Elizabeth Childs’ Obamunist Ties!

Republicans and those unenrolled voting in the 4th Congressional should seriously consider carefully whether or not Elizabeth Childs is indeed a Republican.

Aside from her extremely liberal positions, she will be having a fundraiser at the Newton home of Obama/Biden grassroots campaign organizers.

Here is the proof.

Below is the link from Elizabeth Childs’ site


Note the event is being hosted by Margery and Gerald Schwarz at 341 Brookline St. in Newton Center.

Now here is the link to an the Obama/Biden site:


Note that Margery Schwartz of Newton Center (no street address given) is hosting a grassroots planning session for the Obama campaign.

So it is possible that there are 2 women named Margery Schwartz living Newton Center. So I decided to look in the Newton Residents resident and voter’s guide, which any respectable political operative from neighboring Watertown would have in his library. And I find out that Gerard Schwartz and Margery Kravitz live at 341 Brookline St. in Newton Center, the street address given on the Childs website. So I looked at the Obama/Biden site again to see if I missed anything. Sure enough I had. Because on a more careful look I noticed the email given as contact information for Margery Schwarz is —– MKravitz@rcn.com. So there is virtually no doubt that Margery Schwarz and Margery Kravitz are one and the same person. Kravitz must be her maiden name.

Now pay close attention to

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the mission statement on the Obama/Biden site:

Help us build a neighborhood team in Newton! Grassroots Planning Sessions are starting now—and we need you to join us for these critical strategy meetings. Your input will shape our roadmap to victory, since it’s going to take meetings all over our state to spread the word about this campaign and our movement. Now is the time to get involved to take real action for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket, since your ideas and feedback will determine our organizing in your community. Hope to see you there!”

Hmmm Ms. Kravitz Schwarz is boasting that she’s hosting an event organize help for Democrats up and down the ticket. That includes Joseph Kennedy III. So why is she helping Elizabeth Childs, the so-called Republican. Even more interesting; why is Elizabeth Childs having a fundraiser the home of people dedicated to defeating her fellow Republicans running for office throughout the state; not to mention our presidential nominee Mitt Romney. This calls in to question, Ms. Childs’ loyalty to the Republican slate. This also begs the questions; will she support Sean Bielat, when she loses in the primary to him? Come to think of it, did she vote for Bielat or Barney Frank in 2010?

What does that tell us about Elizabeth Childs? Well, not a single conservative or moderate Republican has endorsed her. Her support all comes from the far left wing of the party. She is having a fundraiser at the home of people coordinating grass roots efforts to defeat Republicans up and down the ticket. And most importantly she’s been a Democrat or unenrolled for the past 2 decades. Since 1996 she’d voted in 11 Democrat Primaries.

Hmmm. My momma told me: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” In other words: You are known by the company you keep.

This all tells me, Elizabeth Childs is a Republican, like Colonel Sanders is a war hero.

Let me be clear. This isn’t about not supporting a Republican simply because she is pro-abortion and anti-family. She should not be supported because she is closely associated with Obama supporters, who are out defeat Republicans up and down the ticket. She’s not just pro-abortion. She’s making it a major issue in her campaign. She is trying to re-brand the party.

I understand being a big tent party. But the center post that big tent is the conservative base. Republicans of all stripes are welcome to stand in various places around that center post. But candidates like Elizabeth Childs, who hold fundraisers in the homes of Obamunist operatives, aren’t on even on the campgrounds where the Republican big tent is pitched.



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33 thoughts on “Elizabeth Childs’ Obamunist Ties!

  1. John DiMascio

    It should also be noted that in 2010 Elizabeth Childs only made one contribution to candidates running in Massachusetts.

    Said contribution was made to State Senator Cynthia Creem, who is one of the most tax and spend Liberal Democrats on Beacon Hill.
    Creem was also surrounded by ethics questions.
    ( See http://massachusetts-election-2010.com/293/cynthia-creem-faces-ethics-questions-over-alimony-reform/)

    So if Childs only local contribution was to a tax and spend Liberal, how can we even trust her when she says she’s a fiscal conservative.

