Mark Fisher – Opposes Illegal Immigration

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  For Immediate Release
Contact: Andrew Skoog
Phone: 800 863 5737
Date: July 17, 2014
Crisis in Massachusetts: Illegal Immigration!
Today’s decision by Governor Deval Patrick to allow law breaking, illegal immigrants a safe harbor in Massachusetts has brought the National Immigration Crisis to Massachusetts in full force.  His lack of leadership will negatively impact the hard-working citizens in the state.

These impacts were brought to light recently when Mayor Kennedy of Lynn explained how the influx of Illegals has severely impacted and overwhelmed the city’s schools, health services and has threatened the very financial stability of Lynn.

The welcome invasion of Illegals into Massachusetts by Governor Patrick will cause an exodus of freedom-loving, taxpayers to states that respect the rule of law.  As a result, Massachusetts will go from Tax-a-chusetts to Detroit- a-chusetts.

Mark Fisher has strongly and consistently opposed Illegal Immigration from the start of his campaign for Governor.

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3 thoughts on “Mark Fisher – Opposes Illegal Immigration

  1. David Johnson

    Mark Fisher has consistently been right on the issues and has had the courage to say so.

    Where is Charlie Baker? Worse than the Democrats or just the same?

    Everyone should vote for Fisher in the primary!

  2. Jim Gettens

    As criminality, corruption, illegality, waste, and incompetence pervade all levels of government in the United States, while at the same time U.S. elected officials, bureaucrats, and candidates get on their hind legs and hrrmph about establishing the ‘Rule of Law’ in OTHER countries, it is refreshing to have Mark Fisher stand up to support long-established U.S. law–8 U.S. Code Section 1325–which makes illegal entry a CRIME, not some minor ‘Civil infraction’ as Devoid Patrick and a host of others would have you believe.
    Democrats and the GOP have for decades played a cynical game with U.S. taxpayers, permitting approximately 20 MILLION illegals to violate our borders and feast on taxpayer-funded benefits. The Democrats wanted future votes while GOP-aligned business interests wanted the cheap labor. Goddamn hypocrites all!
    Securing our borders is LONG overdue.
    Yeah, where is Harvard-Pilgrim crony capitalist Charlie Baker on this issue? Either MIA or on the wrong side, as usual, you can be sure…

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