Jeff Khuner: Brad Jones “is a Treacherous Judas Republican”

Jeff Khuner calls House Minority Leader Brad Jones a “Treacherous Judas Republican”, and cites a long list of bills that Jones either failed to support, or failed to opposed, as he “rolled over” for the Democrats, time after time.

WE EXPECT him to rally his loyal troops in the House, and have a CONFIDENCE in the non-leader vote for him, any day now……funny stuff.  Details to follow, including the list of bills Jones showed no leadership on (ah, can anyone say Shauna O’Connel?).


From   “So, we keep getting asked: when will the spineless “go-along-to-get-along” Republican friends of Brad Jones in the House pull a special session to come to the defense of the long-term politician? Time for a ‘confidence vote’ after so much continues to leak out against Brad Jones? And how do you defend the indefensible is what we are asked….”

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7 thoughts on “Jeff Khuner: Brad Jones “is a Treacherous Judas Republican”

  1. haole

    exhibit a: in the 10th plymouth state rep race.
    a young dynamic & non white male announces that she is running for state rep.her name is collen maloney.

    before she makes her announcement she consults a long time republican from her home town john cruz.he endorses her,contributes to her campaign,and encourages her to run against the democrat.

    then the democrat fearing such a challenge steps jonsey.convinced that the young upstart,non white male, will not be a sure vote for him,he convinces mr.cruz to run as a republican in the open seat.

    the dynamics of the election will guarantee a democrat will win.
    maloney can not win the primary,
    cruz can not win the general.

    this is a result of jonsey interfering in an election for his own selfish reasons.

    he has now made an enemy of out,jonsey i take no prisoners.

  2. Joshua Norman

    “Jeff Kuhner calls House Minority Leader Brad Jones a “Treacherous Judas Republican”, and cites a long list of bills that Jones either failed to support, or failed to opposed, as he “rolled over” for the Democrats, time after time.”

    Mr. 60 Minutes! Tell us something we don’t already know!

  3. The cozy state-house news service served up a softball for Jones today:
    21 Republicans of his 29 member caucus took a vote of confidence for Jones today.

    They clearly stand behind all that Jones has done, and not done.

    Oh, this is going to be fun campers….

    They stand behind hiring staff members who actively work to DEFEAT conservative Republicans in the caucus.

    They stand behind increasing spending to the tune of $13 billion during Deval Patrick’s reign of error, barely offering the weight of a feather in opposition, and almost always voting to support the budget increases.

    They stand behind paying lip service to family issues, specifically, while they sent a letter to the Gov. asking him to pretty please consider looking into the Jessica Pelletier case, that’s about it. The bulk of them voted to support the Democrats, repeatedly to keep the Pelletier girl a hostage of the state.

    Meanwhile, the bulk of them also stand behind steamrolling over Shauna O’Connell, kicking her off the House Ways and Means Committee because she’s too vocal in her opposition to EBT abuse, welfare abuse, funding and millions to illegal aliens, etc.

    Oh, and they stand behind the man who also steamrollled over Shauna’s amendment which would have help saved crack-babies: babies born to crack-addicted mothers… amendment which would have given the kids help, and gotten help for their mothers…and, she cited on the House floor one of several kids who was recently killed, oh, that’s 3 under D.C.F. non-watch, and then there’s the unknown dead: 130+ missing kids under D.C.F. watch.

    Oh, and they stand behind the man who runs candidates against conservatives, because, that’s what he does. Fearful to lose his leadership position and his perks.

    Oh, and of course, they stand behind the man who, together with most of them, played along and got payed-off along with perks and benefits for their towns: you give me my vote, you roll over on this and that, and I’ll get you a new gazebo, or some public housing money. Pay to play they call it…..some places it’s prosecuted. Here, it’s just part of the trough feeding.

    Oh, the list is long against the dear leader…..More to come…
    Feel free to add your own…it’s so easy…

  4. mms

    Well, i am 101% for a freedom of speech, but when this freedom is misused by patented idiots like Khuner, i begin to doubt….

  5. Jim Gettens

    An eduring mystery: How is it that THE LITTLE TOAD first acquired his position as House Minority [Non]-Leader???

  6. haole

    the republicans have a bad habit of disrupting the candidacies of other republicans.

    this attitude is not in the best interest of republicans and is playing into the democrats play book.if you can’t beat them get the republicans to fight each other.

    in the 2014 election cycle, from state rep races to the governors race,republicans have entered elections that have upended and disrupted candidates that have been running for years,in the governors race to state rep races that have been running for months.

    it’s a free country,you want to run for office,run.
    disrupting other candidates and their campaigns is not in any ones in interest except for the self centered.

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