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10 thoughts on “CANDIDATE VIDEOS – Greg Howes

  1. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Greg. While I don’t agree with some of his position, he’s honest about them. He’s also open to hearing the other side of issues. And most importantly he’s the most conservative candidate running that can win.
    He’s running to win the office, not just running to raise money for his campaign fund.
    The citizens of the 3rd Senatorial District will be well served by Greg House as their State Senator!

  2. haole

    again,what is it with “republican” candidates for office who are contributors to democrats ? just pathetic !
    this slickster is a supporter with financial contributions to governor thanks i will pass on this wana be republican.
    vote sandy martinez !

  3. Hmm lets see, we have Sandi Martinez who collects money for her campaign and chooses to spend it by paying herself $1,900 in one year for miles. She claims she drove 4,333 miles almost the distance from Boston to Anchorage Alaska… What did she want to see if she could Russia from Sarah Palin’s house (no disrespect to Sarah). The district isn’t that big.
    Martinez has run 3 times and gotten her head handed to her all 3 times by Fargo who any doorknob should have been able to trounce. Do you expect her to have a chance against a Democrat that doesn’t have nearly that baggage.

    Martinez claims to be pro-life and pro-family. She collects a lot of money from that community. When she was given the chance to vote for pro-life and pro-family leadership in the MA-GOP she not only voted just the opposite, but she worked to ensure that Anti-life, Anti-family candidates won positions of power.

    She’ll sell us out Republican Beacon Hill as sure as she sold out her supporters in base of the party.

    Howes, may have contributed to Democrats, even Patrick. I’ll remind you again, our MA-GOP Chair donated to Chuck Schumer and Deval Patrick. In retrospect he probably would have done things differently.

    Martinez can’t win and is not interesting in winning. She’s interested in having fundraisers to pay her Verizon bills and for Pizza at Papa John’s. Check out her spending at OCPF.

  4. haole

    i should of included the other donations by wana be republican howes.the list includes second generation democrat cory atkins,he is the offspring of chet atkins former democrat state senator and wana be congressman.

    current congresswomen nicola tsongas wife of former senator paul tsongas,must be making an effort for the sympathy vote.

    democratic state represenative john rogers of norwood,going for democratic donations outside of the district.jim stanton will be sending a check,ha ha.

    sandy martinez lives in the republican part of this district,and there are 2 republican state reps that represent part of this senate would have better luck being a leper and begging with a tin cup,than being a republican and asking for a vote.
    of course this is a family business and guess what,the other howes in the business is also a big dollar supporter of you guessed it,democratic politicians.

    he saw that the democratic ladder in the democratic primary was too crowded and will try to fool republican primary voters that he is on their side.the republican primary voters in this senate district are to smart for that.

  5. Howes, may not be the ideal conservative Republican. But there are lots of Republicans who have a track record of donating to both parties.
    Martinez on the other hand is a Republican, like Colonel Sanders is a war hero!
    Howes, can win.. Martinez can’t. Howes will tell you where he stands, Martinez will lie to you. Howes is a serious candidate, Martinez has made a cottage industry out of running for office.
    Haole, you’re the expert on OCPF, look at how she spends her money.
    Oh yes, Martinez hasn’t donated to anyone for Pete’s sake. Just proves my case. She’s in to raise money. Her campaign fund is nothing but a slush fund.

  6. Sally J. Naumann

    In response to recent comments from J. DiMascio, I would like to say that Sandi Martinez is the most scrupulously honest person I know. For example, she wouldn’t even let me purchase a few postage stamps for her campaign or several boxes of envelopes that the campaign needed because I had already donated the maximum ($500) to her campaign as had my husband. Consequently I help Sandi by addressing and stuffing envelopes, making phone calls and doing “in kind” acts that are permitted by the election rules.

    As for trying several times for an office: I give Sandi credit for sticking with her goals and not being a quitter. If being elected on one’s first or second try is the criterion, then Abraham Lincoln would have quit and never become president. He ran many times unsuccessfully for offices before he was elected president. The same is true for many others whom we have come to admire for their dedication to democracy.

    As for Sandi using Campaign funds for travel expenses: We donate campaign money to her purposely so she can afford to visit constituents and attend meetings. As supporters, we are glad to see her use this money for these purposes. This kind of support makes it possible for people at all levels of income to run for office – not just the wealthy. Thus we have a broad spectrum of the population in government.

    My husband and I both heartily support Sandi. She has the solid values that we admire, and she stands up for these values. She will serve her constituents well with total dedication.
    Sally J. Naumann

  7. John DiMascio

    @Sally, I’m sorry to hear you’ve bought into Sandi’s deception.

    She claims to be a conservative yet she voted for two Liberals for State Committee positions when there were conservatives running.
    If that’s not bad enough, she worked behind the scenes to defeat the Conservatives running for those key positions.

    She has been deceiving the pro-life community long enough. It is one thing to take a few dollars for reasonable expenses. But Sandi has made a cottage business out of running for office. She has not held a job ever since she started running for office.

    Conservatives should beware. Let them research how she spends her campaign funds and decide for themselves.

    I certainly don’t agree with Mr. Howes on many issues. But he is at least honest enough to be up front with his positions. He’s not out there collecting money from people who expect him to vote one way and only to vote just the opposite.

  8. Mike Hassett

    Greg voted FOR Deval Patrick over Kerry Healy in 2006 and is a RINO who is WORSE than Eric Dahlberg.So sandi supported liberals at least she’s NEVER voted DEMOCRAT even if the nominee in the GOP is a RINO like Healy was. Heck I’m a conservative who voted for Kerry on 2006 dispite her pro-abort stance.

  9. Joy Kenen

    @Mike – Those who know Sandi might like her personally, however after 4 (not 3) losses to the Democrats for the SAME seat in the legislature, it is time for her to stop running. This is not “her seat”. The Democratic State Committeeman, Ron Cordes, of Bedford considers her the easier of the two Republicans to beat. The question for you is do you WANT to lose? Or do you want a 5th Republican in the State Senate. The electorate remembers a loser, and votes accordingly.

  10. John,

    You need to learn how to read OCPF. I would be glad to sit down with you and explain the expenditures and loans from candidate.

    Joy, I ran for 3 months in 2006 I received 36% of the vote (in a state with 11% Republicans) , I ran for the whole campaign in 2007 – 2008 and received 38% of the vote ( in spite of a huge tidalwave of Obama-bots voting), and raised over $97,000. In 2010 ( a full 2 yr cycle) we were the 3rd and 4th of all the 29 State Senate Candidates in fundraising and vote %. We raised $101,867 and received over 43.3% of the vote.

    John, If you have any questions about mileage, pizza or anything else, all you need to do is ask. So far, you have made several incorrect statements…assumptions.

    In addition, I DID vote for Chanel. I don’t care what makes you believe otherwise. Ask Kerry Healy what I told her when she called to ask for my vote. I also told Chanel that if she had any doubt about my vote, that I would take a lie detector test! I also didn’t contact ONE person to try to “turn” them from Steve or Chanel. I actually talked to some like minded conservatives, and told them why I was supporting Chanel, and what I told Steve when we met in Bedford….that I couldn’t support him.

    The facts are the facts, and your desire to make them otherwise is wishful thinking. I am sorry that you choose to not believe me, but I don’t hold that against you.



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