Governor’s Council: Mike Franco vs. ‘Kickback Kid’

From Masslive, snippets from the article:

…”Franco blasted Albano, whose administration came under FBI scrutiny, as “the Kickback Kid,” a play on a recent Springfield Republican headline in which Albano was characterized as “The Comeback Kid.”

“Touting himself as ‘The Comeback Kid’ for edging out his (Democratic) competitors in the Governor’s Council primary, Mike Albano is proving that his memory is as short as his legacy is long,” Franco said.

“After leaving a financial and political destruction trail to rival General Sherman’s march through Georgia from Atlanta to the sea, Albano is already showing signs that he plans to do the same thing — but on a much larger scale, bringing his legacy of corruption and cronyism to the Governor’s Council,” Franco said….”

You can read about Franco’s opponent “The Kickback Kid”  here.


As for Mike Franco, he’s “One of the best”:

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  1. Bob

    Mike Albano 2012!

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