Kristen Hughes – New MassGOP Chair

The choice of the establishment that has brought the Republican party to the brink of extinction in Massachusetts, Kirsten Hughes, was installed as MassGOP chair this evening.
Scott Brown made the calls, held the meetings, pushed hard to get Kirsten at the helm.

I encourage everyone to find a thoughtful, popular, bold, decisive, respectable, conservative candidate of his/her choice, and donate directly to that candidate.


p.s. You can learn more about Kirsten on her page (see MassGOP Chair button on the menu above).

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3 thoughts on “Kristen Hughes – New MassGOP Chair

  1. John DiMascio

    Lonnie, I believe it’s time to move on. The election for Chair is over. Rick will serve as Deputy Chair. We have enough problems with the Democrats.

    It was a close race. It’s closer than we’ve ever been. Certainly Ms. Hughes knows she’s not going to be held accountable for the promises she’s made to the grassroots, to include family values in our message. She will now have the opportunity to prove herself.

  2. Sam Adams

    The MassGOP sealed their own coffin last night. And then went out for drinks.
    They are now officially irrelevant, and should be treated as such.
    One thing you must understand about many of those members is they don’t operate out of any notion of saving the Party. They operate purely on the preservation of their own power.
    Always have.
    Proud Republicans will ignore this band of useless back-slapping, stand by their conservative principles and beliefs, recruit loyal conservative Republican Constitutionalists to every local office available and give the hard-earned fruits of their labor directly to their local candidate.
    We’re on our own now.

  3. Arthur G. Caesar

    Our conservative brothers and sisters will have to hold the establishment folks feet to the fire. The vote was close enough to prove that we again will be a force to be dealt with. We need be a help now, rather than a stumbling block, if we ever again want to really win for America and Massachusetts. Trust but verify.

    We have nowhere to go but up.

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