O.K., the Justina Pelletier Hostage clock is stopped.

After 480+ days of captivity and abuse.

Would be nice to see some folks lose their jobs and do jail time for what they did to the girl.

Children’s Hospital has been EVIL in this.


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  1. Jim Gettens

    Thank God–you can take this down now! Somehow incompetent, self-serving, ass-covering, abusive, and Constitutional Rights-violating Juvenile Court Judge Joseph F. Johnston was persuaded to sign an order ending this travesty and miscarriage of justice 18 June 2014.
    I can’t wait until the all front-line perpetrators now or formerly at Boston Children’s Hospital and Mass.DCF get their overdue judgments in the Pelletiers’ Federal Court civil rights action. I hope that the money judgments are HUGE, with interest, costs, and attorney’s fees tacked on. Stay tuned.

  2. One has to wonder if the gross delay in reversing his ruling and setting Justina free was somehow a product of folks at DCF and Children’s Hospital purging computers of incriminating e-mails.

    I wonder if whole computers and servers were scrapped to cover the tracks of the guilty.

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