EDITOR’s NOTE:  GOMEZ has and always will be remembered as a joke and a fraud. He was one of several life-long Democrats or Democrat supporters with BIG MONEY who came knocking on the MassGOP door last election cycle with their big fat wallets showing….and they attacked conservatives in primaries….a pattern of ‘sudden Republicanism’….targetting conservatives: anyone remember Liz Childs or Bob Cronin? They each entered races, just like Gomez, and targeted conservatives….Childs spent tremendously and ensured a Democrat win, but fortunately, Cronin was identified on day one and exposed….

The Natural Truth by Michael Graham:

Gabriel Gomez, The Gift That Keeps On Giving…To Democrats

Posted on 01/03/2014

gomez kitchen

The gang at RedMassGroup is on fire, lately (much like their crosses, if you believe Gabriel Gomez), and they’ve got the latest scoop on the darling of the Massachusetts GOP:

Just days after alluding that conservative activists are members of the Ku Klux Klan” former US Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez (?-Massachusetts) donated $500, the maximum allowed by law, to independent progressive Jeffrey McCormick (OCPF).  The donation was recorded by McCormick’s (McCormick, McKormick what difference does it make) campaign on December 28, 2013.  Gomez has not donated to Charlie Baker. So much for fighting to protect Baker from scary Republicans.

McCormick reported raising around $69,000 with $50,000 of that being his own personal money.

McCormick, while running as an independent is a major contributor to Democrats nationally.  As Red Mass Group previously reported, McCormick has a long history of supporting Democratic and progressive causes.

This is the same Gabriel Gomez who famously donated to Barack Obama’s campaign, then ran as a Republican for US Senate swearing he REALLY supported John McCain. He gave money to uber-liberal Alan Khasei. And just weeks before his senate run, Gomez was giving money to a Democrat congressional candidate.

THIS is the guy the MA GOP establishment spent big bucks shoving down our throats last year, so Gomez could lose by 10 points to the awful Ed Markey.

Don’t ever forget that Gabriel Gomez, the “Marcia Coakley” of the MA GOP, was foist on us by the people running the state party today. The same lame-brains who made Gomez their guy in 2013 want to run Charlie Baker’s campaign and guide the Republican Party in 2014.

And you wonder why Massachusetts Republicans can’t get a break?

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