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One thought on “Justina Pelletier’s Older Sister Speaks out on Mike Huckabee

  1. Kirk Hubley

    I am concerned for the welfare of Justina and it is of prime importance that this young girl is not mistreated. I would like to see a full investigation on this case and would like to know what was done to this girl ( all procedures) at the Children’s Hospital and if they caused physical and mental harm to this girl that the people responsible be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If any medical personnel at the children’s hospital are responsible for her being in a wheelchair, they should do hard time in prison. My number one concern is the welfare of this child. I am not concerned about Justina’s parents, or any media people, only Justina. I am not criticizing Justina’s parents, I am just making a point that my primary focus is on the welfare of this child. I want to know that this child is not being abused in any way. I would like to know how DCF can keep this child and take custody legally. I would also like to know if the law was violated when the children’s hospital in Boston decided to take this child away from her parents. I do not understand how this can not be a violation of the law.

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