Massachusetts Republican Assembly Urges New MassGOP Strategy

Massachusetts Republican Assembly Urges New MassGOP Strategy
Massachusetts, August 2, 2013
On July 19th the Boston Globe reported that, “A select cohort of top Massachusetts Republicans met quietly last week to discuss the party’s prospects for 2014.” This meeting was called by the chairman of the MassGOP. Those in attendance or conference call are considered the party elite. These are the same liberal, elitist “Republicans” who are responsible for a long series of electoral losses, and the current 11% rate of Republican voter registration in Massachusetts. So what did this elitist group, led by long-time MassGOP National Committeeman, Ron Kaufman, tell the Boston Globe? They plan on more of the same. They want the same failed candidates to run on the same failed Democrat-light, anti-conservative, anti-family platform again. We all know these failed candidates – Charlie Baker, Richard Tisei, and Gabriel Gomez, etc. If the MassGOP is to become relevant, it must promote candidates who uphold traditional Republican values and seek support from grassroots Republicans in Massachusetts.
First and foremost, MassGOP leadership needs to start listening and answering to grassroots Republicans, instead of blindly anointing insipid candidates , who have no message, and whose rallying cry is “work across the aisle”. Support from the base is more than people showing up to vote at the polls. An energized base provides “boots on the ground” to work successful campaigns by giving of time, talent, and donations. Nothing is more depressing to the base than to have questionable candidates promoting liberal agendas while publicly repudiating historically Republican ideals.

Secondly, the MassGOP needs to stop being ashamed of being Republican. It needs to boldly promote Republican principles, and convince voters that these principles are good for society and the nation. The past two U.S. Senate races have been disgraceful. Sadly, both Scott Brown in 2012 and Gabriel Gomez this year loudly voiced their disagreements with the Republican Party. If they had dared to convince the public that Republican polices, both economic and social, are better than those of the Democrat Party, perhaps they would have won their elections to public office.
Thirdly, the MassGOP will not win if at the top of the ticket is a slate of retreads that have already been soundly rejected by voters.

The winning formula is simple: The MassGOP needs to start acting and sounding like Republicans. Our message should be clear, simple, and conservative.
We believe in the sanctity and dignity of life and the family.
We believe in personal responsibility and personal liberty.
We believe that free markets offer the best and greatest opportunity for upward mobility for everyone.
We strongly believe in limited government and lower taxes.
Finally, we believe in giving those who are dependent upon the government a hand up rather than a hand out.

This formula for success will have broad appeal if articulated clearly and with conviction. That means finding candidates who aren’t ashamed of being Republicans. We need candidates who are willing to say, I’m

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going to Washington, Beacon Hill, or City Hall to fight for you and for the principles that made this country and our people great.

For more information please contact Dave Kopacz, President, Massachusetts Republican Assembly, at


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9 thoughts on “Massachusetts Republican Assembly Urges New MassGOP Strategy

  1. mms

    Funny, but no more.. Ultraconservatives NEVER won anything substantial in Massachusetts in ages, and now they blame moderates that they seldom win here. At least – they win SOMETIMES (Brown, Governors for many years, and so on..), ultras – NEVER… Idiots.

    1. David Johnson

      I do not know what you mean by “ultraconservative,” but honest, good-government conservatives do have a history of winning:

      * President Reagan carried Massachusetts twice;
      * Gov. Ed King, also won twice;
      * Albert “Dapper” O’Neil topped the Boston City Council ticket years;
      * Hastings Keith represented the then 12th congressional district for years;
      * Louise Day Hicks served the 9th congressional district, and chaired the Boston City Council and School Committee;
      * Sen. Bob Hedlund has been reelected for years;
      * David Locke, Paula Llewellen and many others have served in the Legislature.

      Conservatives routinely win ballot questions, such as Proposition 2 1/2, tax reform, the death penalty and so on. Why were proponents of gay marriage afraid to put it to a vote?

      By telling the truth, conservatives can win in this state. Those afraid to run as Republicans – Scott Brown, Gabriel Gomez, Charlie Baker, Kerry Murphy Healey, Mitt Romney (2012), John McCain, (2008) have not done so well, have they?

      Also, I am sure you also think Sarah Palin is “an ultra” with no public appeal? Then why did three of the seven candidates she supported with her PAC make it into the US Senate in 2012, while the “genius” of American politics, Karl Rove, supported ten candidates (with more than $100 million) all of whom lost?

      1. mms

        Well, first reasonable answer and an attempt to seriously argue “in years”. My congratulations! But still it doesn’t look very convincing to me. Let’s see:

