Gomez for Lt. Gov – Vote for a Fascist Liberal?

Seems the press is popping alive and the blogs are lighting up with the Gomez buzz.

Let’s see:
– pro-abortion
– pro-homosexual (same-sex, you know, deny a kid a mommy or a daddy

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in a same-sex, non-diversified ‘family’ environment) ‘marriage’

– pro-gun control

Seems like a match made in heave for Charlie ‘further left than Obama on most social issues’ Baker.

If the two team up for the 2014 run, you can expect another loss for each of them.On the other hand, Gomez spent >$3million getting name-recognition….he could easily pick up a political perch now….but Lt. Gov.? Dream, or rather, nightmare ticket??

We’ll keep watching the papers and blogs….sure seems like” reckless”, “backstabbing”, “radical” and “self-serving type” are the titles used most. In contrast, Charlie Baker seems to be beloved by many as the nice hard-working guy that he is….

Oh well…

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7 thoughts on “Gomez for Lt. Gov – Vote for a Fascist Liberal?

  1. haole

    yes,gabriel gomez contributed to obama,& a congressional candidate,who was a democrat.
    yes,gabriel gomez is a liberal.
    what make you think he is running for lt.governor,a position that has ben open since the democrat lt.governor resigned from ?

    gabriel gomez is running for the top of the ticket.the senate election is above the governors election.

    since he is now for the gun ban,republicans will have 2 choices.
    1 vote republican,even though gabriel gomez is not a conservative.
    2 vote for markey who is a 40 year politican,who is a democrat,even though he is not a conservitive.

  2. That’s not what I’m hearing and reading.
    I’m hearing and reading choice 3:
    “I’ll blank any office that Gomez runs for…”
    “…tells us to suck it up and vote liberal, after Scott Brown, never gonna do it again”

    And such.

    So, yes, Markey wins again if there is no room in the ‘big tent’ for conservatives.

    p.s. Why don’t you do an ocpf on Kirsten Hughes sometime….very illuminating….

  3. haole

    i forgot about a 3rd choice.

    of course anyone can blank the ballot or blank a specific canddidate.

    as for the democrat winning again he may,but i will be voting for the republican candidate.

  4. mms

    IMHO – haole is a REAL republican first and conservative – second. Lonnie – is a conservative, who sometimes votes Republican (when THEY fit his taste))))). Feel the difference…

    1. Yes, “mms”, I place my core values above party lines.

      Party drones, folks who always vote Democrat, or always vote Republican, do themselves a disservice by ignoring good Democrats (yes, they exist) and good Republicans (yes, they exist).

      For example, I would NEVER vote for a Republican or Democrat who scored below a “B” rating on the Second Amendment. That’s my particular ‘touchstone’ issue regarding the protection of Civil Rights.

      1. mms

        Well, Lonnie, for me it’s different – state (or district) preferences go first. So, while i am (undoubtedly) a liberal-leaning Indie (very suspicious of BOTH parties, but, in present environment, closer to Democrats, while my “role model” in politics is a Republican) myself, especially on social issues – i am VERY tolerant and even supportive of conservative Republicans AND conservative Democrats in CONSERVATIVE states and districts. But – no more then that. So, i have nothing against, say, Keiko Orrall (she is elected from really conservative district) – i am ABSOLUTELY against “really conservative” candidates for Congress, statewide post and vast majority of legislative seats in Massachusetts. Simply because these districts (and state as a whole) are not conservative at all. Moderates and even liberals usually reflect wishes of majority of these district population substantially better. That’s MY principle))))

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