Mary Lou Daxland for Mass Republican Assembly President.

Mary Lou Daxland photo
On Saturday January 10th the Massachusetts Republican Assembly will convene in Worcester for our Biennial Election of Officers.

Vote Core Values would to proudly add our endorsement to  the growing number of impeccable Conservative individuals and organizations that have endorsed Mary Lou Daxland to be the next President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly(MARA).

Mary Lou has been called the “Glue that keeps MARA together.” She’s been involved in the organization since 2009 and has done the hard work to help build Local Chapters and the State Organization. She currently holds the office of National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) National Committee Woman. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, the icing on the cake.

We could attempt to list all of her accomplishments, but others before us have shared  many of Mary Lou’s significant contributions , that we’d like to share some of their their beautiful words.

Ms. Sharron Angle:
(2010 Nevada Senate Candidate and President of NFRA in a receent letter addressed to MARA Members said — Note this is not an official endorsement simply a statement made.)

…your National Committeewoman ,Mary Lou Daxland, who has represented you well at the national level and has been a tireless servant in creating a thriving MARA….                                      

The Honorable Geoff Diehl:                                                                    

(MA State Representative — Conservative/Reformer and lead spokesman for the Tank the Gas Tax Ballot Initiative)

Mary Lou Daxland has been a friend and ally in the work I’ve set out to do to reform state government and I am proud to endorse her for President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly. From her tireless work on the repeal of the indexed gas tax to her ongoing ability to marshal teams of volunteers, to support conservative candidates and initiatives, I can’t think of anyone I could rely upon more to lead such an important organization, especially at a time when our state needs the work ethic and values of MARA the most.                                                    

Steve Aylward:
(State Committeeman–Conservative Leader on State Committee–Chairman of the Tank the Gas Tax Ballot Question Committee)

In politics, there are two kinds of people.  Those that talk the talk, and those that walk the walk.  It takes no more than a literature drop in the rain, signature gathering in the cold, or a door knocking expedition on a long, lonely country road to come to that realization.  It is a lesson quickly learned, but not quickly forgotten…

And do not forget that in her words to Endorsement Conventions, Sharron Angle reminds us that we should always be inclined endorse and support those who have a history of accomplishment.  Mary Lou Daxland is all about getting things done.

I first met Mary Lou back in 2011.  At that time, I had become convinced that we needed a comprehensive plan to get good Republicans elected to the Republican State Committee.  Mary Lou was at our first strategy meeting in Southborough, our last meeting, and every meeting in between.  When others faded into the background, or moved on to other things, , Mary Lou was always there.  She sought out candidates from east to west, and never stopped working until we did the impossible.  We became the most effective voting bloc, the most dominant voting bloc and the most feared voting bloc  on the State Committee.  Having head manned the effort, I can tell you without reservation that our gains on State Committee never would have happened without the insight, political judgment, networking capability  and perseverance of Mary Lou Daxland.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg.  In the Sullivan signature drive,  Mary Lou was at the forefront.  The effort required 10,000 signatures in just a few weeks.  Conservatives got over 30,000, with Mary Lou leading the charge.  Then came her efforts to secure good participation in events to help grow the coffers for MARA.  K Carl Smith, Huckabee, and the like.  All designed to raise not only money, but raise awareness of MARA as well.  All done with Mary Lou’s leadership and dedication.

The Steinhoff special election got the attention of the MA GOP, and was one of the things that brought them to the realization that MARA was a force.  Coupled with the gas tax signature drive, Mary Lou’s leadership and hard work had the State Committee finally acknowledging and applauding MARA in their meetings.  Not because of what we said, but because of what we did.  Incredible!  The common thread in all of it was Mary Lou.

But what separates Mary Lou is more than just hard work.  It is that Mary Lou eats, breathes, and sleep MARA, to the point that she motivates others to be involved.  She unites others in the cause we all believe in. She knows people, and the people she knows want to work with her and for her, because of her sincerity and love for the cause.

In all of my involvement with MaryLou, I have never known her to miss a Board Meeting, a Conference call, or even a Conference at National.  Every time I called her and asked her for help getting a conservative caucused in for State Committee, to attend or support a fundraiser for a conservative, or the like.  Mary Lou was always there.  And going forward, she will always be there.  I am honored to call her a friend, and I enthusiastically endorse her for president of the Republican Assembly.