    1. Bill


      You did some great research on Elizabeth Childs. You’d probably find similar information for recent Republican candidates in this state, too. Since running for office is so expensive (sadly), why would anyone want to run in a crowded field of Demorats?

      I disagree with your comment: “I understand being a big tent party. But the center post that big tent is the conservative base.” If the conservative base is the “center post,” do they have a base in Mass or any other state in New England, why aren’t we seeing them obtaining serious results in elections?
      i googled “conservative Republican values” and got a link to US Grant: http://www.conservativerepublican.us/CR_Our_Values.htm

      1. John DiMascio

        We are actually seeing the results of the opposite approach. Case in point Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei.
        They are the Poster Children for the failed strategy that says the center of the MA-GOP is socially liberal.

        Not only did they get routed in 2010, but they were a drag on other big races. Karyn Polito and Mary Z Connaughton, could have and should have one their races. But because Baker and Tisei spent their time courting the Moon-Bat vote, the social conservatives stayed home and the end result was that Karyn and Mary lost.

        On the other side of the coin. Almost all the new seats we picked up in the State Legislature were won by social conservatives. They didn’t make these things major issues. But they didn’t go around trying to appeal to Moon-Bat Democrats.

        Instead, they appealed to Reagan Democrats who are conservative on social issues.

        The MA-GOP has been trying this let’s be moderate nonsense for decades. What has it gotten us? 11% party registration, 4 marginally Republican State Senators, and less than 20% of the House. The only reason we made gains in the House is because we elected 17 Conservatives.

        Those are the facts.

  2. haole

    very well researched article.this is the way to show how the republican party is being infiltrated by wana be republicans.

    although,i due not live in this congressional congressional district,this information should be disseminated to the bielat campaign.there is also another wana be republican dr.steinhoff in the primary i think you will find the same track record.

    have to give the democrats credit,if all else fails get the republicans to fight each other,causing dissension and not unifying the party.

    1. @haole,
      I don’t understand what your point is by throwing around ‘wana be'(sic) with reference to the other two candidates in the 4th CD primary.

      1. haole

        wana be.slang for someone who want’s to be something that there are not.

    2. Phil

      Stunning that anyone could use the term ‘wanna be’ regarding Dr. Steinhof. He is the only life long Republican and Massachusetts native in the 4th Congressional District race. He is the only one that has voted in Every Presidential election and for all of our Republican Candidates in this race. Beilat didn’t even vote in the primary for Scott Brown against Jackie Robinson! Stunning that no one sees that someone who has been a businessman for over 20 years is being considered a wanna be! I think we can all agree that it is time to start looking for people that are truly from our area and our party to represent us. I think this is the real issue. All politics is local, after all.

      1. John DiMascio

        @ Phil, Steinhof’s contributions are fair game. He contributed to only Democrats. The list includes Shannon O’Brien in 2002 when she was running against our Presidential nominee; not to mention she’s a hyper-Liberal.
        And the list also includes Bill Galvin.
        To date, he has not offered acceptable answers for these contributions.

  3. Good job on research!

    I’ve been warning for years about the dangers of RiNOs and worse – the FAKE Republicans.


    REMEMBER that a committed socialist WILL volunteer to pretend to be a Republican or an ‘Independent’ – to get inside our tent and do us harm.

    My first clue on Elizabeth was when she refused to be interviewed – back many months ago.

    1. Phil

      Stunning that Warren is in the race at all. How ever the mass dem party is really the CPUSA. I hope everyone is beginning to understand this.

      1. Bill

        Let’s not stretch the “tie” between Lib Dems and the CPUSA. That’s what Nixon did when he won against Vorhis in CA in 1947. Vorhis was a “former” Socialist; check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Voorhis

  4. @ haole, we agree on something. These wanna-be Republicans want to be a big fish in a smaller pond.
    But donating to Democrats isn’t the only criteria for me.
    There are also phony conservatives. For instance we have a so-called pro-life, pro-family Conservative running for State Senate in the 3rd Middlesex.
    For years she’s been taking in campaign funds from conservatives. Yet when as a State Committee Woman she had to opportunity to vote for a Conservative RNC National Committee Woman and a Conservative Vice Chair, she voted for the establishment liberals who are borderline Republicans at best. Even worse she conspired wit to turn the votes other committee members away from the conservatives and for the liberals.
    So given the choice between a phony conservative that’s a 3 time loser, I’ll throw my weight behind the guy who admits he’s a moderate. At least he’s honest about it.

