Frank Addivinola – Endorsements Roll In for OCT. 15th Special Election


Dear friends and supporters,


Our campaign is pleased to announce an endorsement by the 5th Congressional District Republican State Committeewoman – Helen Hatch. Many Republican activists know Helen as a tireless activist, enthusiastic supporter of many Republican candidates and a dedicated advocate of conservative causes. Helen’s district includes Woburn, Arlington and parts of Lexington of the 5th Congressional District. I am extremely honored and appreciative of her endorsement.

On Tuesday October 15th we will vote for a nominee in the Republican Primary Election to fill the vacant Congressional seat in the 5th District. Frank Addivinola is the candidate in this race that will represent our interests in Congress.

During the campaign I have seen how dedicated Frank has been to the people of the district and how hard he has worked to meet and listen to you. Frank has the heart, education, experience, energy and commitment to fighting for your interests, not special interests.

During his visits across the district Frank has heard repeatedly the importance of freeing entrepreneurs and small businesses from the burden of excessive regulations and taxation. He will work to empower those who will unlock the potential of our dynamic economy to grow jobs and increase hiring. Frank will fight for the people of Massachusetts and small businesses that are our strongest opportunity for growth.

Frank will vote to reduce and eliminate waste and control growth in spending, so our tax monies are spent efficiently.

Frank knows firsthand that hard work and commitment are needed to succeed. And he will bring his experience and drive to Congress. I ask each of you to look at Frank’s website and then please cast your vote for Frank Addivinola for Congress on Tuesday, October 15th. For more information visit Frank’s website


Helen A. Hatch,

Republican State Committeewoman

Fourth Middlesex District

5th Congressional District

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9.29.2013: Endorsement 1


Dear Fellow Republican,

On Tuesday October 15th there will be a Republican Primary Election to pick who shall be the nominee of our party for the vacant Congressional seat in our 5th District. It is important that we choose a candidate that will be the strongest, most capable, and who shares the ideas and platform of the Republican Party to represent us in the General Election in December.

I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement of Frank Addivinola for the United States Congress in the 5th Congressional District. Having known Frank Addivinola for several years, I can tell you that Frank has the skills, the knowledge, and the enthusiasm to be a great Congressman for us. I ask each of you to please support Frank Addivinola for Congress on Election Day, October 15th.


Paul J. Ronukaitus

Republican State Committeeman

First Suffolk & Middlesex District

5th Congressional District

10.4.2013: Endorsement 2

I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement of Frank Addivinola for the United States Congress in the Fifth Congressional District. I ask you to consider his candidacy when you take a Republican ballot on Tuesday October 15th in the Primary Election.

We need a legislator who can bring resolutions to the fiscal and policy challenges we are now encountering in this country. We must have an individual who will lower our taxes and put into effect a series of real money-saving improvements.


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have had the opportunity to work with Frank Addivinola on several different Republican campaigns and political issues for the last three years. I unequivocally know that Frank will bring his extensive experienceand leadership abilities to represent all voters of the Fifth District. The Frank Addivinola I know will always be accessible to his constituents and will pay attention to your ideas and recommendations.

Joyce M. Kelly,

Republican State Committeewoman

First Suffolk & Middlesex Senatorial District


5th Congressional District


10.6.2013: The MetroWest Daily News (Endorsement 3)

“Frank Addivinola, a Boston attorney and academic with roots in Malden, is a mainstream Republican who ably defends his party’s positions.”


“Because he best articulates a clear, coherent policy agenda, we offer our endorsement to Frank Addivinola.”


Frank Addivinola is running for U.S. Representative in Massachusetts 5th Congressional District, the seat recently vacated by Ed Markey. He was born and raised in Malden, MA and graduated from Williams College. He earned his ALM (Master of Liberal Arts) from the Harvard Extension School, MBA & MS from the University of Maryland and MS in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. For six years, Frank worked and taught in biomedical research as a doctoral candidate and fellow in Molecular and Cell Biology with dissertation advisor Nobel laureate Marshall Nirenberg at the National Institutes of Health.

He graduated from Suffolk University Law School where he received his JD and then Master of Laws in Biomedicine and Health Law. Since graduating from Williams, and continuously during his career, Frank owned and operated several businesses. He teaches law and public policy at Northeastern and life sciences at local colleges. Currently he has a private law practice and runs an educational publishing company.

To learn more visit

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2 thoughts on “Frank Addivinola – Endorsements Roll In for OCT. 15th Special Election

  1. haole

    if he wins the primary,his name will be first on the ballot.

    not a bad position to be in.hasen’t worked for either republican senate candidates,but anything is possible.

    1. mms

      Anything? Well, within some limits. I can’t imagine a Republican able to win this district NOW. 50 years ago – may be (and he must be very moderate, or even liberal, which Addivinola, surely, is not). Even against “flaming liberal” Scortino…

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