Happy Anniversary Dr. Childs.

One year ago, on July 21st 2011, Doctor Elizabeth Childs  Registered  as  a Republican for the first time in decades. What a joyous and glorious anniversary! So much so that we  want to join and help her celebrate this momentous occasion. After all it’s not every day that a hardcore, radical, social-liberal and at best a fiscal moderate, decides to leave the ranks of the “Unenrolled” or Democrat Party to become a “Massachusetts Republican”; as she calls herself. It’s not every day; unless of course you simply find it politically expedient in order to run for Congress. Remember Barney Frank had yet to announce his retirement. Thus, if she ran as a Democrat, she would have to face an entrenched incumbent in a Democrat Primary.

In order to properly commemorate Dr. Chids’ earth-shattering  conversion,  it would be appropriate to review the awesome “testimony” of her Damascus Road μετάνοια” (pronounced “Metanoia”— meaning  a turn-around or repentance; for those of you don’t understand Ancient Greek or  the biblical reference to the conversion of St. Paul found in Acts chapter 9).

  • Elizabeth Childs indeed did not register as a Republican until July 21, 2011. Below is the documentation received from Brookline Town Clerk. Note the highlighted salient information.

  • On June 20, 2011 Elizabeth Childs filed a Statement of Origination with the Federal Election’s Commission.

Below is copy of page 1 of Dr. Childs’ Statement of Organization which we obtained from the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) website.  Note in the upper right hand corner the time and date state stamp place on the paperwork by the FEC mail center. It is stamped June 24 2011 — 11:00 AM.  Also note about halfway down the page just left of center is the date it was filled out and sent. We’ve highlighted it orange so you can’t miss it. And indeed the date is 6/20/2011.


  • Elizabeth Childs first decided to run for Congress, then she filed papers with the FEC so she could start raising money. And one month later, she saw fit to become a Republican. Gee, must have been an after thought… Oops!
Now on the surface this only seems like an embarrassing public relations “Faux Pas.” But really, it presents Dr. Childs and her Treasurer (Ralph Grieco), signing on her behalf, with a potential legal issue.  Please note the admonition below Ralph Grieco’s signature.
It reads as follows:

NOTE: Submission of false, erroneous, or incomplete information may subject the person signing this Statement to the penalties of 2 U.S.C. §437g.

OK, so what’s the big deal? Where is the false or erroneous information. Please read page 2 of Childs’ campaign filing. Again notice about 1/4 of the page down on the left. Again, we’ve highlighted it so you can’t miss it.


  • Elizabeth Childs stated (through her authorized Treasurer) that she was indeed a Republican Candidate for the United States House of Representatives. But in fact she wasn’t a Republican. She wouldn’t become a Republican for another month. This constitutes false and erroneous information on a Federal Election Commission’s document.

Now exactly what the legal consequence for her and her treasurer may be, is not for us to decide or speculate about. However, it does speak volumes about Elizabeth Childs’ motivation, forthrightness, and yes her lack of transparency.

In early June of 2012, Sean Bielat issued a press release in response to the attacks made by the Childs Campaign with respect to his former association with the Democrat Party. He also asked Dr. Childs to explain why she registered as a Republican on July 21 2011, roughly one month after filing her FEC Statement of Organization. Childs’ campaign has since obfuscated and accused the Bielat campaign of spreading false rumors. Well it turns out that this was neither rumor nor false. We’ve shown you the documentation to prove it.

But it gets better folks. During the debate broadcast on  7/13/2012 on the Jeff Katz Radio program, Elizabeth Childs stated:

“I decided last summer; I reached out to Sean and he released his staff to me.”

For months Dr. Childs has been telling us this lovely, little, heart-warming story about how she called Sean Bielat during the Summer of 2011 and decided to run only after he told her that he wasn’t running.

REALLY! Well that’s kind of interesting isn’t it? She filed with the FEC on last day of Spring in 2011. We can presume she didn’t wake up on June 20th and say: “I have a great idea! I think I’ll run for Congress.” So she had to have made this decision weeks if not months before! So even that little story about asking Mr. Bielat’s blessing before deciding to run, appears to be less than than accurate.

Even-still, just as the Angels dance at the salvation of a single sinner, we also rejoice that Elizabeth Childs saw the light and became a Republican. We are always willing to applaud a new sister coming  in to our Republican fold.