The Jazz Patriot:                                                                                      

( The Jazz Patriot is run by Tom Wholley: Citizen Journalist, Bible Believing Christian, Constitutional Conservative, and US Navy Veteran Blogging For Life, Liberty, And The Right To Own Private Property)


She [Mary Lou Daxland]] joined MARA in 2009 and began hosting and organizing successful fundraisers for conservative candidates, one of MARAs primary responsibilities including a successful fundraiser at her home in Westport, MA in 2010, for Congressional Candidate Earl Sholley. It was such a success that she continued sponsoring annual summer fundraisers at her home in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, enabling many conservative candidates to run for offices at the grass roots level as well as for Mark Alliegro, who ran for Congress from the 9th Congressional District, and missed winning the GOP Primary by a meer 526 votes….


….A tireless worker, during her tenure as Vice President of Chapter 4, founder and President of Chapter 9, she co-authored the by- laws for Chapters to be organized under the US Congressional District Maps. In 2011 she re-worked the membership under the New State Redistricting Guidelines and helped Chapter 6 organize. In 2013 she helped organize the Statewide Officer Election and was elected herself to the position of National Committeewoman in recognition of her dedication to MARA and her knowledge of policies and procedures. During her tenure one of the most common phrases heard at MARA chapter meetings throughout the State is … “I don’t know, let’s call Mary Lou.”

We recommend you read the entire Jazz Patriot Endorsement.  

Robert Cappucci:                                                                                      

(State Committeeman, Former MARA Chapter 5 Vice President, 2012 Republican State Senate Candidate, and well known Conservative Activist).

…This Saturday is [MARA’s] annual convention where they will hold elections for new leadership. I wish all candidates running for MARA offices luck, Godspeed, and blessings. Of the two candidates running for President of MARA I will only say that I respect both of them for their hard work and it would have been difficult for me to choose which one to vote for as I admire them both so very much. However, Mary Lou Daxland would most assuredly have gotten my vote because she is an amazing tour du force whose energy is endless in our shared conservative causes and for conservative candidates. She has opened her home and her heart on countless times for all of us at one point or another including the person who is challenging her for the Presidency of MARA.

My fellow and former MARA brothers and sisters, humbly, respectfully, and with great appreciation, I ask for you to please vote for Mary Lou Daxland as your next President of MARA this Saturday in Worcester. I hope you all have a great day and I will sorely miss being there. God bless you all.

Much more can be said about Mary Lou and her service to MARA. Indeed most of the quotes are just small excerpts from rather lengthy endorsements. 

Most importantly, Mary Lou has been repeatedly endorsed by a plethora of rank and file MARA members. It would be it too long to list them all… But suffice to say Mary Lou has been endorsed by the following MARA Chapters….. Chapter 3,4,5, and 9. That is 4 out of 7 Chapters. 2 Chapters 1 & 6 did not endorse anyone and Chapter 2, Mark Fisher’s home Chapter decided to endorse Mr. Fisher.

Mary Lou’s list of accomplishments and contributions to MARA and the Massachusetts Conservative movement are many indeed, so many that if you read all her endorsement, you might not get to half her resume. We won’t attempt cover all the specific activity she’s been involved in since 2008…. But We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least list some of the candidates that she in some way shape or form volunteered her time talent and treasure to, or participated in an effort to recruit.

State Committee Candidates:

Steve AylwardTim SullivanHorace MelloMarie BergeronMark BergeronDeb MartelSheila MullinsAlex VerasMike FarquarGeorgan McGahaRobert CappucciFrancis Stanton

Mark Swan (late in 2012 — caucus to replace the late Bill Nickerson)

In addition Mary Lou personally supported many conservative incumbent State Committee members in 2012 re-election bids, including but not limited to Linda Rapoza and Bill McCarthy.

Conservative Candidate for Federal Office:

US. Senate
Michael Sullivan 

U.S Congress

Earl SholleyDavid SteinhofMark Aliegro

Candidates for MA Statewide offices:

Mark Fisher  (Work includes but not limited to securing the endorsement of the Westport RTC, distributing signs, and dropping 3,000 pieces of literature.)

