the party focuses on rebuilding the grassroots infrastructure… either that, or he has to stay out of the way, while other do it. We can’t have the party leadership, only concerned with the top of the ticket anymore. The next 2 years has to be about recruiting and electing Republicans, first at a municipal level in 2015 and in 2016, we need to reach the point where either one of the houses can uphold his veto.

    There were 15 State Rep Districts that Scott Brown carried in 2012 that went unchallenged in 2014. That can’t happen again. And the party needs to do something about the self-centered legislative leadership that is more concerned with their personal positions than increasing the size of their caucus.

    And the very first step the MA-GOP needs to take IN THE NAME OF PARTY UNITY….. is to censure Bill Weld, strip him of his Lincoln /Reagan award, take away his status as an automatic ex-officio delegate to conventions, and he needs to be ostracized. He should never be seen speaking at a MA-GOP sponsored event. He should never be invited to another such event. The man is first class traitor. He may well have been the reason Caroline Colarusso lost her race. This man should never have been welcomed back with open arms after he endorsed Obama in 2008. So someone needs to set the over-paid brain-trust on Merrimac Street straight.

    Yes we barely won the governor’s race. That’s good. Baker, will be a good manager… If he keeps he can be prevented from promulgating any of his moon-bat friendly ideas, then he’ll be good governor over all. We picked up some seats in legislature.
    Most that credit goes to the candidates themselves and their teams. But I’ll give Charlie some credit here too. He did work for candidates and he has been for the past 4 years.

    So now it’s time to look forward and improve on some gains. It’s certainly a better result than we had in 2012.

  6. haole

    Worcester county is now the best county
    in the commonwealth for republicans.

    Plymouth county although conservative is second best
    in the commonwealth.

    the fattman’s knocked off 2 democrats
    there are now more state reps from Worcester county
    than any other county the sheriff is republican
    and the lt.governor is from Worcester county.

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