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Hi Lonnie,

The Association of Massachusetts City and Town Chairmen (AMRC) is pleased to be sponsoring the GOP Chairman’s Debate.  In the past we have seen low attendance, and as such, we felt that the auditorium where the Friday Morning Group meets would have more than enough capacity.

Last week, when we began hearing talk that it could be more highly attended than in the past, we looked for an alternative venue.  Unfortunately, we were not able to find something at this late date.  The auditorium  can seat around 80,  and some could stand. ( I have been told you could fit 130 folks in there).

So, rather than turn folks away, we have come up with an RSVP plan.  We had already created a Facebook Page and many of you may have RSVP’d.  To be fair to everyone, we have established the following guidelines.

Seating will be first assigned to VIPs – ( AMRC Board Members, RTC Chairman, and State Committee folks who are within a certain radius) and secondly, those who RSVP ( preferably by Facebook).

We will hold those seats until only until 6:30.  At 6:30, those in the lobby will have the opportunity to claim the remaining seats.  We have arranged to have sound in the overflow area, and if anyone would like to help provide video out there, it would be welcomed.

We need folks to RSVP today if at all possible, or by 6PM tomorrow evening at the latest.  We will have a sign in sheet at the door, and hopefully nametags.

We also are trying  to see if we can use the adjoining cafeteria for overflow, and assume it can hold at least 100 folks.  We are going to have audio from the debate set up in there instead of the foyer if we are given permission to use the cafeteria.

If folks come with a crowd, they will have to wait until 6:30 for a chance to sit in the auditorium. Or they could go straight to the overflow area.

The one thing we don’t want to do is be perceived as not allowing folks to participate.  We understand that there will be other debates, one for sure in Gardner, so that is why we want to favor State Committee and RTC Chairs who live within a certain distance of the venue.

The opening remarks by Chairman Hersum, will begin at 6:45 followed by Candidate Statements.  We hope to start the questioning by the moderators at 7pm.  There will be  3 parts…the questions from moderator 1 for around 45 minutes  questions from moderator 2 for another 45 minutes and questions from the candidates to each other for around 15 minutes.  This  is just a rough layout and could change as questions from you come in.  We hope to end before 9 as we need to be out of the hall by then.

 The entire debate will be captured on video, and will be available on YouTube and hopefully the AMRC Website, Facebook and hopefully  could be shown on your local access cable.

This is a very important race, and it is important that we have a clear understanding of how our next Chairman plans on guiding our party for the future.  Due to overwhelming response we ask that you send your questions by email, so we can be sure that we have a lot of great questions.  We will also take written questions from those in attendance.  There will be no questions taken from the floor.

We look forward to a very informative evening on Thursday!

Warmly, Dick Hersum – AMRC Chairman of the Board

Sandi Martinez and Helen Hatch – AMRC Board members





Here is the info we have……
Apparently a Facebook invite to who knows…..good luck finding it….
CHECK OUT OUR MassGOP Chair page for directions and more info as we get it……
ALL TYPOS come from the original…..
1 Cranberry Hill, Lexington, MA

There weill be a Meet and Greet from 6 to 6:45 pm.Dick Hersum, founder and Chairman of the Board of AMRC will speak briefly and introduce the candidates

Then, Citizens for Limited Taxation’s Chip Faulkner will moderate the first part of the debate

Valley Patriots Tom Duggan will moderate the next part of the debate and

As a wrap up, the candidates will be given an opportunity to question each other.

The event will be videotaped, and shared on several local access cable stations, as well as on YouTube etc.

We have been advised this could be a very well attended event, and in the interest of making sure no one gets turned away, we are working on some guidlines, which will be posted to all who RSVP for this event.

We look forward to an informative evening, as the candidates share their vision for the Republican Party going forward.

Hope to see you there.

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