MassGOP: 3 Elections, 3 Scandals Ron Kaufman Continues to Kill the Party

MassGOP National State Committeeman
Ron Kaufman…..the gift that keeps on giving….
…to the Democrats


Three elections, three scandals (well, perhaps a fourth one coming soon…but that’s a story for next time folks…).  This time, it’s the MassGOP “incompetent” botching of a simple convention vote.

“Incompent” in quotes, because let’s face it, no one person or group can really be this stupid, can it? And, the sad thing is, they nearly got away with it, BUT, they misjudged Mark Fisher.

They thought they could ignore Mark Fisher. They couldn’t.
They thought they could undermine Mark Fisher. They couldn’t.
They thought they could buy off Mark Fisher. They couldn’t.
They thought they could use the old tried and true old games to eliminate Mark Fisher. They couldn’t.

They totally misjudged Mark Fisher: he hung in there. He refused to go away. He refused to be deflected, defeated, rejected, or otherwise sent along…..

So, they wrestled with a porcupine and got injured. Not very bright strategy.

Ron Kaufman is the man at the top. He’s overseen the decline of the MassRepublican party….again, at some point, when your team continues to lose, but insists on repeating the same, tried true, losing plays, you have to look up and listen to the players (the candidates) and the fans (the voters) and DUMP THE COACH.    Time to dump Coach Kaufman.


3Elections_3_ScandalsYet another facebook posting….this is getting out of control folks..
With Coach Kaufman, it’s very hard to see any difference between Democrats and Republicans….



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11 thoughts on “MassGOP: 3 Elections, 3 Scandals Ron Kaufman Continues to Kill the Party

  1. Kaufman [aka “Chocolate Pants”] has done so much damage he should be tarred and feathered!

    But the RiNOcrats who keep him in power are JUST as guilty!

    1. Lonnie

      But, nice picture there of Kirsten, you must admit.
      And Jones, at the railroad tracks…I nearly lost a lung laughing…..

  2. mms

    Lonnie, you would better update your candidate list. It’s a shame that Dan Winslow is still listed as a candidate from 9th Norfolk. And better – with more ideological positions – i need detailed info about whom to support (those that you oppose..)

  3. Lonnie

    All in good time my friend.
    Lots of folks are having their papers certified now….and some are coming up shot.
    Always nice to see some old references on folks such as Dan….will have to make a history page for him and his colleagues….

    Thanks always for helping us to help you.

  4. haole

    angry laced post.

    thought the post on fisher getting on the ballot would be the next edition.

  5. Joshua Norman

    The antics of Ron “Chocolate Pants” Kaufman and the rest of the MessGOP’s Political Insider Group shows the need for serious regime change in the party. The same people that pushed Kirsten Hughes for Party Chair pushed Gabriel Gomez for Senate last year, Brian Herr for Senate this year and now Charlie “Left of Obama and frustrated people don’t appreciate it” Baker for Governor.

  6. Lonnie

    Haole: No anger. Just sadly posting the facts.

    Are you aware that in exchange for letting Mark Fisher on the ballot,
    the MassGOP was able to NOT show the judge the infamous
    “magic tally sheets” from the convention?

    Ah, so much for transparency in elections….

    1. haole

      for your edification the court trial is not concluded.

      the section about wana be governor fisher being denied access to the ballot has been granted by the republican party making that part of the complaint moot.
      even though he did not get 15% of the required delegate vote at the convention.

      he now can continue his quest for a day in court and his attempt to destroy the republican party.

      1. Lonnie

        for your edification (oh wise one), I know the court trial is not concluded.

        I also know that the MassGOP did not run a transparent election.

        And like or hate Fisher, this was not a proud moment for the MassGOP.
        If they continue in their methods, they will continue to hurt Charlie Baker more than Mark Fisher could ever hurt Charlie.

        My hope is the both of them focus on Ms. Coakley, et al.

  7. Edward Wagner

    If the state party tried to ignore Fisher they did not try hard enough. That was their signal failure and proof that they had learned NOTHING from the Cahill fiasco of ’10. All they had to do was give him an early speaking time in the convention, count the votes fairly, let him in to a couple of debated before the primar and NEVER speak his name on any other occasion. Somehow they did not have the discipline for this. Is it because they feared the GOP rank and file as some sort of cover fifth column in the Baker campaign? Even if I wished it were so it wasn’t.

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