However, as we join Doctor Childs in celebrating this  1-year anniversary of her born-again Republicanism, we exhort her to bring forth the fruits of true repentance. Admitting the truth is the first of 12 steps for a recovering Democrat. So tell us the truth Elizabeth and we’ll all applaud you as you proudly walk up and receive your 1-year chip.


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22 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Dr. Childs.

  1. george

    Wait just a minute now. Beth Childs LIED about why Sean was in Pennsylvania, and now you’re telling me that she LIED about when she joined the Republican Party, and ALSO LIED about talking to Sean over the summer?

    Pants. On. FIRE.

    Who’s got the transparency problem now, Dr. Childs?!

  2. Kathleen

    LOL! Love the video at the end it is so fitting. I am just amazed at Childs and her campaign it is beginning to look more and more like she is a Democrat plant.

  3. Kimberly

    Elizabeth Childs is nothing but interference for the Little Joe Joe.

  4. haole

    the only problem with this is,independents due not care if someone is a democratic plant in the republican primary.
    for that matter,democrats due not care if dr.childs is a democratic plant in the republican primary.
    good job highlighting her recent conversion,the turn out in a republican primary,in the peoples republic of ma. is sadly low.
    her vote total is going to be big !

  5. Even Democrats and RiNOs should be ashamed of this stalking horse.

    But then, when did Democrats or RiNOs ever display any shame?

  6. Lisa Barstow

    Mr. DiMascio is wrong on the facts regarding when Dr. Childs changed her voter registration. But to be fair, the Town of Brookline acknowledged a lapse from the time she changed her registration to the time they posted it. She changed party affiliation June 9, 2011 to Republican and then filed a Statement of Organization with the Federal Elections Commission on June 20, 2011. Her formal campaign announcement was on July 25, 2011. The letter below, sent to State Senators and Representatives from Dr. Childs, explains everything. I hope you take time to read it. But have to say I love the Flintstones “Happy Anniversary” song! Good choice John!

    Dear Republican Leaders,
    As leaders of our party, I want to set the record straight on a number of issues that have been raised about my campaign and give you a quick update on the current state of the 4th Congressional Republican Primary.
    • Over the last few years, I have become more and more concerned with the fiscal situation facing the United States. This fiscal crisis has gone virtually unaddressed by the President and Congress and we face a reckoning as the Baby Boomers retire over the next five to six years.
    • At the same time I was becoming more and more disenchanted with the Democratic Party over a number of issues, but two in particular. First, I felt that the Democratic establishment wasn’t addressing the fiscal situation with the proper amount of seriousness to right our country’s course. Second, I felt that the Democratic Party was too beholden to public unions for money and votes and that relationship led to poor public management decisions.
    • After much soul searching I decided I wanted to get more involved in talking about and implementing solutions to our country’s fiscal problems. I felt passionate about setting our country’s ship straight so I decided to explore the possibility for running for higher office.
    • In early spring of 2011, I reached out to Sean Bielat to see if he was planning on running again – I respected his 2010 run against Barney Frank and wanted to give him the right of first refusal before I jumped in. If he had chosen to run, I would have explored running for another public office.
    • At the same time, I reached out to a number of State GOP leaders, including the State GOP Party itself and others, and asked if there was room in the Massachusetts GOP for someone with my values (fiscal conservative/social moderate). I was very open about my past party affiliation as I have been with everyone I’ve met on the campaign trail (growing up a Republican and then switching to the Democratic Party and then switching back to Republican).
    • The message I received from leadership was that my profile fit the Massachusetts Republican Party and they would overwhelmingly welcome my return to the GOP.
    • I changed my party affiliation June 9, 2011 to Republican and then filed a Statement of Organization with the Federal Elections Commission on June 20, 2011. My formal campaign announcement was on July 25, 2011. At the time I didn’t know for sure who I would be running against due to the redistricting process, but I had lived in Brookline for over 20 years and wasn’t planning on moving – wherever Brookline landed, that’s where I was going to run. The identity of my opponent wasn’t as important to me as my passion of carrying a fiscally conservative message to the public.
    • Around the same time, Sean Bielat released his campaign staff to interview with my campaign. My understanding [and theirs] was that he moved out of the state and was not planning on running again. As a result, many on his staff interviewed for jobs on my campaign. They understood my party history and were fine with it during the interview process; despite that fact that some who rejoined Sean’s team are now attacking me for switching parties or “not being Republican enough.” However, I was fortunate to pick up some talented former Bielat staff members.
    • What cannot be stressed enough is that I was the only Republican candidate running in the 4th district for more than six months. Only after Barney Frank retired did the other candidates announce their bids for the Republican nomination.
    • My campaign and some senior GOP leaders have reached out to the Bielat campaign a number of times over the last five months to arrange a meeting between Sean, myself, and our campaign managers – to together determine how to run a respectful primary that leads to a united Republican Party for whoever wins the primary election. Unfortunately, Sean has not agreed to any of these meeting requests.
    We need to have a united Party next fall to have any chance in beating Joe Kennedy III, and I want to have a united party. We should be having regular candidate issue forums or debates. A number of Republican organizations and media outlets have requested to host debates/forums over the last few months. Dr. David Steinhoff and I have been willing to participate, while Sean has outright refused or postponed. Furthermore, when asked at various RTC and RCC meetings if Sean would support the eventual nominee if it were not him, he has only said that he would “consider it.” Both Dr. Steinhof and I have always agreed to support our nominee. If Sean becomes the eventual nominee, do you think he’ll have any credibility if he cries foul when Joe Kennedy III decides not to debate him?
    Some people have told me that the debate process is not important. I disagree. Not only does it give the voters an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates, but it also sharpens the candidates’ messages – just as the many Republican Presidential Primary debates did – so that the eventual nominee is battle-tested and ready to fight against a formidable Democratic machine. While many GOP suitors held a lead in polls at one point or another during the primary season, in the end we nominated the candidate with the best chance at winning in November: my former boss, Governor Mitt Romney. Many experts have noted that Governor Romney owes his victory in part to his consistently strong performances during the highly competitive GOP debates.
    There is more to discuss and I am happy to do so. I welcome the opportunity to sit down with each of you and answer any questions you have about me or my campaign. We can do this as a group or individually; please let me know your preference and I’ll arrange it.
    We can’t be distracted from our goal, which is to elect a fiscal conservative from the 4th district next fall and a candidate with bi-partisan experience who has a proven track record of getting things done on behalf of the taxpayers. We will need to have a united Party to see victory. I am committed to doing my part to make sure that happens and welcome the support and leadership you can offer to unite us all throughout this campaign.
    Thank you.