  5. Carolyn Crilly

    Wow! Now why would an Obama supporter have a fundraiser for a Republcian like Elizabeth Childs. You have to wonder…. Why would Chlds have anything to do with this person. The Republicans that endorsed her should really reconsider there endorsements that is except for Bill Weld who endorsed Obama himself.
    She calls herself the moderate Republican. Even the moderate Republican should be turned off by this.

  6. John DiMascio

    @ Carolyn, When we look at the all the evidence, including her donations to a big government, tax & spend Liberal like Cynthia Creem, we can only conclude that Childs is not a Moderate Republican, but a Liberal.
    Her support from “certain moderate MA-GOP women” is just misguided pandering to those who play identity politics. And it’s truly sad to see this sort of politically correct dribble being introduced in the MA-GOP. We treat people as individuals, not based on their gender or race.
    William Judas Weld, should be thrown out of the party, yet Childs boasts of his endorsement.

    It’s obvious that Childs became a Republican because she thought Barney Frank was running and was vulnerable. But she didn’t want to take him on in a Democrat Primary. Should she succeed in winning this race, I’d have question how long she remained in the GOP. I suspect she’d vote with Nancy Pelosi more often than she’d vote with the Republican Majority.

  7. I’m glad everyone is coming to their senses about Childs. The more you know about her Democrat roots, the better. That’s why our candidate against the Kennedy machine absolutely has to be Dave Steinhof. http://www.davidsteinhof.com

    1. haole

      total by the doctor and mrs.to democrats 1,000$ plus.total by the doctor.to republicans 0$.

      don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining!

      1. Phil

        Strangely enough the only one on the Republican ticket that hasn’t been a federal employee and is staffed by only volunteers is the only one with a track record of voting Republican. haole, you have to be kidding me with this issue. by the way, did you ever think that business donate to local candidates and others not just for business purposes, but because they have grown up with and have life long ties to people that represent them locally? Dr Steinhof is close personal friends with many of the people he has donated to. In fact he has had many to his office to work at the local level to support charities such as St. Vincents Home for Children and the local Boys Club which he as donated countless hours, not to mention other charities such as Michael’s Fund. Again, he is the only real Republican in the race with significant personal, family and professional relationships in this district. To date he is the only one running on the issues of Conservative and Republican Core Values.

        1. haole

          political contribution’s to the dental political action committee is what smart dentist due.

          political contribution’s to democrat’s is making a political statement.dr.steinhof may be a republican,but his support for democrat’s,disqualifies him for the republican nomination.end of story!

  8. Lisa Barstow

    Folks, I find while whole chain sad and disappointing. Elizabeth Childs just confirmed on the air on Jeff Katz that she will CANCEL the event if in fact Margery Schwartz is an Obama supporter. That can’t be confirmed now because she is out of the country-so right now this whole conversation is SPECULATION. Elizabeth is a 110% supporter of Mitt Romney…which may or may not be welcomed by some readers but that is her position–she was with Mitt from the start. It’s really sad that people find it so easy to persecute a woman when they’ve never met her, never spoke to her face to face, never asked her about her positions and never got to know her family, her retired Navy hero husband. I really would have hoped that my colleagues in the pro-family community, most of which are strongly committed to the Christian faith, would realize that bearing false witness against your neighbor is a serious violation–more serious than whether one wins or loses a political campaign. I am committed to life and family, I am also proud to support Elizabeth Childs. Some won’t like that, or me, because of it, but I am answerable only to my Lord. Selah.

    1. Tina Kasimer

      I support Sean because he is more conservative than Childs, HOWEVER, I WANT to be able to whole heartedly support whichever primary candidate wins. I invited Childs to speak at our Repub Town Committee because we need to meet all the candidates. That said, this has me furious. What in common must Dr Childs have with Obama that makes this left wing activist want to support both?
      This is very different than voting a split ticket. This is a question beyond whether or not she will cancel the fund raiser. This has everything to do with political philosophy.

