GOP at its worst: the gang that couldn’t vote straight

I’m posting this link for folks to read a few more articles about the 3.5 hour circus/chair vote.

The most damning part (when you follow the link) was the desire to meet behind closed doors at a future “summit” meeting to keep the unwashed masses out of hearing or seeing anything.  At first I thought that was bad, now I realize they’re just irrelevant.   – Lonnie

p.s. We’ve received a couple of requests to put some of the most egregious MassGOP members on the wall-of-shame.  Sorry, not enough room!



GOP Chair’s Race:  An Incredible Ending

By Nicolas Sanchez, PhD
If this were a movie scenario, no one would believe it!   But it happened last night, January 31st, at the Republican State Committee meeting held in Natick at the Crowne Plaza.
After all the speeches a vote was taken for Republican Party Chair with the result being:  Kirsten Hughes, 39; Richard Green, 38; with three “abstentions”. And this turned out to be just on the first ballot.  A Committee man then rose and asked if any vote was challenged.  The outgoing Chair said yes, one of the abstentions was challenged.  Why?  Because the voter wrote, “R.G.”, and those responsible for counting the vote claimed this did not refer to Rick Green.
Let’s step back a moment.
Before the vote was taken, the outgoing Chair spelled out that anything the voters wrote would be counted as long as their intention was clear.  A first or last name would be enough.  But, “R.G.” was not clear enough, at least to those counting the votes.  All hell broke loose when the Chair restated that “R. G.”  was not a reference to Rick Green.
Yelling and screaming ensued.




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