Leah Cole wins Primary – PEABODY, MA

Leah Cole


From her website:

leah cole on the issues:
Leah Cole is committed to:

• lowering taxes to create jobs for working families.

• increasing local aid for the city of Peabody, to support our schools, public safety and seniors.

• ending benefits to illegal immigrants.

• root out fraud and waste in our broken EBT system.

If elected, Leah Cole pledges to:

• strongly oppose all tax hikes, including the Governor’s proposed income tax hike, and any efforts to tax internet sales.

• not take per diem payments given to legislators to drive to work. The voters of Peabody don’t get paid to drive to work, why should the politicians?

• remain accessible and have great constituent services, like her predecessor Joyce Spiliotis.

You can lern more about and donate to Leah Cole’s campaign here:

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One thought on “Leah Cole wins Primary – PEABODY, MA

  1. Timothy Martin

    You are the right candidate to lead the City of Peabody in the right direction. We need a leader to help get jobs and to lower taxes. We don’t need higher taxes and now it be hard to find jobs here in the state of Massachusetts.

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