    Paid for by Elizabeth Childs for Congress

    1. John DiMascio

      The document I posted from the Brookline Town Hall, states that the “Date of Change” was 7/21/2011.

      While it is possible that there was a 6-week Time-lapse between the day she registered and the date it was entered in to the system, it makes no sense whatsoever that they would use the date of entry in their system as the date she change her registration.

      As you know voter registrations are time sensitive. If for example a voter registers in time to vote for an election, but it doesn’t get entered for 6 weeks, then that voter may find that her or she is ineligible to vote in the primary or election. So it seems kind of absurd that any municipality would inaccurately post the “date of entry” as the date of registration or any change thereof.

      Therefore unless and until I receive an signed affidavit from the Town Clerk or the Chairmen of the Election’s Commission stating that Dr. Childs indeed registered on June 9th, and they indeed have a policy of using the “date of entry” as the date of registration, or attest to the fact that employee entering the date made a mistake, I stand by the information I’ve posted.

      I will not accept anything short of an official affidavit from the aforementioned persons who have the authority to sign under penalty of perjury for the Town of Brookline. It’s too easy for a long-time Brookline resident who has served on as a Town Meeting Member and therefore has connections, to get some employee draw up a letter.

  7. Lisa Barstow

    Just one more thing: The letter to State Senators and Reps went out via email and US mail on June 11, 2012. Thank you.

  8. george

    OK, so assuming Lisa is correct, then Childs joined the party in June 2011 rather than July 2011. WOW WOW WOW. Guess John owes her an apology for being late with th anniversary wishes!

    Sorry, that just doesn’t cut it. Beth Childs LEFT the Republican Party during the time of Ronald Reagan, and neither Obama’s election, nor Scott Brown’s race, nor any of the 2010 elections, were enough to get her back.

    Not until her own political ambitions got fired up did she bother to join the GOP. Where was Childs when Scott Brown needed help? Where was Childs when so many good people were working hard to defeat Barney Frank? Or what about all the other good MA candidates like Mary Z Connaughton? Where was Beth Childs???

