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Free Justina – “I believe in Justina”





Why is this bill DIFFERENT from all others?

15 WHEREAS, there has been no finding of malicious intent or blatant inability of the
16 Pelletiers to care for their daughter Justina, and;
17 WHEREAS, there are serious concerns about the removal of Justina Pelletier from the
18 custody of her family and concerns over the process that led to the breaking up of this family,
19 and concerns over her deteriorating health; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED:
20 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Department of Children and Families

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shall immediately release Justina Pelletier from their custody to the sole custody of her parents.


Just look at the RESPONSE from the Reps. who are RUNNING and hiding and trying to AVOID taking action, because this bill DEMANDS action. It’s not a “Resolution” (cute word for request/recommendation). This is an ACT. A demand. If your rep complains about this bill, ask “Well then, what are YOU doing today? Specifically? Why aren’t YOU camped out in the Governor’s office? Why aren’t YOU submitting a bill, EVERY HOUR? Why are you not overwhelming the Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo with request to LET JUSTINA GO back to her friends, her school, her family, instead of ROTTING in a hospital prison?



Justina Pelletier (I believe in Justina) was ripped from her family after they brought her to Boston’s Children Hospital for a consult (she had been treated for years for a congenital physical disorder which required care and nutrition and vitamins and attention at world-renowned Tufts Medical Center). But when the child complained of stomach problems and had flu-like symptoms, Tufts recommended that her parents get an opinion from her former gastroenterologist who was now working at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. But, she didn’t get to see that doctor, instead, upon entering the facility, Boston Children’s Harvard doctors disagreed with Tufts Hospital, and kidnapped the child (legally of course, with the help of their partner Mass. D.C.F.), claiming there was nothing wrong with the girl physically, rather, it was all just in her mind. (And now it’s been revealed that the doctors who made that claim are infamous for not believing children, and instead believe that half of all kids are simply faking it.) That was 14 months ago.

Read all about it at MassResistance who has taken up this family rights cause and needs your help to get a bill passed by the legislature to SAVE this child who has caused NO harm to anyone, is not a danger to anyone, nor herself. Click here to read the one-page bill.


What is YOUR group doing to help?

What are YOU doing to help?

This has been TALKED about for at least the past six months.

This girl needs ACTION NOT APATHY.


When is the last time she hung out with friends? She can’t she’s been locked up for 14 months. When is the last time she got a pizza, went to the mall? She can’t. She’s been locked up for 14 months (while the ‘adults’ fight one another). When was the last time she did her nails, had a sleep over, spent hours on the phone, dreamed her way through Christmas, felt a snowflake on her cheeks?
She cant. She’s been locked up for 14 months.

What in the world is good about this? What is natural about this? This girl has been used as an experiment by doctors who should lose their licenses, (See “Boston Psychiatric Unit’s Imprisonment of Teenager Justina Pelletier Needs State Investigation into Reckless Endangerment of Psychiatric Diagnosing) and a by a judge who has blindly rubber-stamped D.C.F. (Just google Mass DCF…wow, just wow, a horrendous chain of disasters…)

If you haven’t seen it, click here for some videos of the family, Dr. Phil Show, etc., or for real behind the dirt details, click: <<<<<HERE>>>>> for some details.
Or check out Mike Huckabee’s coverage of her, or Dr. Phil’s Coverage, or many others.
Or, scroll down and view our articles. .


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