MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes Throws in Towel? Declares Markey Victory??

One would think that Ms. Hughes, the sometimes Chair of the Mass. Republican Party, might have a little better acumen for timing. Guess not.

With just days to go to the Gomez vs. Malarkey vote, Ms. Hughes tosses out a campaign event notice FOR HERSELF!  That’s right. For her FALL election, she’s pulling out all the “big-guns” (a.k.a., most recent Republican losers) for a fundraiser July 17th for herself.

So, we ask: does she have ANY political sense?


Or, is she just letting the world know to move-on, and ignore the Gomez election/

O.K. Ms. Hughes, I’m sure a lot of Rs will.



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Dear Friend,Like you, I was proud to try and get Senator Brown re-elected in 2012. I served as his Deputy Finance Director, and we all knew he was the right guy to continue representing our great state. While the results of 2012 weren’t what we’d hoped for, the fight continues. While working for Scott, I hit the ground on nights and weekends to get elected as Quincy’s Ward 5 City Councilor in 2011. Juggling 500+ Brown campaign fundraisers and my own election leading to public service was a challenge, but winning as the first woman republican was rewarding. Scott and the entire campaign team supported me all the way. I’m up for my own re-election on November 5, 2013 as Quincy’s Ward 5 City Councilor, and two of my former bosses, Senator Scott Brown and Charlie Baker have been kind enough to lead a fundraiser to support my re-election campaign. I’m hoping you might consider making a contribution to support my race and joining the reception with Scott and Charlie on July 17th at 6:00pm, the details are below:

What: Evening reception with U.S. Senator Scott Brown and special guest Charlie Baker to benefit Quincy’s Ward 5 City Councilor Kirsten Hughes

Where: West End Johnnies, 138 Portland St. Boston, MA

When: Wednesday July 17th, 2013 6:00pm-8:00pm

Ask: My committee can accept up to $500 per person by clicking here. To view the official invitation, click here and please forward this along to others who might want to attend.

My roles as mom, councilor and of course MassGOP Chairman keep me busy to say the least, that is why I need your help to continue delivering responsible government at the local level while we work towards the 2014 election cycle as a Party. There is great opportunity for the GOP on the horizon and I need your support to continue the work already underway.

It would mean so much if you could attend my campaign reception but if you can’t make it, please take a moment to make a contribution by clicking here. Thank you for considering and I hope to count on your support in my re-election. 

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday June 17th! 


Kirsten Hughes

MassGOP Chairman

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