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4 thoughts on “MassGOP Chairperson’s Race

  1. haole

    robert mcginn,the republican party chairman is not running for re-election in 2013.

    in the past 2 years he contributed a total of 27,350 $ to republican candidates for office.this total includes a 5,000 $ contribution to the republican state committee in both years 2011,& 2012.

    he contributed more money these past 2 years to local republican candidates than any other individual in the state.

    well done.

  2. John DiMascio

    Agreed Haole.. Bob has been very supportive to personally to down ticket candidates and the MA-GOP.

    I didn’t start out as huge fan. But he earned my respect by a lot of his actions. Not just by his contributions, but by the even handed approach he took in dealing with the platform.

    Of course we’re never going to agree with every decision a Chairman makes. In that regard, I wasn’t happy with the way the MA-GOP handled the delegate caucuses and so forth. But Bob made some real improvements. He set a new tone of respect towards the activists that attend S.C. meetings. He showed respect to the newly elected conservative State Committee members. And I believe had he not been shoved out by Brown, he might have taken further steps to bring the party together and elect more Republicans locally.

    But speaking of raising money and contributing. Rick Green raised $250,000 for local candidates this year (through the Mass Fiscal Alliance. That’s as much if not more than the MA-GOP.
    His commitment to the grassroots is unquestionable. While others are giving lip service to the growing the party and supporting the whole ticket, Rick has already done it.

    It’s pretty simple if you want to elect a MA-GOP Chair, then elect Rick Green. If you want to turn the MA-GOP entirely in to the Scott Brown Campaign, then elect Kirsten Hughes. Every dime she’ll raise will got Brown. Every dime of the $800,000 we have left will go to Scott Brown. And when that money is gone, she’ll leave us in debt.

  3. haole

    due you actually expect me to believe that rick green is going to give up a multi-million dollar business to run the republican party?
    must think i am an idiot !

  4. John DiMascio

    Haole, that’s nonsense. But since you want to bring up that sort of question:

    How is Kirsten Hughes going to manage being an effective City Councilor and run the MA-GOP? Rick can hire an CEO to run his business. Ms. Hughes can’t hire someone to do her job as an elected official in Quincy.

    Here is another question and really the only relevant question:
    Do you honestly believe Kirsten Hughes is not going to give the keys to the store to Scott Brown as she claims? If that’s the case why is Brown doing all the arm-twisting to get her elected?

    Do you actually think, she’s going to change a thing? She comes from Merrimack St. Merrimack Street is the problem. She’s being supported by the same people that have instituted the policies that have led 19% representation in General Court, 10% in the State Senate, and 11% registration. She will continue those same policies.

    As for Brown, his shot at winning anything again, is if Rick Green gets elected. If Kirsten gets elected, the base which he’s already alienated, will not work for her or Brown. They’ve had it with him. If on the other hand they see the party going in a different direction, they may give Brown one last shot for the party’s sake, if not for his.

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