James F. Gettens, Esq. : Open Letter to Judge Johnston – Free Justina Pelletier

P.O. Box 1149

Sterling, MA 01564-1149

April 1, 2014




Judge Joseph F. Johnston
Juvenile Court Department
Suffolk County Division
24 New Chardon Street
5th Floor, Room 800
Boston, MA 02114


RE:  The Justina Pelletier Case:  How Juvenile Court Judge Joseph F. Johnston, in Police State Fashion, Created a “Ward of the State,” in Concert with the Corrupt and Dysfunctional Mass. Dept. of Children and Families, for Medical Experimentation at Boston Children’s Hospital


Dear Judge Johnston:


Millions of fellow Americans and I gotta’ hand it to you:  in a mere 14 months you, in concert with the corrupt and dysfunctional Mass. Dept. of Children and Families (DCF), run by incompetent hack Olga Roche—she of the missing 134 children–and the oh-so-superior practitioners and experimenters at Boston Children’s Hospital, have transformed a vibrant, competitive ice skater, Justina Pelletier of Connecticut, into an imprisoned physical wreck. We hope that you are very proud of yourself.

The genesis of Justina’s amazing transformation at your hands stems from Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), which has a fist-in-glove incestuous relationship with Mass. DCF, having engaged in a diagnostic pissing contest with Tufts Medical Center. Lou and Linda Pelletier, Justina’s loving, upright, and responsible parents, brought Justina to Tufts where she was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease and treated for it. When Justina’s parents took her BCH later on to see her usual gastrointestinal specialist, who had moved there from Tufts, her case was hijacked by other BCH staff, including a psychologist, who diagnosed her with Somatic Symptom Disorder instead, claiming that Mitochondrial Disease is not a recognized condition, and who then filed a self-serving complaint with DCF claiming that Tufts had engaged in “medical abuse” of Justina.  DCF persecuted Justina and her parents from there, with you as its judicial enabler. You, of course, were too dull to catch the irony that so-called ‘Somatic Symptom Disorder’ is not subject to any objective test and is an absolute last ditch diagnosis under DSM-5. Nevertheless, you removed Justina from her parents’ lawful custody and awarded her custody to DCF and BCH, rendering Justina a “ward of the state.”

Boston Children’s Hospital had a selfish motive in having Justina declared a “ward of the state.” You see, BCH’s “The Clinical Investigation Policy and Procedure Manual,” under “Wards of the State,” provides in pertinent part:


Children who are Wards of the state may be included in research that presents

     minimal risk or greater than minimal risk with a prospect of direct benefit.

Children who are Wards of the state may be included in research that presents

     greater than minimal risk with no prospect of direct benefit only if the IRB

     determines and documents that such research is related to their status as wards; or

     conducted in…hospital, institutions, or similar settings in which the majority of

     children involved as participants are not wards…(emphasis added).



The Justina Pelletier Case, cont.


So who knows what drugs and chemicals were administered to Justina as a medical guinea pig by the oh-so-magnanimous and kindly doctors at BCH in rendering her a physical wreck in just a year, right, judge?

As for that fist-in-glove incestuous relationship between BCH and DCF, I note that BCH’s so-called “Child Protection Program” (CPP) recites in pertinent part:


CPP houses three distinct programs which operate in collaboration to respond to

     … suspected child abuse and neglect by providing a range of services including: …

     4. Case coordination with the Department of Children and Families and other


     5. The provision of expert testimony in child protection cases…


     Our team includes a nurse at Boston Children’s who functions as a liaison with the

     Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF)…(emphasis original

and supplied).


Further, the Massachusetts State Auditor’s Report on DCF, issued March 26, 2014, covering the period July 1, 2010 through September 30, 2012,  detailing pervasive DCF shortcomings and failures, on page 11, footnote 2, reported “two DCF nurse liaisons are located at Boston Children’s Hospital. This team is responsible for, among other things, assessing the healthcare needs of children in DCF care or custody and providing assistance and consultation to DCF personnel, parents, and caretakers” (emphasis added). Gee, how convenient!

    Unlike Justina, I can’t be declared a “ward of the state” by you and rendered a medical guinea pig to BCH, and unlike Justina’s parents, you can’t impose on me a self-serving, ass-covering, unconstitutional “Gag Order.” So I have three questions for you:


  1. How many other children have you declared “wards of the state” and rendered to BCH for medical experimentation?
  2. To how many parents, in addition to Justina’s, have you issued self-serving, ass-covering, unconstitutional “Gag Orders”?
  3. In how many other diagnostic pissing contests have Juvenile Court judges declared children patients “wards of the state” during the past 5 years?


