GLOBE EXPOSES Denise Andrews – Not doing her job, brags about not reading the bills, budgets

Jeff Jacoby from the Boston Globe nailed Rep. Andrews, from which we quote in part:


“When someone asks me, have I read the 500 pages that came out this morning? — I printed them off, I’m glancing through them,” Representative Denise Andrews of Orange said, according to State House News Service. “But I haven’t read it, and I won’t, because I believe in Cheap Pandora Beads UK a the process that we’re engaged in. I came in three years ago and have witnessed nothing but excellence and fiscal management from the chairman of Ways and Means and his team.”

The budget, by the way, which Ms. Andrews refers to has been attacked by a small band of dissenters because it scews cities and towns, etc., some points highlighted by Rep. James Lyons of Andover, include:

■  A “precipitous decline in local aid,” which has taken a $400 million hit since 2008;

■ An alarming increase in state spending, and the corresponding surge in the state payroll b Cheap Pandora Bracelets under Deval Patrick’s administration;

■ The Democratic leadership’s refusal to consider rolling back the state sales tax rate to the longstanding 5 percent, from which it was hiked in 2009;

■ The administration’s use of public funds on “interference with parental rights,” the Justina Pelletier case being a ghastly recent example.


Jeff Jacoby can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @jeff_jacoby.

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2 thoughts on “GLOBE EXPOSES Denise Andrews – Not doing her job, brags about not reading the bills, budgets

  1. haole

    correct me if I am wrong

    but didn’t the boston globe endorse this
    lawmaker in her run for office ?

    beware of the boston globe.
    the editorial board and writers are anti republican
    and have endorsed democrats for every statewide office since

    1. haole

      forgot to mention that the owner of the boston globe
      is a big democratic donor.

      not ten’s but hundreds of thousands of dollar’s to democrat’s and the democratic party.

      think about that next time you spend your hard earned
      money at a red sox game !

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