    Also, this comment about “staff being released” doesn’t make any sense. I’ve known a number of political consultants and I don’t remember any of them ever keeping a job after an election. No one keeps paying after the election is over so I just don’t get how there’s any staff to “release.”

    Is there anyone from Bielat’s 2010 campaign working for Childs besides Lisa? Sounds like she’s trying to make it sound like there was an exodus of people who abandoned him, but reality is a lot different, hmm? And if Childs keeps embracing liberal ideas like funding Planned Parenthood and making these petty untrue attacks on Bielat, she and Lisa may find the local Republican environment unwelcoming in the future.

    1. John DiMascio

      George, in fairness to Lisa, She(Lisa) says she asked Sean if he was running before she took a job with Childs. (Lisa in fact worked for Sean in 2010). I have no reason to question Lisa’s sincerity about her conversation with Bielat.

      But to my knowledge that’s the only person that used to work for Sean that now works for Childs.

      And while I trust Lisa not to lie, I don’t trust Elizabeth Childs or the rest of her campaign at this point. Lisa, just puts out press releases and the statements she’s given or told to write.

      I knew this her comment was coming because Childs’ manager called me this morning and asked me to retract my story.
      I told him he or Lisa were welcome to post a comment. If he sent me whatever documentation he had, I’d also post a comment that I’d received their document which states X,Y, or Z, but I would not retract until I could personally verify the authenticity and accuracy of what the document stated.

      After further review of the facts, I can’t accept that a municipality would enter the wrong date of registration, even though there was a delay in posting the data. So it’s going to take a SWORN affidavit, from the Brookline Town Clerk or the Chair of the Chair of the Brookline Election Commission, that Elizabeth Childs registered as a Republican on June 9th 2011 or any other date, prior to June 20th 2011, and it must further explain why Brookline erroneously enters the wrong date of registration, just because there is a delay in posting the data.

  9. george

    Also, Lisa knows darn well that Sean Bielat didn’t “move out of state” and the Child’s campaign’s continued attempts to misrepresent the family’s few months in Pennsylvania is both desperate and pathetic. And while we’re on that subject, they also know that the reason Bielat waited to get in the race was that his wife was pregnant and he wanted to make sure everything went fine.

    As women and mothers, I would expect Beth Childs and Lisa Barstow to understand and respect that, but sadly I seem to have been mistaken. Shame on you both.

  10. haole

    since 2nd quarter filing deadline has passed,thought i would up-date on dr.childs money tree.

    first up betsy share gross zip code 02445 political donations to:barney frank,bloody mike capuano,nicolla tsongas,elizabeth childs.

    nextjeffrey sacks zip code 02459 political donations to:barry obama,deval patrick,elizabeth childs.

    katy menges zip code 75229 (dallas texas) political donations to so many democrats to many to mention hear & elizabeth childs.

    dr.david lustbader zip code 02169,but his dental office is in canton.political donations to all democrats & dr.elizabeth warren.

    thats a quick up-date on how to influence the republican primary bought and paid for by the democratic political machine !

  11. John DiMascio

    Haole, There is Jeffrey Sacks the Dentist who was supposedly a loyal Republican, who we had mistaken for another Jeffrey Sacks from Chestnut Hill. These guys both live in Chestnut Hill, but have different residential Zip Codes and obviously addresses. Although what makes it more confusing is the Jeffrey Sacks DMD made a contribution to a PAC from his office which is located in the same Zip-Code as the home of Jeffrey W Sacks the Moon-Bat attorney from the Moon-Bat law firm, Nixon Peabody.

    The only contributions I can find from Jeffrey Sacks the Dentist are to Left Leaning Libby Childs, and to the American Association of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons Political Action Committee.

    But if you have different data, I’ll like to see it.

  12. John DiMascio

    Special Alert! Special Alert! Special Alert!

    Because Dr. Childs has successfully remained in the Republican Party for one whole year, we’ve decided that since she intended to register as a Republican, it is possible in her mind she self -identified as a Trans-Partisan Person, during that month period between when she filed with FEC and when she actually registered. Therefore until the Childs campaign can produce acceptable sworn documentation attesting that Childs registered on 6/09/2011 as they claim, we will generously stipulate that Elizabeth Childs was anUndocumented Republican for that one month period!
  13. bridget

    I would like to throw something else in here. Dr. Childs was part of the commission that created Romneycare, the blueprint for ObamaCare. Yet, if you do a google search for Dr. Child’s name and either “ObamaCare”, “Affordable Care Act,” or “RomneyCare” from the relevant time that the PPACA was being debated (i.e. early 2009 until mid-2010), not a single result turns up. So either Dr. Childs’ work with the Romney Administration is of little note, or she was silent (and approving) while ObamaCare was being debated.

