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A new election season, a new look.

We have a NEW LOOK coming after April 22th (finally, after several delays) and new columns!


Join us and weigh in on what’s important to you in the 2012 Massachusetts Elections and beyond!.

Note: We have more than 37 MORE candidates to place on the pages! Quite a backload. Please keep sending in your information.

AND, we have updates for current office holders, and MANY MORE GRAPHS, PIE-CHARTS, AND OTHER GRAPHICS on their way.

Thank you for your patience.


“We created this site to begin the process of highlighting how each office holder and candidate stands on various positions which have historically been of CORE interest to some voters. Agree or disagree, it’s always good to see where they stand.  You might not like their position on guns, but agree with them on taxes, etc…..

By collecting database information of roll call votes, position papers, announcements, press releases, police reports, and newspaper reports, as well as position sheets by CLT, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Mass Citizens for Life, Mass Family Institute, Mass Equality, MassResistance and many other pro and anti anything groups, and placing the results and/or links to those results through one portal, on one website, we hope to make it easier for everyone to get a feel (good or bad) on how candidates stand on CORE issues.

We’re working on getting our statistical information quick-linked to each candidate’s rating box. Your patience is appreciated.”

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