  9. Classic old school split the ticket and try to get rid of Bielat before the General Election. I have seen this move many times growing up in Somerville. Steinhoff (what are the credentials could be a sneak move around the back door splitter). Classic politics!!!Repubs should put a write in Kennedy on the Dem Ballot a week before the Primary !!!

    1. Phil

      I sense this is going to be the by line of the Beilat team. However I don’t think it will take. Dr. Stienhof has every right to run. He is the only one with a Republican voting track record. If you check all the candidates voting records he is the only one that has proof of being a consistent voter as long as all state records are concerned and he is the only one that is actually from the district. He is the only one with zero negatives for the Dems to use against him in the final phase of the race and is the only one with a clear road to victory in Nov.

      1. John DiMascio

        Phil, no one has said Steinhof doesn’t have right to be in this race. But facts are stubborn things. He as no name recognition, he can’t raise the kind of money it will take, and he is only playing the role of a spoiler by being in the race.
        I’m not saying he’s not a fine man. And to be honest, I probably agree with him as much as I agree with Sean Bielat. Their positions are virtually the same.
        But all he can possibly accomplish in the this primary is to draw votes away from Bielat and possibly give nomination to Childs who seems to be 1/32 Republican.

      2. John DiMascio

        For the record, neither this website nor I am part of the Bielat Team. I posted this article to warn Republicans in the 4th Compressional District about Childs and who is supporting her. My post doesn’t even mention Steinhof.
        I commented on Steinhof only briefly by way of providing political analysis. Were Steinhof running for an office that he could win, I’d probably consider backing the guy.

  10. John DiMascio

    Lisa, No one is bearing false witness about Elizabeth Childs.
    The woman has a record which is impossible to defend.

    Her only contribution on record is to a tax and spend Democrat. She has been a Democrat or an independent the for most of the past two decades. She holds views, rather she boasts of views, that are inconsistent with the RNC platform on key social policy issues.

    I find it hard to believe she didn’t know who these people were, considering the company she has kept for decades. Just as I find it hard to believe that Barack Obama doesn’t share the views or Van Jones, Bill Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright. But even if she didn’t know who these people are, why is she getting support from the Democrat activists trying to organize a campaign against all Republicans running in Massachusetts, up and down the ticket? How radically left wing are Elizabeth Childs’ views that she would attract the support of Obamunist grassroots organizers?
    These are very fair questions. They bear no false witness.

    Lisa, we understand that you work for Elizabeth. We respect your predicament. No one has attacked you on this thread. Some of us (including me) have gone to great lengths to defend you, in spite of the fact that none of us would ever work for the likes of a candidate that has Elizabeth’s views. So don’t you dare presume to lecture us on what bearing false witness is. Lest we begin to lecture you on what it means to materially cooperate with a candidate who holds positions contrary to the Natural Law and your Christian Faith!

    1. haole

      don’t take it so personal,john.this is standard operating procedure for democrats.

  11. John DiMascio

    @haole, nothing personal here. Lisa is a class act. She’s doing her job as Childs’ employee. I understand that. And she’s no Democrat or Liberal. She just went a little too far in defending her candidate.

    If Childs cancels this event, it’s to her credit. But it’s only cause she got caught with her hands in the cookie jar. She should repudiate Bill Weld’s endorsement as well while she’s at it. But she won’t do that because the Rockefeller Country Club Republicans that stand for nothing but getting elected (which hasn’t worked), all love Bill Weld.

    The fact is that Childs has been trying to paint Bielat as a right wing extremist who force women to have back alley abortions and would stone people with same-sex attraction. None of which is true. Sean is pro-life and pro-family, but takes a very respectful approach to these and other subjects. But Childs would have Moderate Republicans believe Sean is a right wing zealot. And now we know why. Childs is not a Moderate as she claims. He record as a whole points to the fact that she is a radical leftist. She financially supports tax & spend liberals along with being an liberal on social issues. So in order to keep people from scrutinizing her allegiances, she’s been portraying Sean Bielat as extreme on the right.
    Folks, let get this straight. The only Republican in the race that stands a chance against Joseph Kennedy III is Sean Bielat.
    He has the name recognition, the ability to raise money, and his views are consistent with RNC Platform.
    Dr. Steinhof, is from what I hear a gentlemen. But he can’t raise the money and he ain’t gonna win. All his candidacy does is take votes away from Bielat and possibly give the primary to Elizabeth Childs. Childs is just Liberal running as a Republican. We tried that in 2010 with our gubernatorial candidate. Not only did he lose, but he was a drag on the rest of the ticket.

