Gun Owners BEWARE of Political Climber Naughton:

Worcester Rep. Naughton has been making the rounds in what appears another ‘fake’ “listening tour’ regarding gun control.

Be concerned. Be very concerned.

Dem. Naughton is touting himself for higher office, and apparently using this ‘tour’ to raise his own profile. Read the press. See the articles. Talk to people.

Comments such as Jim Gettens lead us to raise a HIGH level of concern about Rep. Naughton, DESPITE his past years of support of gun rights….seems he’s been there, and now his public comments are raising RED flags! Caution, Danger. Be very alert about this gentleman.

Jim Gettens permalink
06/25/2013 1:08 PM

MESSAGE TO CLINTON’S OWN DEM REP. NAUGHTON: HEY, JACKASS, in case you didn’t notice, Newtown did not happen in Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts law-abiding citizens are already subject to some of the USA’s most draconian anti-Second Amendment, anti-lawful gun owner statutes, known collectively as Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts Acts and Resolves of 1998. Any more restrictions will generate a federal court challenge. So take your “Listening Tour” and shove it–SIDEWAYS!

Back Story: Naughton’s gun tour

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5 thoughts on “Gun Owners BEWARE of Political Climber Naughton:

  1. Naughton is an absolute fraud. Deployed to BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan as a JAG [Army lawyer] – and got himself awarded a Combat Action Badge – because one night he heard gunfire…

    …and he must have been terribly afraid…because he’s made the anti-gun cause his pony to higher office.

    Wanna see something funny, – watch him sucking up to Niki Tsongas, since she’s on the House Armed Services Committee [another sin our nation must endure].

    1. Jim Gettens

      Did he request orders to Afghanistan seeking to avoid a subpoena from the Federal Grand Jury, sitting in Worcester, investigating the Probation and Court Officer hiring scandal???
      Didn’t matter–they got him when he returned and he had to testify anyway!
      By the way, that Combat Action Badge just happened to be presented 5 YEARS AFTER his return from 5-6 months in Iraq–just in time for the 2012 election cycle.

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