MASSGOP: Calling all Syrians? Tajikistans? Sao Tome and Principes?

So, my friends tell me the MassGOP has once again stepped in it…


Seems the e-mail headlined from MassGOP chair Kirsten Hughes (sent out today…see below) and twittered/tweeted/chirped….asking all good Republicans to go to the MassGOP website and let their voices be heard, to help shape the Massachusetts Republican Party Platform…has a bit of a problem….website problem that is….’thinking’ problem that is….or lack of thinking…



Didn’t they learn from Obama’s website?

A few issues:

1. Anyone can let the MassGOP know what should be in the MASSACHUSETTS PARTY PLATFORM…go ahead, have some fun…log in as Bill Clinton, Barry Hussein Obama, a Democrat, a socialists (oops, I repeat myself), etc.  Lots of fun.

2. Their website asks for your physical address. And, I guess they think it’s important to include opinions on the MassGOP Party Platform from liberals, democrats, socialists, marxists, and other folks who may be living in Syria, Tajikistan, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros…..and all over the world.

Say what???  You couldn’t even limit it to MASSACHUSETTS addresses?  Or at least TRY?  You couldn’t run a damn entry on a website?  A glitzy paid-for website?  A paid-for-glitzy website????


How about this MassGOP:  recognize that you have 13% of the enrollment in Mass, and all your infighting on party platform amounts to very little. How about being REPUBLICANS, and simply consider adopting the NATIONAL REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM for starters?   Trying to be ‘fiscal conservative Democrat-light’…how’s that working out for ya?


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8 thoughts on “MASSGOP: Calling all Syrians? Tajikistans? Sao Tome and Principes?

  1. mms

    Exactly because Republicans comprise 13% of Massachusetts electorate they would be extremely stupid to adopt “National Republican Party Platform” for this particular state actions. If they would do so – it would be easier to complete a political suicide, dissolve and officially declare party nonexistent in state, because in SUCH case it would lose all significant elections in here. Or – join Constitutional party. Even “fiscal conservative Democrat-light” candidates, who recognize substantial “left-wing tilt” of the state, especially – on social issues, have extreme difficulties trying to win in Massachusetts and lose (to more LEFT-wing, not RIGHT-wing) candidates in most cases. Ted Cruz-like fanatics have simply no chances..

  2. Hey MMS…

    Bite my ASS! “Winning” as a Mass RiNO is what Charlie Baker, Scott Brown, Mitt Romney, and Navy SEAL all did last time around.

    They went swimming in the Liberal CESSPOOL, – and came up stinking LOSERS!

    While there ~ may ~ be a measure of truth that a REAL Republican can’t win in this Socialist Welfare State, – far better to lose as a REAL Constitutional Republican, – that to lose our integrity before the eyes of our parents and our kids.

    The state’s ‘independent’ and ‘unenrolled’ voters – people who left BOTH parties in utter disgust – will not support Cardboard Charlie Baker again – even against Cardboard Coakley.

    Far better to run a fire-breathing REAL Republican – and give them a real choice.

    1. mms

      And lose by even more then Baker did. That’s a difference betweeen us – the only thing you want is “to lose for principle”, and i am ready to adapt my principles if it helps me to win (the only REAL purpose of party’s existance)

      1. “…i am ready to adapt my principles if it helps me to win…”

        Frankly, it’s jellyfish like you who cause people to leave the Republican Party. Principles are things which CANNOT be ‘adapted’. That’s why they’re called PRINCIPLES!

        Principles are things you stand for, – fight for, – risk dying for!

        You have no principles. You just want to be on the winning side.

        1. mms

          Exactly!!! I like to win. You can afford a luxury to lose time and again, and even “proudly die” for your “beloved principles”. With “perennial loser” written over yor tomb. Good luck in that!!!!. And i, yes – i like to be on WINNING side…

  3. John DiMascio

    In defense of the MA-GOP this is good public relations move. They are least willing to appear as though they are asking for input.

    Like Lonnie pointed out, the problem is there is no quality control. We don’t know who is actually filling out the survey.

    A better way to do this would have been to send out the questionnaire to the City, Town, and Ward Committee members.

    All that said, this should be mute issue. Last year, at the first post election meeting, the State Committee voted to adopt the Romney version of the RNC National Platform as a the guideline for the platform committee in crafting a state platform. So the issue of marriage and life has been settled. The MA-GOP Platform should be pro-life with the 3 exceptions.. Life of the mother, rape, and incest. And it should be pro-traditional marriage. And that vote was unanimous.

    Now there are other issues that concern the State only that we should consider adding. Support for the Tank the Automatic Gas Tax increase ballot question for example. Perhaps a position on pension reform for the public employee mafia is another issue. MA becoming a Right to Work State…. These aren’t things included in the RNC National platform because they are local.

    1. Doug Dawes

      I can agree with you on most of your points except…3 exceptions. The baby is a sentient being. No one is more important than another. Who are we to stand in the place of a
      sovereign God? Are we to be viewed as pro-life with an asterisk?

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