Gomez Makes Wall of Shame –

After the constant attacks against Republicans, Constitutionalists, and Conservatives, noted Republican Tim Sullivan brought forth the official nomination of Gabriel Gomez to the VoteCoreValues.org Wall-of-Shame.

The nomination has been reviewed and is long overdue, and will be formally posted later this week.

Democrat donator and former candidate Gabriel Gomez has the distinction of being the 2nd “Republican” to earn a permanent post on the Wall of Shame. (The first dis-honor went to so-called Republican Robert S. Hargraves openly admitting to making a pact to keep a Democrat in place, and not helping a Republican opponent….)

The posting at www.RedMassGroup.com and the photo below from the article at www.RabidRepublicanBlog.com) says it all, but Michael Graham has documented it quite well…


(Photo from www.RabidRepublicanBlog.com.)


For Gabriel, the list is long, but the highlights include:

1. Called Conservatives on Red Mass Group (a great website) Klan members.
Even Rabid Democrat Attack Dog Marion Marsh trashed Gomez for his actions (WCVB ON The Record, aired Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014)..

2. Donated to Obama.

3. Donated to other high-profile Democrats.

4. Wrote a letter to Deval Patrick trashing Republicans as he sought appointment to a political post….

4. Has been the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats as Michael Graham refers to him , in his off-the-wall attacks against Republicans, all the time claiming to be one.  Guns, social issues, taxes, he’s a liberal.

The guy is a fraud Republican. He has money, which makes him dangerous in the world of politics (he used his money to knock out a conservative in the last election cycle, then went on to lose big-time in the final, big surprise…) but he has no class and no credibility (doubling-down on his “Klan” comment on the radio, then finally being forced to offer an apology…

Gomez: you had your 15 minutes of shame….or years, if we keep the Massachusetts site of VoteCoreValues.org up and running….on the Wall-of-Shame.  Or, as we expect, you’ll use your money to run for any office you can grab….as an R or a D, doesn’t matter. You put INO in RINO.



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