Liberal Democrat Tax-Raisers Rule the Day: EBT Cards Buy Election

O.K., I’ll give in.  I’ve been asked by many why I haven’t commented yet on the election. My answer has been simple: there is no good reponse: every solution, every change, every option has been discussed (and ignored) by others.

Well, I’ll give in and give a try to highlight just a few points:

All across he country, EBT loving, open-border loving, tax-raising ultra-liberal Dems. ruled the day.  The Country is 16 trillion in debt, and we’ve apparently re-elected the spender-in-chief.   See you all in 4 years (hopefully). Expect the worse.  Please don’t be dumb like the folks on Long Island. This is another type of ‘storm’ that you’ve been given even more notice about than their one-week notice.  Prepare yourself. Brace yourself. Protect your family.


Locally in Massachusetts,

  • MassGOP poster-boy liberal/moderate Scott Brown lost to an ultra-liberal
    Did he fail to show enough photos of himself with Obama? Kerry? and others?
    Did he fail to tell us enough times that he’s pro-choice (a.k.a. pro-death)?
    Did he fail to tell us enough times that he’s pro-homosexual everything?
    Did he fail to tell us enough times that he’s only voted 54% of the time with Republicans?
    Did he fail to show how obious he was in distancing himself from conservatives? From Republicans in general?
  • MassGOP’s national poster-boy homosexual liberal/moderate Richard Tisei lost to a long-term ultra-liberal
    Was Tisei too conservative?
    No. Most of his election was centered around him being a great guy (which he is) and most notably the first homosexual running for senate (that is, being out-of-the closet before the vote, not after), and he sports ratings and endorsements from the pro-death crowd over his 26 year history.  Again, another liberal.

So, neither Brown nor Tisei could be called conservative, but they both lost.
They both ran way-left, preaching to the lefties, and they both lost.

Around the state, most Democrats went UNCHALLENGED, and the Republicans took a net loss of 4 seats in the House.  (ONLY ONE REPUBLICAN NEWCOMER won this year: Lenny Mirra in my hometown of Georgetown will be our new rep., as he ran for an open seat against a know-it-all ultra-liberal fake moderate Democrat who shall not be named –think Voldamort–).

Despite this one exception, overall, Republicans got their faces smashed to the curb.

The national euphoria for the spender-in-chief, and the failure of Mr. Romney to compete with hurricane ‘Sandy’ and his own big-ass short-sighted New Jersey Governor Chris-it’s-all-about-me-Christie, and Mitt’s failure to kick the liar-in-chief to the curb on multiple occassions (we sent a choir boy up against a gangster), all spilled into local disasters.

So, let me ask you:
WHAT WAS THE MassGOP overall message to voters?
Any guesses?

WHERE WAS THE MassGOP overall message?

WHERE WAS THE MassGOP central coordination of teams, message, campaigns, printing, talking points, debate preps, public relations, growth message, protection of the poor, protection and prevention of the ever-growning number of teenage mommies, and protecting wage earners from the constant tax-drain of millions spent on illegals in this state?
WHERE WAS THE MassGOP and their outreach to all voters?
Oh, that’s right, the MassGOP was too busy squelching would-be voices who might not toe-the-liberal line. The MassGOP was busy cherry-picking delegates to the national party rah-rah. Afraid that a few dissenting non-conformists amoungst the liberal establishment rabble would cause a problem.   What a waste of time. What a turn-off to voters.

Yes, that was the problem: the MassGOP (has anyone ever heard of them?), the folks who are responsible for all of the above (messaging, coordination, assistance), spent their time on silly issues, disracting issues, and wasting time.

The call should go out for the end of the reign of Ron Kaufman, national state committeeman from Mass.  He’s been a failure for decades.  Sure, others might quietly seek other positions, but Kaufman has proven time and time again the definition of insanity: doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results.

His poster (an internet folly from years back) rings as true today as it did then.







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One thought on “Liberal Democrat Tax-Raisers Rule the Day: EBT Cards Buy Election

  1. Maybe, just maybe – your message has lurched away from pure fiscal concerns (which many across the aisle share) into what appears to be foundations for a Theocracy.

    Perhaps if you looked down the road, to a changing demographic,
    you might broaden your appeal to a cohort that’s growing.
    (That’s not the rare independent voter.)

    If you speak ill of other Republicans, you violate the eleventh
    commandment and illustrate what’s wrong with the GOP – infighting. Take a lesson from what happened in New Hampshire.

    There’s a great deal to admire in the GOP platform –
    when it comes to prudent expenditures across the board.

    Resetting the Government to 1950’s standards won’t pass.
    You lot might try looking to 2050, and who will be voting, then.

    Nao me lixes

    PS – Outright contempt for the President leaves you on the margins, where you can’t advance any agenda.

    Turning on your own? That plays to the opposition hand.

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