Mass. Republican Assembly Press Release Re: Brad Jones.

cropped Brad Jones

For immediate release to the Press– Massachusetts Republican Assembly:


February 3, 2014…

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) congratulates Ms. Cathy Richardson, Republican State Committeewoman elect for the Second Essex and Middlesex State Senatorial District.  She fills the seat vacated by her mother, Sheila Richardson, who retired and moved out of the district. Cathy and Sheila have a long history of selflessly serving the MA-GOP, Republican Candidates, and fighting the good fight for Republican principles and causes. This mother/daughter team worked tirelessly for Charlie Baker’s 2010 campaign, with Sheila running Baker’s Lowell office. For these reasons among many others, Cathy Richardson garnered an overwhelming 84% vote in the caucus.

Most noteworthy however, is which high-profile Republicans opposed Richard’s election by supporting Andrea Crupi. Ms. Crupi, who serves on the Nation Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) political committee, works to defeat our fellow Republicans.

The Most Honorable State Representative and House Minority Leader Brad Jones, Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Baker and Congressional Candidate Richard Tisei, in some manner supported Crupi.

Regarding Baker and Tisei, let’s assume mistakes were made. Both should have simply stayed out of this race completely for obvious reasons. However, Minority Leader Jones has some explaining to do; Ms. Crupi is also on his staff.

1) Why would the House Minority leader hire someone who opposes the election of fellow Republicans?

2) Why would he want her to be elected State Committeewoman, and thus have access to internal MA-GOP strategy and data?

3) Does Mr. Jones have a vested interest in defeating certain fellow Republicans, who might not support his re-election as House Minority Leader, thus costing him money, prestige, and influence?

These serious ethical questions deserve answers. Likewise, the concern that a party leader hired and then supported an anti- Republican infiltrator for State Committee requires swift and decisive action.

Republicans of good will may have policy differences. But for the good of the Commonwealth and Nation, our fellow Republicans must defeat extremist Democrats in 2014.

Mary Lou Daxland
MARA National Committee Woman

John DiMascio
MARA Communication’s Committee Chairman

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9 thoughts on “Mass. Republican Assembly Press Release Re: Brad Jones.

  1. Whew! Sure looks like the MassGOP and Mass Republicans dodged another bullet!

    Brad Jones and his ilk [fake Republicans] are a disgrace to our party – and a disservice to our taxpaying Citizens. If Brad had a shred of honor – he would have ALREADY fired Andrea Crupi. No Republican worthy of the name supports the kind of wholesale abortion espoused by NARAL.

    Those kinds of baby-killing politicians belong in Communist China.

    FYI Americans, since Roe v wade – some 55 MILLION American babies have been murdered! Ask Brad how he feels about that!

  2. This should be an example of how Charlie Baker thanks his volunteer supporters. Kind of smells like Scott Brown. This is one of the reasons I support Fisher for Governor & am very disappointed in Karyn Polito has given up her faith and is now pro choice.

  3. John DiMascio

    The issue here is not abortion. It is Brad Jones in essence conspiring to defeat his members of his caucus and other fellow Republicans.

    These actions by Jones hurt all Republican candidates in 2014 including Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher. It disgusts rank and file Republicans, who as a result will be less likely to work for, donate to Republicans. Perhaps it could even suppress the Republican vote November.

    1. Lonnie Brennan

      Well said John.

      WE REMEMBER THAT BRAD JONES had TWO staff members working actively in the 2012 race AGAINST 14 members of his own caucus.

      naral is a organization that has as its primary primary focus to defeat republicans. In 2012 naral endorsed the democratic opponents of 14 members of our republican caucus. Two members of the political committee of naral were members of the minority leaders staff …. How can we build the Republican Party when this is happening in the leaders office?

  4. Jim Gettens

    This little toad is still House Minority Leader, why???

    1. MONEY. Because it’s all about Power and Money, and if you look at the Office of Campaign Finance records, he is able to live he lifestyle of one quite well off with lavish spending from his campaign account… flows in from many powerful sources….and he spends it on dinners, flowers, food, gifts, and supplements the basics: phone, living expenses, travel, etc. all from that inflow…….if he were to loose his grip, there’s up to $50K slush fund GONE!

      Some would sell their political souls (if they haven’t already) to hold onto that money.

  5. haole

    you may be on to something here !

    case in point:the leadership sensing a challenge after the 2014 cycle has decided to throw a winnable state rep seat to the democrats.
    a recently retiring democratic state rep from brockton,had a republican challenge before she retired.
    a former republican state rep from said district has decided to run for the same seat.

    his base is the same as the republican challenger,he will win the primary.the problem is that this district is also in a good section of brockton.having a close relative in high law enforcement office would alienate potential voters who might find the other republican more appealing.
    if the district was more suburban or rural no problem.
    this cutting off the ankles of a young,dynamic,republican to hold the reigns of power for personal reasons,instead of doing what is right, is the reason that this winnable seat will stay democratic.

  6. John DiMascio

    Heaven forbid, the leadership sits this guy down and finds another position for him to run for, so we can have more good Republicans running down ticket, helping to bring the vote out to help the entire ticket. That would make too much sense wouldn’t it????
    So I guess we can’t do it.

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