State Auditor
Kamal Jain (2010)Patricia Saint Aubin (2014)

Local Candidates:

State Representatives
Keiko OrallDavid SteinhofDan AllieClaudette JosephJeff Bailey

State Senate

Robert CappucciRon BeattyJames Erhard

In addition Mary Lou was instrumental in seeing the follow candidates received MARA PAC Contributions in 2014.

Mark FisherMark AlliegroRobert CappucciDan AllieJim EhrhardDavid SteinhofJeff Bailey.

We’d like to say a few words about Mark Fisher.  Vote Core Values gave Mr. Fisher stellar ratings across the board on the issues during his bid to first win a spot on MA-GOP Primary Ballot and later during the Primary Season. We did so even though he struggled to clearly express his views on Abortion and Marriage. While professing to be Pro-Life, he stated the issue needed be resolved by changing the culture and not by changing the law. This could have easily been interpreted Prima Facia as being a pro-choice position. Likewise on family issues, he professed to support traditional marriage. Yet he told the Dedham Wicked Local that he opposed allowing marriage to be defined by the voters at the ballot box. Nevertheless, Vote Core Values gave Mr. Fisher the benefit of the doubt.  We believed then as we believe now, that he is genuinely Pro-Life and Pro-Traditional Marriage. His inability to clearly articulate his position on these critical conservative issues, were chalked up as first time candidate missteps, not knowing how to handle the media, and simply just being “green”…but all time being truly principled.

We still believe Mr. Fisher is truly a principled conservative. But he still remains green. Therefore we Vote Core Values cannot support him for the position of President of MARA, which is a political organization. Being MARA President requires a great deal of Political Savvy along with being extremely principled.

As the campaign continued Mr. Fisher proved himself to be solid debater and an even better, downright inspiring speaker. Mark has a unique ability to orate majestically and poetically about God, Family, and Country…. about the Patriots at Lexington Green and Bunker Hill. But running a Political Organization requires much more than inspirational meter. It requires knowing the ins and out of running campaigns, developing cogent strategies that effectively communicate our message and principles, not to mention win elections. It requires a track record of recruiting, developing, and supporting candidates. While Mr. Fisher has some experience in this area, it is not sufficient to warrant entrusting MARA into his hands. And certainly his political resume is dwarfed by record Mary Lou Daxland can claim.

Mr. Fisher has thus far proven that with some more work and further polishing he can be a successful candidate, should he seek an attainable office. He certainly has the main ingredient we as conservatives seek. He’s honorable and principled… the rest will come. But being a potentially successful candidate for public office, doesn’t make someone the savvy, experienced activist that the position he now seeks requires.  

We certainly are happy that Mr. Fisher is enthused about remaining involved. Some politicians would walk away and lick their wounds after such devastatingly huge primary loss. But Mark is dedicated and principled. We just believe he should have sought a different role where he could further develop his understanding of campaigns and activism while he served MARA in another capacity.

Mary Lou Daxland won’t need on the kind of on the job training Mark Fisher would need. She is indeed ready now to lead and serve MARA as President. She’s been a proven leader in MARA since 2009, starting at the bottom and working her way up.

Therefore Vote Core Valuers strongly urge all delegates to the 2015 Biennial MARA Election Convention to vote for Mary Lou Daxland to be the next President of he Massachusetts Republican Assembly.

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5 thoughts on “Mary Lou Daxland for Mass Republican Assembly President.

  1. RINO Hunting Season

    Fisher got my vote at the convention and in the primary. I don’t understand why he is running for MARA President when Mary Lou did so much for him. Why doesn’t he find a different role to play in our organization? That way we could have both Mary Lou and Mark pushing our positions and agenda. They could work together. Shouldn’t it be about getting our goals accomplished instead of titles.

    Mary Lou and Mark Fisher believe the same things we all do in MARA more or less. Otherwise Mary Lou probably wouldn’t have worked so hard for Mark Fisher.

    Instead of good conservatives fighting each other, wouldn’t it be better if we put aside old differences and start fighting the people who have hijacked our party.

    Mary Lou has served MARA for a long time. She’s done so much for us. She has earned my loyalty. She’s the more experienced candidate for this kind of thing. She’s done this stuff a lot more than Mark. I alway knew that. I am surprised to hear about all these other things she did that didn’t know about. Especially about the work with State Committee Candidates. That is so important. We really need to change things there. Because of her work already we’ve come a long way. Isn’t that what MARA is supposed be doing? Fixing the Republican party in our state. It’s such a mess.

