Gov. Candidate Mark Fisher: “Absolutely” opt out of Common Core, Gov. Candidate Charlie Baker: Give it a try, if it doesn’t work, scrap it

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When it comes to the topic “Common Core” (Google elsewhere), at THEIR CORE, Mark Fisher has been a consistent opponent. Charlie Baker steps back and forth on both sides of the issue. Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirts UK They’re starting to call him “WINDMILL CHARLIE”.

So, we’ve posted the video, so you can see how CHARLIE BAKER responded in debate on AUG. 13, 2014.

Also, below these comments, we’ve posted his latest website posting (as of Aug. 23, 2014). Good luck reading through the lines of the WINDMILL CHARLIE campaign.


QUESTION: Opt out of Common Core:
Mark Fisher: “Absolutely”
Charlie Baker: Try it out, if it doesn’t work (if kids don’t perform well) then scrap it.
“Testified against in it 2010…but…” and he goes on to advocate trying it out now that we know more about it than in 2010, and if it doesn’t work out, we can scrap it.

Mark Fisher terms that as using the children as guinea pigs. We should be clear about what this is, and not impleCheap Lacoste Polo Shirts UK ment something that is high-risk and can be problematic, and is opposed by many communities.

FROM CHARLIE BAKER’S WEBSITE on AUG 23, 2014, just 10 days after the video, he’s windmilled again? Perhaps? Or how do you interpret these fence-straddling words? Sounds like perfect obtuse politician speak:

Common Core

Charlie testified publicly against Common Core in 2010 because he worries about losing control of the standards which have made Massachusetts the number one state in America in education. He supports strong education standards and believes those standards and measurements are best determined by teachers, parents and educators here in Massachusetts, not Washington D.C. As governor, Charlie will fight for high standards and accountability.

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10 thoughts on “Gov. Candidate Mark Fisher: “Absolutely” opt out of Common Core, Gov. Candidate Charlie Baker: Give it a try, if it doesn’t work, scrap it

  1. haole

    help republicans get elected the last 4 years :

    Charlie baker yes.

    mark fisher no.

    1. haole

      contributed to republicans in 2014 :

      Charlie baker 1,550 $ to 4 republicans.

      mark fisher 0 $.

      1. Jim Gettens

        Hmmm, seems that Charles a/k/a Charles D. Baker, before rebranding himself as, aw shucks, our pal ‘Charlie’ Baker, when CEO of Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare, had no problem donating to Dems, including contributions to Dem Senate Presidents and Dem Speakah Tom “Felon” Finneran. That’s when RomneyCare was in the works to bail out the likes of Harvard Pilgrim with thousands of new, forced enrollees under 53 premium-boosting, legislatively mandated coverage categories. Can you say Charlie ‘Crony Capitalist’ Baker???!!! Just check out Charles Baker at Mass.OCPF.

    2. Jim Gettens

      Were they really Republicans, or just other RINOs like Charlie himself?
      Think I’ll check out Charlie at Mass. OCPF and see if he donated to Dems over the years…

    3. haole

      campaigning with other republicans in this election cycle :

      Charlie baker to many to mention.

      mark fisher I have not heard of him campaigning with
      any republicans.

      1. Jim Gettens

        Same question: Real Republicans or RINOs like Charles himself?

        I’d say that any other nominal Republican candidate getting anywhere near Baker displays a complete lack of personal pride and integrity.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Charlie ‘Bend Over for Richard Tisei’ Baker appears to have adopted Mitt Romney’s approach to running for public office–‘I was for it before I was against it; I was against it before I was for it; and if I can’t come down on both sides of the fence then at the last possible minute I’ll stick my [middle?] finger up in an attempt to determine which way the breeze of public opinion is blowing, then issue my public statement on the matter, in which event I’ll waffle anyway.’
    Vote for Mark Fisher, the ONLY REAL REPUBLICAN in the race and the ONLY CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR WHO HAS A PAIR!

  3. haole

    update on wana be governor fisher.

    if you live in the second franklin state rep district
    you should be concerned.

    wana be governor fisher has donated 200$ to a republican
    in the primary heard correctly he gave Karen Anderson a donation.

    I guess he could care less about the primary voters
    for whipps lee.

    1. haole

      update on wana be governor fisher.

      there will be a stand out Monday night
      at the Hyannis airport.

      wana be governor is flying in a private plane
      after the stand out the banner will be used for the next

  4. Jim Gettens

    Whipps Lee supports Baker the RINO, so why would Fisher donate to her???

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