I look forward to receiving your answers—but I’m not holding my breath.





James F. Gettens, Esq.

BBO # 190390




Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court

Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Trial Court

Chief Justice, Juvenile Court

Editor, Boston Globe

Editor, Boston Herald

Editor, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Governor Deval ‘Anecdote’ Patrick

Olga Roche, Commissioner, Dept. of Children and Families

President, Boston Children’s Hospital

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8 thoughts on “James F. Gettens, Esq. : Open Letter to Judge Johnston – Free Justina Pelletier

  1. Says it all, don’t it? Who needs to comment.

  2. This is my Doc rewritten. I love this, this is exactly what I said just more abusive than I. Lol. I think you should have included citations to the Higgins letter as well as include the perjury, especially considering your an attorney, but hey, to each their own. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F6_wz97FRxV2R5UiVWRywa0_qp9kJkYXPvpO4GoMp4s/edit?usp=sharing

    1. Jim Gettens

      I did not find the “Lifting the Veil” Blog Spot with all that fantastic info until after I wrote my letter. When I found “Lifting the Veil” I e-mailed its link to people around Massachusetts and the U.S.–including VoteCoreValues.

  3. Click hyperlink to forms to read my open letters I shared for others to send.

    1. Jim Gettens

      I never saw your letters before I wrote my own. They did not pop up during my Google searches.

  4. Elizabeth Ann Rawnsley

    Attorney James F. Gettens,Esq.:

    You have been admitted to practice law for some time,now. This case should not surprise you,if,you are a licensed law officer of the courts,employed in the New England Region. I’m a mom and grandmother and I have resided in the New England Region, for over sixty years,now. I didn’t have to attend Harvard to learn about politics and personal agendas. U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen taught politics,at Harvard. You become street smart,under many a process and circumstance. Politics have become much more important than “people.” Do you truly believe that Justina Pelletier would be in a better placement,if,Governor Romney were in power? He was serving as governor, in the Commonwealth of MA,while,I paid for the sins and corrupt actions and practices of state officials employed in the State of New Hampshire. A woman was held hostage,in a mental institution,within one time frame. A very corrupt time frame! Drugs were injected into her system,on a regular basis,against her will. Judicial and medical chaos was stonewalled from the public citizens,by the news media outlets,locally and at a national level. My phone lines were unlawfully tapped into,as well,in the Commonwealth of MA. This was a common practice,in the State of New Hampshire. Re: NO ACCOUNTABLE WATCHDOGS employed, in the N.E. Region,WHY? Re: http://www.nhcitcourts.org: Contact the MA BOARD OF OVERSEERS: CONTACT JEFFREY DENNER,ESQ. He embezzled twenty thousand dollars of my own finances and covered up for all the sins of so many licensed law officers of the state and federal courts,in the State of New Hampshire. The licensed law officers of the state and federal courts,their friends and affiliations,on both sides of the political arena have been in full control of each and every process,in the New England Region.One lie leads to one lie and then one more lying practice and process.

    Insurance fraud is supported by licensed law officials in the N.E. Region,as well. Micro managing of our lives seems to fall on the shoulders of the attorneys employed in the N.E. Region. Judge Johnston is servicing the needs of a state and region. I have been speaking with so many people for the past fourteen years. Money,power and full control over our lives seems to be in the hands of so many unethical contributors of the news media outlets.Again,friends and affiliations of so many business men and women.

    Honest news media coverage would set us all “free” of so many corrupt actions and happenings. Contact me,at rawnsleyb@aol.com. Justina Pelletier should not be paying for the sins or personal agendas of any doctor,lawyer,judge or licensed law official,of any court or registered political party member. The “go along,get along” philosophy on Beacon Hill and Capital Hill is finally catching up with the governing officials employed,in N.E. No one town,state or region should ever be left with any false impressions or beliefs! No one town,state or region is above any rule,regulation,law or accountability! A “religious” organization had to come to Justina Pelletier’s rescue! This is not a religious rights case as much as it a civil rights case. We are all praying for Justina but her medical condition remains in the hands of the state. That’s disturbing,a process,to say the very least! If I were interviewed about my concerns,she would be released,immediately. Governor Deval Patrick could be addressed as a criminal,in this final process.

  5. Donna

    How can I help to stop this now and forever.

    1. Elizabeth Ann Rawnsley


      Contact me and if you truly wish to stop some of the nonsense. You have to start demanding accountability of the news media outlets employed in the New England Region.


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