JUSTINA PELLETIER’ Rally in Springfield APRIL 2nd, 2-5:30

Dr. Scott Lively, the attorney and pastor running as an Independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts will lead a protest rally for Justina Pelletier and against her outrageous, court-sanctioned kidnapping by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).


The rally will be held at the corner of State and Federal Streets in Springfield, Massachusetts, just 1 ½ blocks from the Springfield office of DCF, on Wednesday, April 2nd, from 2-5:30PM.

Protesters will hold signs and distribute flyers informing the public about Justina’s case and the terrible abuse she and her family have suffered at the hands of DCF.

“As a pastor and a parent, I am appalled that the Massachusetts DCF has both the desire and the power to trample parental rights as they have done in this case. Justina has a loving family who have provided her the finest of medical care by top-flight doctors who are ready to continue her care. But in their arrogance the officials at DCF have stepped in to rip this child from her family and keep her prisoner in Massachusetts, where her condition has dramatically deteriorated,” Lively said.

In a press release, he added “As a family law and constitutional law attorney, I can testify that this case is one of the most outrageous abuses of authority and disregard for the best interests of a child that I have seen in my career. As a candidate for Governor, I promise that if elected, one of my very first acts would be to fire the individuals responsible for this travesty and to conduct a top-to-bottom shake-up of the DCF to restore respect for family values and parental rights to this out-of-control agency.”
For more information see http://justiceforjustina.com/



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14 thoughts on “JUSTINA PELLETIER’ Rally in Springfield APRIL 2nd, 2-5:30

  1. Jim Gettens



    Check out this link, then go on-line and check out Mass. DCF’s own Web descriptions of its fist-in-glove incestuous relationship with Children’s Hospital. They have cross-liaisons and cross-referrals… How convenient!
    Justina Pelletier, her parents, and Tufts New England Medical Center never had a fair chance. Throw in hack Juvenile Court Judge Joseph F. Johnston and his Gag Order against the Pelletiers and you have the key self-serving, slimy, hidden ingredients of a Police State.
    No violations of the Pelletiers’ First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights here folks, so just move along now…
    The best thing to happen in this case so far was Mr. Pelletier going on Fox News, there violating hack Judge Johnston’s self-serving, police-state-tactic Gag Order, and blowing this travesty of a case and miscarriage of justice wide open for the public to see, hear, and read about.
    The next great thing to happen will be when the Pelletiers sue the asses off hack Judge Johnston and key Mass. DCF hacks in Federal Court.
    By the way, clearly hack Judge Johnston values his own health and well-being more than that of Justina Pelletier and her parents. That being so, he should be VERRRY THANKFUL that I am not Justina’s father…

  2. haole

    another country heard from.
    well doctor glad you have decided to voice your opinion on what is going on in the commonwealth.
    why don’t you due everyone a favor and drop out of the governor’s race and run for another office.

    1. haole

      news flash,everyone at this rally for justina be prepared to sign nomination paper’s for scott lively for governor.
      as the democrats are fond of saying never let a crisis go to waste.

      1. Lonnie

        News Flash: Lively takes actions. Speaks out, organizes a rally, tries to put pressure on others to help save the child.

        In contrast, Democrat Coakley says nothing. Sees no evil, hears no evil.
        And good-time Chalie Baker (the Republican nominee for Governor) …..wait for it…..this is really good…..sends a Tweet.

        Baker must be auditioning for Obama’s job. Issuing strong ‘tweets.’

        Ronald Reagan, John Wayne: we need you now.

  3. haole

    yes sir indeed lively takes action.
    lets start with a 500 $ contribution to kerry for president back in 2004.
    of course this is before he found religion and turned independent.

    you can fool some of the people,some of the time.
    you can fool some of the people,all the time.
    but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

    1. Who cares?

      Want a list of Baker’s contributions? He donated to Finneran $500 every year! (Amongst others!….until he , what, found religion and turned Republican?)

      Lively will get, as you know, 2% of the vote. Who cares? I’m happy he is joining the growing army of people concerned about Justina and the kidnapping by Deval’s goon squad.

  4. haole

    no charlie baker is a republican.he has been running for governor for 6 years.
    lively like most independents who want to be governor has no chance.
    what these wana be governors due is help elect democrats.they represent the status quo.

    1. And best of luck to him.

      Baker Made the Following Donations:

      Date/From/Recipient/ Amount
      4/1/2003 Baker, Charles — Finneran, Thomas M. $500.00
      4/9/2002 Baker, Charles – Finneran, Thomas M. $500.00
      5/5/2004 Baker, Charles – Finneran, Thomas M. $500.00
      6/5/2003 Baker, Lauren – Finneran, Thomas M. $500.00
      5/9/2002 Baker, Lauren – Finneran, Thomas M. $500.00
      4/14/2003 Baker, Charles D. — Glodis, Guy William $300.00
      6/22/2004 Baker, Charles D. – Koutoujian, Peter J. $400.00
      3/16/2004 Baker, Charles – Mariano, Ronald $350.00
      10/7/2002 Baker, Charles — Murray, Therese $500.00
      6/5/2005 BAKER, CHARLES – Murray, Therese $250.00
      10/31/2004 Baker, Charles – Reilly, Thomas F. $250.00
      4/7/2004 Baker, Charles — Rogers, John H. $250.00
      4/8/2003 Baker, Charles D. – Segel, James $300.00
      7/31/2002 Baker, Charles D. – Segel, James $300.00
      3/5/2001 Baker, Charles D. — Stanley, Harriett L. $125.00
      3/24/2005 Baker, Charles D. — Travaglini, Robert E. $400.00

      See: http://www.state.ma.us/ocpf

  5. haole

    what you failed to list is his contribution’s to republican’s.
    i can see why that list is way to long.

  6. Jim Gettens

    Hey, ‘haole’, whomever the hell you are, you oughta’ at least acknowledge a whore like Baker when you see one. But, of course, know you support that whore. You already told us before the Convention/Fraudulent Charade.

    Now let’s get back to the Justina Pelletier travesty, the main subject of this post, shall we?

  7. haole

    as I have said in a previous post on another story about this poor soul.
    lost cause.
    I appreciate the efforts of Lombardo & lyons on their discharge petition.
    until the crime syndicate is voted out of office the democrats will keep on treating people like cattle.it is up to the people to vote these criminal’s out of office.

  8. Newton4G

    I’m not big on censorship and all, but there has to be a way to delete “call me roy’s” disgusting remark.

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