MA-GOP Party Unity

A great victory for party unity was took place at September 13th Massachusetts Republican State Committee meeting.

At the June meeting, a resolution was approved with widespread support to have the committee consider adopting the RNC National Platform at the September meeting. The logic behind the resolution is that quite simple:

1) The values expressed by the RNC platform should be expressed in the MA-GOP platform.

2) Since Massachusetts is Mitt Romney’s home state, it would not make too much sense for Massachusetts to reject any planks, in what would ostensibly be the platform the Romney/Ryan ticket was running on.

Well things changed since June. Missouri Senate Candidate, Todd Akin made his now infamous statement about “legitimate rape”. The DNC adopted the most radical anti-woman, anti-life, anti- family platform possible. Putting on a parade of disgruntled Uber-leftist radical feminists, they went out of their way to change the subject from the economy. In an effort to drum up their snoozing base, they perpetuated the myth that Republicans were waging a war on women. And the liberal media of course acquiesced without asking any questions.

Given the change in circumstances, the very same social conservatives that proposed the resolution in June, moved to delay a vote until after both the RNC platform could be studied and more importantly so that new language responding to the extreme anti-life, anti-family, anti-woman, anti-Israel and ANTI-GOD DNC convention and platform, could be crafted.

Patricia Doherty, State Committee Woman from the Second Middlesex, proposed the delay and made a stirring presentation, which was received with rousing applause by virtually every State Committee member. After her presentation, Chairman Bob Maginn, also spoke in support adopting the new language in November. Shortly thereafter the motion to delay a vote carried with all but 2 votes.

Unfortunately prior to the meeting the Boston Globe tried to create a controversy where non existed. In addition, a self-absorbed blogger suggested that Young Republicans burn the RNC Platform on the Boston Commons. This, while American flags are burning in throughout the Middle East. Having observed said blogger, I’m sure he now thinks that his blogging played a role in the State Committee’s decision to put off the vote.

But these are the facts. The decision to delay this vote passed in spite of, not because of, the aforementioned juvenile stunt. Moreover, long before the Boston Globe published its distortions, the very same social conservatives that introduced the resolution in June, had decided that it would better serve the MA-GOP to have this debate and restore the platform in November. With two months to go in this election season, Republicans can’t allow the Democrats and the media to change the subject or control the debate. We remain true our convictions, but the single issue that dominates this election is the Obama Administration’s fiscal insanity, which has led to most anemic “recovery” (if it can be called that) since the FDR’s failed policies.

I’ve often been critical of the State Committee and the MA-GOP. But it has always been because, like other activists, I have the best interest of my party at heart. The Republican Party was birthed in 1856, because a group of men wanted to address the greatest social issue of the day — slavery. Concern for individual rights (beginning with the right

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to Life), concern for the family, concern for the very fiber of society has always been the fabric of our Grand Old Party. It is in our Republican DNA.

Yes, we understand that every Republican does not march in lock step on every issue. We are a “Big Tent” party where divergent opinions are respected. But the central posts of our Big Tent are 3 —- Fiscal Sanity/Small Government — Social Conservatism – and a Strong National Defense. Within that tent there is plenty of room for people to sit, stand, and mill around. But the Party Platform must reflect these three principles that have long been the bulwark of the Republican Party.

I’ll close by congratulating and thanking the State Committee. I know many members who are not socially conservative and although they might not embrace the entire platform, on September 13th they showed the activist base of the party the respect we’ve been asking for. Some special praise must go to members like Steve Aylward who has been worked relentlessly behind the scenes to see that this platform debate did not become divisive. All the while he’s been working for tirelessly for candidates; not to mention he’s on the ballot for State Senate. I have to also recognize the efforts some new friends that have worked to build bridges and create a new environment in which everyone has a seat at the table. I can’t name them all because they are too many. But many good people have really gone the extra mile to bridge the gap and in some cases look beyond old wounds and presuppositions, in order to change the environment for the better. And again, I’ll single out Patricia Doherty for her hard work and phenomenal presentation and Chairman Bob Maggin for restating his commitment to make sure that the Big Tent has room for the Social Conservative base.



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