Frank Addivinola vs. a Liberal Whackadoodle Named Clark


Who is Whackadodle Clark?

1. She refused to attend 8 debates.  (We loved the ones where an empty chair sat in her place. Looked good on TV.  Chicken she is.)

2. Katherine Clark Wants To Expand Wiretaping In MA, to allow the Govt. to tap in to everyone’s phones, all the darn time. Like the NSA doesnt’ hav enough fun already??

3.  TWICE, not just once, she’s been endorsed by the DSA.
(That’s the Democrat SOCIALISTS of America)
You have to be a heck of a tax raiser and whackadoodle to get the DSA endorsement.

4. Voting record as a Senator is littered with FREEBIES to folks without ID. This one loves illegals, and loves any ‘fetish’ bills that advocate anything way out there.  She’s flush with money from special interest groups and she’s cut from the extremist socialist mold.


Vote for Frank. Send a real guy to Washington, not a pimp for the fetish crowd.



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2 thoughts on “Frank Addivinola vs. a Liberal Whackadoodle Named Clark

  1. mms

    I bet my hat that Addivinola will lose. Badly. To run a far-right candidate in 2:1 Obama district is an idiocy, to put it VERY mildly. Though he would lose in ANY Massachusetts district (as he already did some times).

  2. mms

    66-32, even somewhat better then i expected from low-turnout primary. My hat remains on my head, and Republicans got a lesson to digest: “don’t run a far right-wing candidates in solidly liberal districts”. Whether they are able to understand that? We shall see.

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