LAMB PASSING OUT SEEDS DOOR TO DOOR – Growing Hope for the Future

Committee to Elect Marty Lamb

Holliston, MA …Today Marty Lamb, Republican candidate for State Representative in the Eighth Middlesex District, announced that he is going door to door to visit with voters to discuss both his positive vision for the future and to pass out seeds.

“This has been a long recession. It is time to turn around our economy and grow jobs. That’s why today I am kicking off my door knocking effort and passing out seeds,” said Lamb.


Lamb is delivering money plant seeds to voters to symbolize that he wants a growing economy and that he also wants to help people grow their savings by allowing them to keep more of their money by keeping taxes low.


“It is time for a change. Our state has both an unemployment and underemployment problem. We need to grow jobs by creating a more business friendly environment. Right now, our state is ranked the most expensive state to do business in by Forbes Magazine,” said Lamb. “That’s why employers like Fidelity have moved their jobs out of state. Only when the news became public did leaders at the State House react. And they still failed to keep the jobs in the Commonwealth. If they had addressed the problem of taxes and regulations proactively, it would have never happened. As a small business owner who has been through the ups and downs of the economy, I will be able to use my experience to create an environment where we can grow jobs.”


Lamb believes that incumbent Carolyn Dykema is not capable of being part of the solution to revive our economy. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, the country’s leading small business group, Dykema only earned a rating of 38% in 2010 which is a failing grade. “She has had her chance, and she has not made a positive difference. It is time to let a small business owner fight for us at the State House,” said Lamb.

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