    It’s a shame we can’t have both Mary Lou as President and Mark Fisher as something else. We could have both. It would be great team. Plus we’d have all the other leaders that have done so much too.

  2. Beth

    I am voting for Mary Lou. In the last year she has come to our Chapter meetings at least 3 times. She came to promote different event like the K Carl Smith seminar at Roxbury Community College
    I got to spend time with Mary Lou Daxland right after that event. A bunch of us went out for dinner. She made a point of coming over to talk to me. She took an personal caring interest in what I was doing. I told her I felt like fish out of water. I wanted to more in MARA. But didn’t know how or what. I’d just been asked take over hosting a weekly Saturday morning coffee and asked to do more to help build the Ward Committee by the Waltham Committee Chair. Mary Lou was real understanding and helpful. She paid attention with interest and explained how to get everything I was doing to work together. She made it seem simple. I was going to be running this Saturday morning coffee. I explained it was attended by local conservatives from Newton and Waltham area. Sometimes a few members of the Greater Waltham Tea Party showed up. Some regulars try get their non-political type friends to come to try to get them interested and involved. So she said, well there is resource. You already have people networking. Now take it to the next level. Talk to people see who lives in what ward in each city. Ask them who they know locally and where they live. Get them to invite them and then plug them in to whatever Ward the they belong. Get others to do the same. As you get to know different people and their views look out for the real conservatives then invite them to your MARA 5 meeting.

    This all might seem so obvious to many people, but not me. I am brand new to this kind of thing. I’m not a natural people person. All I did in campaigns before is stuff like holding signs or checking names at the polls. Getting people to do stuff isn’t my thing. Mary Lou helped build my confidence by making it seem so simple and obvious.

    Because of Mary Lou’s encouraging ways I felt at ease using her ideas. Things started to fall into place after a while. I wound up bringing 4 people I knew from Waltham and Newtown to an October MARA 5 meeting and 3 of them joined.

    Mary Lou is real hands on. She takes a personal interest in MARA people. That is probably why she accomplishes so much for MARA. This is why I am voting for Mary Lou Daxland to be our new MARA President.

  3. John,
    Outstanding post and details.
    Mary Lou is tops but she’s running against a chainsaw of jihadists bent it seems to tarnish her in order to secure victory for their Celebrity Candidate Mark Fisher who is a newcomer to the organization, had just rallied 21% of the primary voters to support him in his losing bid for Gov., but he did hold a conservative banner in that race against a mega liberal. Mark who wants to be President as his first role in MARA. Yes, that’s is kinda interesting. He can do it, might even win given his celebrity status and given the size of the recovering/growing organization, and an apparent ability of some last-minute entries to tip the voting box…

    Mary Lou will receive my one vote.
    I hope she receives others.

    Lonnie Brennan

    p.s. By way of disclaimer, you should note the endorsement was not unanimous. Overwhelming, but not unanimous. That’s all. Again, thanks!

  4. haole

    o.k. i’ll play along.

    who won the election Marylou daxland
    or mark fisher ?

    it’s been 2 day’s since the convention and the winner has
    not been posted.

  5. John DiMascio

    Sorry for the delay haole….
    Mary Lou Daxland won by a very large margin.
    I will post all the winners for other officers soon.
    MARA will also be putting out a press release.

    In my opinion, this is a victory for civility and decorum. MARA will continue to be strong conservative voice for reform. We shall always stand for the conservative Republican Principles we’ve always stood for. Those principles also include being civil in the public square when engaging those we might disagree with.

    Don’t get me wrong; we won’t give an inch on the issues we stand for. If someone needs to be called out for their votes or statements, they will be. If a Republican is acting like a RINO, we’ll be there to point it out. But our mission is to promote conservative Republican principles and candidates. To that end; there are certainly times and areas we can and will cooperate with other Republicans not in MARA. A perfect example of this cooperation was the coalition largely made up of MARA members, but also including many others, that came together to get the Gas Tax Indexing repealed. However, there will certainly be times when we need to voice objections to the positions and candidates being supported by the MA-GOP establishment, particularly in primaries.

    At the end of the day, we are all human beings and therefore deserving of the respect due to individual human dignity.

    Again… this is my opinion…. I’m not speaking for MARA…. MARA will issue a press release at some point in the near future.

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