Kaufman, Hughes: Back to Planning the Demise of the MassGOP

“A select cohort of top Massachusetts Republicans met quietly last week to discuss the party’s prospects for 2014..” begins the July 19, 2013 Boston Globe article…

Anyone see the irony in that?  Let’s be real here: the Democrats already have tons of candidates announcing left and right all over the state, running fundraisers, recruiting lower-tier candidates, jockeying for positions and meeting and pressing flesh.  Meanwhile, the MassGOP hasn’t gotten out of the starting gate (or is that phone-box?)

What’s even more interesting than who DID attend their little meeting, is who they FAILED to invite (you can check it out on other blogs, imagine, they oopsie-forgot to invite some of their own key players and key elected members…oopsie, oopsi…), and why in the world they felt a need to broadcast to the communist Globe that the MassGOP can’t do squat until Scott Brown makes a decision.

Scott Brown

Anyone also catch how the Democrat-Obama-Donator Gomez who SAID he would “win the Hispanic vote” and instead got TROUNCED against Markey, is now edging out Karen Polito for the MassGOP favorite for Treasurer….


Kaufman, we were reluctant to bring this up, but YOU, the “godfadda” of the MassGOP pulls the strings and have for years….you are the arm-twister, the one who doles out the silent kisses after key votes for your friends, the one who taps on the heads. YOU are the dealmaker who has overseen the DEMISE of the MassGOP…given your track record we must ask: why, why, why, would ANYONE on the MassGOP follow you any further into hell?




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9 thoughts on “Kaufman, Hughes: Back to Planning the Demise of the MassGOP


    Great Job Lonnie,
    Let’s face it Kaufman and the rest of the brain dead at the MASSGOP office are Democrats. You really can’t call them RINO’S as they have left the cage a long time ago. It has taken Kaufman the granddaddy of “Democrat infiltrators” 22 years to push the Republican Party to hit rock botton.
    What will it be this time for Gov.and Lt.Gov.? ” Baker and Brown’ or “Brown and Baker” or to keep with the “Big Tent Image” will they bring back the “Bathroom Boy” and make the ticket “Brown and Tiesi.”
    MASSGOP has a gift of really making the un enrolled voters want to stay home and not vote.

  2. Baker & Brown just phoned it in…

    “The…confab included….William F. Weld; Eric Fehrnstrom, Peter Flaherty, and Beth Myers, all former advisers to Brown and Mitt Romney; Ron Kaufman;…lobbyist and party strategist Stephen Silveira;…Brown and Baker finance director John Cook; and Timothy O’Brien, a health care executive who was Baker’s campaign manager in 2010. Baker and Brown both participated by phone.”

    Where was Navy SEAL Navy SEAL?

    RiNOs, Jackals, or Snakes, – – these ARE NOT Republicans.

    Now the Mouseketeer plans a ‘series of meetings statewide’? Does she have any thoughts about the current 5th CD race?

  3. Why would Kirsten quietly call a meeting like this without one of the State committee people who represent more than half of the GOP electorate in attendance. A perfect representative of the Conservative constituency would have been Steve Alyward, the author of the open letter, that is being discussed in GOP circles this weekend. But including him makes too much sense. The part of the article that really made my blood boil was when Weld referred to Gabriel Gomez as an “up and comer”. What? Are you serious? Bill? If Gomez had been properly vetted by the GOP leadership they would clearly have seen he was a Democrat with an R by his name. Wouldn’t they? Unless that was what they were actually looking for to help continue our losing streik. Can you spell “Infiltrator”?

  4. Sylvester

    JazzPatriot you got that right. The MASSGOP is nothing but a group of ” Democrat Infiltators”. Kaufman has been cutting deals with the Democrats for years to have the Republicans run a weak candidate. It is all about the MONEY!!!!!! Kaufman Needs to go. And Brown should just go away and never run for office again……stay on Fox News Scotty!. If the MASSGOP runs BAKER again he will loose…….The Democrats are still laughing at us from 2010. They could not believe we would run such a moderate(Baker) and then to add the ” Bathroom Boy” on the ticket was the kiss of death.

  5. As someone who is still learning who the players are in the MA GOP I would like to apologize for forgetting to point out that the most obvious choice for receiving an invitation to this important meeting would have been his counterpart, Chanel Prunier, the newly elected Massachusetts National Committeewoman, who represents a strong conservative constituency. I’m sure it was just an oversight on Kirsten’s behalf and she will be making a public apology very soon. NOT! Afterall there seems to be an unwritten rule to never mention her name as having a strong Conservative from Massachusetts on the National GOP Committee just doesn’t fit the template around these parts, does it?

    1. Robert W Johnson

      Well said, jazz. I have high hopes for Chanel. I hope these RINO jerks keep a good supply of Excedrin on hand when she gets up to full speed.

  6. Sylvester

    Not a surprise at all!!!! The MA Republican Assembly which the MASSGOP National Committeewoman is a member of has become a real pain in the MASSGOP backside. MARA broadsided the MASSGOP last year when they won seats on the State Committee. Kirsten wants nothing to do with the Conservatives. But who is kidding who, Kaufman is running the show and Kirsten is just one of his many puppets. Jennifer and MacGinn still have the strings hanging off them.

  7. Robert W Johnson

    I will NEVER be fooled again by these RINO idiots. Each day I wake up hopeful that a new, conservative party will be formed so that I can leave this shameful group of phonies and be with my own kind for the first time in 30 years. The Republican Party should go the way of the Whigs and fade away.

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