    Either way, how can we trust that she would vote for repeal and bring forth a free-market solution to health care?

  14. John DiMascio



    We received a document from the Childs Campaign this morning vie email at 11:38. Said document appears to be a copy of Beth Childs change of registration. It is stamped but not signed by the Town Clerk.

    It is important to note or review several things.

    • It is plausible that information was not entered for 7 weeks.
    • However, it makes no sense that when the data was entered they would enter the date of data entry, rather than the actual date of change in registration.
    • Date of registration or change in registration could effect a voters ability to vote in a primary, an election or to participate in a caucus.
    • Dr. Childs is a long-time resident of Brookline, who having served as a Town Meeting member and on the School Committee. Therefore, there is a high probability that she is well connected at Town Hall, in our opinion.

    Below is the document which Aaron Delia (Childs’ campaign manager) sent via email attachment.

    Now let’s talk about this documentation.


    • There is no explanation on said documentation for the delay in entering the data or the reason why the date was entered improperly.
    • Any employee in the Town Clerks office has access to the Clerk’s signature stamp. So it is plausible that a well connected person of influence **could** get some low-level Municipal employee to do them a “favor.” Let me be clear. I’m making not such accusation. I’m simply pointing out the very distinct possibility.
    • Notice that the original document is a postcard sized registration form. The stamped signature of the Town Clerk appears not on the actual registration, but at the bottom of what appears to be photo copy. It simply attests to the fact that it is a “true copy.” This simply means that copy was made by the Clerks office. It is not necessarily an attestation that the actual document is the original change of registration form allegedly submitted by Doctor Childs.

    So in our opinion this documentation does not answer our questions, but it does raise others.

    Therefore, but by email and by phone conversation with Mr. Delia, I explained that we require a sworn statement by a duly empowered and competent Election’s Official from the Town of Brookline, stating that Dr. Childs indeed changed her registration on June 9, 2011. Said statement must include an explanation of their policy with respect to data entry and why the wrong date was entered.

    In the mean time, you the reader can judge for yourselves. Bear in mind that the Childs campaign has thus far been found guilty of distortions, fabrications of transparency issues, and even attacked the Bielat Family for leaving the state to be with family and their trusted doctors during Hope’s second pregnancy. So again, I’ll let you decide until such time as we receive a sworn affidavit, whether or not the documentation provided by the Childs’ campaign is believable.

    1. george

      Yawn. So what if she switched her party registration in June 2011 or July 2011? The punchline to the joke that is “Beth Childs, Republican” is that she didn’t have any desire to join the party or help our candidates or causes until her own personal, selfish political ambitions got spinning.

      Childs can send around all the documents she wants from last summer. I want to know where she was in 2010, when we were fighting to get Scott Brown elected, to send more Republicans to Beacon Hill, and to retire Barney Frank. WHERE WERE YOU IN 2010, DR. CHILDS? WHERE WERE YOU?

  15. TANSTAF1

    If in fact Elizabeth Childs endeavored to change her registration when she says she did and it took the town 6 (six!!!!) weeks to process it, she seem to be the type of person who would have made a formal complaint about this unconscionable delay or error in such an important matter and who would have demanded an explanation. In addition to the sworn affidavit the appropriate town official as to when she changed her registration and the town’s data entry policies, she should produce copies of her complaint and the town’s response.

  16. John DiMascio

    Actually TANSTAF1 it was 51 days which is over 7 weeks.

    Aside from that, you raise very good points.

  17. Kathleen

    More lies from Childs again! Lisa how can you continue to do this when you know your candidate is lying . So far I see three debates going on and Sean has been at events and RTC meetings with the other 2 candidates present as well. This is just a typical desperate tactic from Childs campaign. Childs just wants to ride on Sean’s coat tails to get her name out there.

  18. John DiMascio

    We all know and sympathize with Lisa’s situation.
    Lisa is a paid employee trying to put food on the table for her family.

    Let’s try to keep this about Dr. Childs.

  19. scott tucker

    Happy Anniversary Dr. Childs. | VoteCoreValues

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