Local lawmakers flopped on tax hike $800 million and rising….O’Connor Ives, Diana DiZoglio try to spin it…

August 8, 2013

Editorial: Local lawmakers flopped on tax hike

The Eagle-Tribune

Listen to politicians for any amount of time and one will soon hear enough double-talk to set the head spinning.

But even the most cynical listeners must be astounded to hear the whopper that two local freshman Democratic state legislators are trying to sell.

State Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives, D-Newburyport, and state Rep. Diana DiZoglio, D-Methuen, want voters to believe that the vote they took that allowed an $800 million tax hike to become law does not mean they support higher taxes. Oh no, no. They say they voted to override Gov. Deval Patrick’s veto of the transportation funding bill to save taxpayers from an even bigger increase that might have been negotiated had the veto been sustained.

The denials from O’Connor Ives and DiZoglio come straight from the Vietnam War era: They had to destroy the Merrimack Valley in order to save it.

The freshmen legislators would have looked less ridiculous had they simply accepted the “flip-flopper” labels state Republicans tried to hang on them. For flip-floppers they are.

DiZoglio and O’Connor Ives were bit players in a old political game…CLICK TO READ MORE

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One thought on “Local lawmakers flopped on tax hike $800 million and rising….O’Connor Ives, Diana DiZoglio try to spin it…

  1. Sam Adams

    And the Democrats continue to get away with it, don’t they? What’s it going to take? More joblessness, more poverty, more homelessness?
    How many more will these tyrants add to the homeless population while they increase their own wealth at the expense of seniors and others on fixed incomes who will begin losing their homes in the next round of foreclosures?
    What’s it going to take? A blood bath in the streets?
    Maybe that’s exactly what they want (a la the doctrine of Cloward & Piven – mass chaos) in order to bring down the hammer.

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