        Reagan is a liberal by standards of present day Republican party. He was a “conservative” in 1976-1988, but he was neither rabidly “pro-life” nor actively “anti-gay rights” as many Republicans now do. And he was a believer in “big tent” – he understood very well that typical Republican candidate with chances to win in Massachusetts MUST be substantially more moderate (if not outspokenly liberal) then, say, in Oklahoma (take notice – i never spoke a word about feasibility of running conservative Republican candidates in Oklahoma). King won once (in 1978) as a Democrat and lost everything after that. Albert “Dapper” O’Neil really won 10 races for Boston city council, but – as a Democrat and, in addition, lost 4 times (once – for mayor, twice – for Sheriff and his final race for Council). And that was between 1967 and 1999, when Massachusetts was (mainly because of strong Catholic heritage) MUCH more conservative on social issues then now. Louise Day Hicks – one more figure from 60th and 70th. one more Democrat and with last successful race for Boston city Council in 1975. Hastings Keith. Finally a Republican. A “conservative” only by standards of that days Republican party. His ACA ratings in 1971 were 50 and in 1972 – 40. “Dangerous RINO” by standards of present day Republican activists… Bob Hedlund – yes, a Republican and state Senator (one of only 3 now and representing probably THE most conservative and most Republican part of Massachusetts – Plymouth county). Among tags assigned to him on respected “Our Campaigns” site – “Pro-labor”, “Pro-environment”, “Pro Marijuana Legalization”, “Libertarian”, “Anti-Death Penalty” and “Moderate-to-Conservative”. Surely not Ted Cruz… Yes, at the same time he is characterized as “Anti-Affirmative Action”, “Anti-Gay Marriage”, “Pro- gun” and “Pro-Life”, but still, taken together – not a far-right winger. And even he lost once.

        I will not argue about state Representatives – yes, there are about 20-25 districts, which MAY (in very good year) send a conservative (but even then, usually – not an extreme conservative) candidates to state House. Out of 160! Are you satisfied with THAT?? And ready to be limited by THAT in next 20-30 years????

        So, no, conservatives CAN’T win in this state on level higher then state House, and, very seldom – state Senate. Let’s remember who were last Republican Senators from Massachusetts. Brown. Before him? Ed Brooke – outspoken liberal. He would be a nightmare for present day republican “purists”. For US House. Moderate-conservative Blute and moderate Torkildsen. Both under special circumstances (scandals of Democratic incumbents in 1992 AND very good Republican year of 1994, after that – both lost and NO republican was elected). The last 2 most successful Republicans in House – Sylvio Conte and Margaret Heckler were moderate-liberals. Governors. Sargent in 70th (liberal), then Weld (social liberal), Cellucci (moderate or liberal socially), and Romney-2002 running as a moderate. Excuse me, but Romney-2012 and McCain-2008 are no less then solid conservatives to me, and both lost state very decisively. Charlie baker ran bland, but good campaign in 2010, was able to deny Parker a majority and could be elected Governor if not for Cahill’s “sabotage” campaign, which attracted the most socially-conservative voters to him. Then – who is to blame???. Healey and Gomez? Yes, not a strong candidates, but at least – a decent percentage, not “high twenties – low thirties” which conservative candidates routinely gen in the state. Brown was a moderate, but (as i wrote earlier) – insufficiently moderate for 2102 voters, who preferred much more liberal Warren.

        Both Sara Palin and Carl Rove are “ultras” to me. One question – how many Palin-supported candidates won in Massachusetts???

        I think – it’s enough and i gave detailed answer to your arguments…

        1. Sam Adams

          mms is a good example of the boring ignorance of RINOsauruses. If he isn’t a Republicrat, then he’s a run-of-the-mill Democrat/socialist/communist offering Republicans advice again that they can well do without.
          In his entire tome, he didn’t give one example of any conservative policies that are being implemented in this state that have resulted and are resulting in the ruination of us all.
          Our demise is being directed by every single extreme leftist policy being implemented and mandated by Democrats and endorsed by RINOsauruses.
          The center he admires (if there is one) has moved to the edge of the cliff on the left.

          1. mms

            B*s**t!(MODERATOR HAS EDITED THIS WORD) I give detailed analysis, names and dates, you – platitudes and nothing more. And i am as free to write here as you are (i see no rules stated, which i violate), aren’t i? I am not obliged to write something that you like, don’t i?

            There are no examples of conservative policies (successful or not) in this state exactly because there are no such examples. Why? Exactly because PRESENT DAY republican party is “almost nothing” in the state, and ultraconservatives, pushing party to the right, “help immensely” to make it even less relevant. If you continue to ignore “political center” – you will be like Republican party of Louisiana sometime in 1950’s: as old saying goes they could hold party meetings in one phone booth and there would be enough place for them all. If you want THAT – say a single “yes” word – and i will immediately stop my comments. Precisely because i don’t want to waste my time on such people.

            P.S. BTW – if Obama’s policy (“supported by RINOsauruses”) is “extreme leftist” – you are absolutely ignorant to boot – look at some European or Latin American countries – THAT’s an “extreme leftist” policy. Obama’s is “very moderate” compared to them.

          2. EDITOR’S NOTE:

            Please note, while we respect the right of all posters, even those who argue strongly to maintain their rights to be rude, obnoxious, dogmatic, and at times just down right stupid, one of our moderators HAS FLAGGED the posting above from ‘anonymous mms’ due to vulgarity or close-vulgarity.

            Folks, let’s leave any swear or close-to-swear words out of the postings moving forward please. We don’t want to delete any postings……

  2. Sam Adams

    Thank you for making my point. There are NO conservative policies running this state which is WHY it looks like this.

    1. mms

      And never will be (i am ready to bet considerable sum of money, say $1000, for next 50 years at least)as long as Republican party of THIS state will pursue ultraconservative policy. In Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah – that’s possible, though even there – not always optimal. In Massachusetts – no way!

  3. mms

    Lonnie, thanks for correction. Though i never considered THAT word of being especially rude (there are MUCH stronger expressions, and i try to avoid them). And – if my “anonymity” concerns you – ask, and i will tell you (and anyone interested) about who i am)))

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