Francis Stanton

Francis Stanton: Candidate for State Representative in 10th Middlesex.

Stanton is a rising star in the MA-GOP farm system. He’s running in a heavily Democratic district. But the district is not liberal. Quite the opposite it has a good number of old school Reagan Democrats.

Stanton pulled out of the race for State Committee in order endorse Michael Benn the other conservative running against the “entrenched old guard” incumbent Peter Dulchinos.  In spite of the fact that Stanton publicly pulled out of the race and endorsed Michael Benn in his Waltham News Tribune column, Stanton still garnered 1,300 votes in the March 6th GOP Primary. That shows that he has name recognition and a base of support.

This could be a race to watch. He could sneak up on the John Lawn who won a special election for this seat, which was vacated when Peter Koutoujian bailed out to become “Middlesex County’s “Quick Draw McGraw: 

Visit Francis Stanton’s website and see this bright young man’s views. He’s worth supporting.

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2 thoughts on “Francis Stanton

  1. haole

    agree 100% on this candidate.finally,some worth while republicans are being written about.
    the democratic machine is in trouble in this district!

  2. Diane

    Francis can win in this district. He’s the kind of candidate the GOP should be fielding. I hope the 1300 votes he got in the primary for state committeeman will get out and vote again for him

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