    1. Lisa Barstow

      Dear All,
      We just learned late last night of the potential connection. We will find the truth and Elizabeth will stand on the side of Mitt and against Obama–the real reason she got into this race because she is 360 degrees apart from everything Obama has done. I am touched adn appreciate the personal respect some have afforded me. You must know that last summer (a full year ago) Dr. Childs reached out to me to join her team. I spoke with Sean, who I admire and call a friend, and his intention was not to run and freed me to work for her — a woman I have grown to respect in so many ways. Given the choice between Elizabeth Childs and Barney Frank, my decision was very easy. I just wish some of you knew her the way I have come to know her. She respects my family values and considers my views as she weighs her own positions. I find her open minded, brilliant and a wonderful wife and mother. If you want to know a person, you can look at their children…hers give me great hope in America’s future.

  12. John DiMascio

    @ Lisa, the people that defended you did so because we know the situation. I’ll repeat it again you are a class act and good Christian woman.

    We realize why you took the job with the Childs campaign.
    But that doesn’t mean we can or will remain silent about Elizabeth’s record. She has certainly made an issue about her Liberal views, touting them on videos on her website.

    We have just reason to question her credentials as a fiscal conservative, given she’s attracted the support of Obamunists her financial support for ultra liberal state senators, and her party affiliation over the past 2 decades.

    The Childs’ campaign has also made an issue of Bielat’s conservative views, painting him as right-wing extremest. Now the shoe is on the other foot. I’m not questioning if Childs is a good doctor, a good mother, or a good person. I do rightly question her credentials as a fiscal conservative and indeed as an authentic Republican.

    Dr. Steinhof is said to be a fine citizen as well. I might agree with him on many issues. But he too has a very questionable record when it comes to making donations to high profile Liberal Democrats like Bill Galvin and Shannon O’Brien.

    This is all fair game in a political primary.
    Childs may be all the wonderful things you say she is. But you can’t tell us that her record indicates she’s within the mainstream of Republican thought. Therefore sending her to Washington isn’t going to fix the many problems the Democrats and big government Republicans have created.

  13. Childs is just the most recent in a long line of GOP embarrassments. She can cancel the event if she wants, but everyone knows that it’s little more than “damage control.” The only thing Childs can offer the Republican Party is a lesson on how to be a better LIBERAL.

    This information needs to be widely publicized and all of her associations thoroughly researched. Exactly what was she going to share with Obama’s “Grassroots Planning Session” in Newton? Was she going to divulge sensitive Party information or maybe be consulted on how to incrementally infest the Party with progressivism through the banner of compromise and unity.

    Maybe the State Committee can take action against this serious indiscretion at their June 12th meeting?…..wait a minute….never mind…..what was I thinking!?!

  14. John DiMascio

    In fairness to Childs, she was not attending the Obama “Grassroots Planning Session.” At least as far as we know.
    She was simply having a fundraiser in the home of the same people.

    That is indeed problematic and I agree that cancellation is damage control.

    And yes this information should be disseminated and Childs’ record needs to be scrutinized.

    But let’s not be making accusations that aren’t based in truth.
    I can see how you might have accidentally come the conclusion to your conclusion. But the Obama website lists no date for the “Planning Session.” We have no way of knowing if that is the same June 13th date given on Childs’ site for the fundraiser.

  15. Margery

    How disheartening to learn that a private citizen can’t support a candidate without being harassed for political gain.

  16. John DiMascio

    Madam no one has harassed you. Said candidate chose to have event at your house. You political leanings are such that her decision called in to question her her loyalty to the party whose nomination she was seeking.

    You were involved with an organization whose goals was the defeat of Republican candidates, yet she chose to have an event in your home. That is noteworthy.It was a perfectly fair commentary.

    Nevertheless, we thank you for your comment.

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