Kirsten Hughes: Mother Of Defeat

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Kirsten Hughes: Mother Of Defeat!

Posted June 26th, 2013 by ironmike

BUSTEDA quasi-Republican just lost to one of America’s worst career politicians by 10%.

Mouseketeer – you OWN this one.  One single race – your first leadership test – and you FAILED!

As we used to say in the Army – you failed ‘by-the-numbers’.  AND, you had help in high places!

In general terms – during a primary contest the Party should stay respectfully neutral.  UNLESS a given candidate comes with too-obvious FLAWS – like not being a real Republican.  As Chair of the MassGOP – you had a DUTY to speak out,  but you were all-too-obviously enthralled with “Navy SEAL” – as if those were magic words.

Not only are Gomez’s Navy credentials due some scrutiny, – so were his political beliefs and personal values.

OK, he speaks perfect Spanish,…great!   BUT, he is UNABLE to SPEAK REPUBLICAN!  He was never able to articulate a Republican or Conservative point of view on ANY issue.  Did you EVER listen to him? [No, all you saw was ‘Navy SEAL‘.]

Gomez can’t speak Republican because there’s no ‘Republican’ in him.  At best he’s a fiscally and socially conservative Democrat.  He belongs in the Democratic party [except, alas,…it’s become the George Soros Socialist Party].

After he won the Primary – did you have ANYBODY work with him on message?

His stump speech consisted of ‘Navy SEAL and the Pledge of Allegiance’ until we were all embarrassed and sick of hearing it. Frankly he began to look like just another empty shirt – with an empty head.




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