Gomez vs. Markey: ON LIFE from MCFL

Neither Congressman Edward Markey nor Gabriel Gomez, the candidates in the June 25th Special U. S. Senate election, has returned the pro-life Questionnaire.  We have Markey’s voting record and public statements.  Reporter Stephanie Ebbert of the Boston Globe interviewed Gomez very carefully and was able to determine many of his positions, which she reported.  Here is the comparison:How to you classify yourself on abortion?
Gomez, PRO-LIFE  Markey, PRO-CHOICEWould you vote to overturn Roe v Wade?
Gomez, NO   Markey, NO

Are you in favor of tax-funding for abortion?
Gomez, NO  Markey, YES

Are you in favor of parental consent?
Gomez, YES  Markey, NO

Are you in favor of partial birth abortion?
Gomez, NO  Markey, YES

Do you believe in conscience rights for employers who provide health insurance?
Gomez, YES  Markey, NO

Massachusetts Citizens for Life
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